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Seattle Frozen Out Again while Coyotes Chill in Desert

July 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Otay, I was personally Boycotting the NHL this abbreviated season due to their IDIOTIC Work Stoppage, which apparently I was in the minority, since Y’all welcomed them back with open arms which DON’T make NO sense to me!

Thus I’m not really sure how I stumbled into this, especially since I wasn’t even awares of it, but looks like hopeful NBA owner Chris Hansen who was trying to bring the Seattle Supersonics back to town has now been once again frozen out of his latest attempt to lure a professional sports franchise to the Pacific Northwest after hopefully having acquired the beleaguered National Hockey League’s Phoenix Coyotes upon the Glendale City Council having approved terms of a Fifteen year $225 million lease agreement with Renaissance Sports & Entertainment, an integral step towards a proposed ownership chamge of the city’s hockey team that’s been “temporarily” owned by the league itself since 2009 when the previous owner was given a five minute major penalty for trying to circumnavigate the leagues rules upon relocation to ‘KanaDuh by declaring Bankruptcy.

And I won’t try typing out all of the details, as hey, that’s what linking’s for, right? As the Glendale City Council has just signed off on an agreement to pay $15-million per year to keep Professional (Ice) Hockey in the Valley of The Sun, which is pretty funny since both prospective cities have just experienced weekends of Excessive Heat!

Coyotes Gain Stability with Glendale lease vote

As the 4-3 Approval vote after much tweakage of the original proposal paves the way for RSE to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL and provide some much needed long-term stability towards the fate of the Franchise which now can get back to playing hockey in Arizona, signing its 2013 Draft picks and paying 31yr old Goalie Mike Smith his $34m contract extension.

Meanwhile, Hansen and Seattle will have to set their sights upon either landing an expansion NHL hockey team, purchasing an unknown current NBA team or await hopeful expansion of its league under newly anointed Commissioner Adam Silver in order to realize the possibility of Professional Basketball and Hockey arriving in the Emerald City…

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