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Stern Sticks Knive in Seattle’s NBA Bid

May 28th, 2013 · No Comments

By now Y’all have heard the news that the NBA has rejected Seattle’s tender offer to relocate the Sacramento Kings to the Pacific Northwest by a vote of 22-8 rejecting the bid, which is only the second time since a failed Minnesota bid in 1994 which was scuttled for lack of finances.

And I won’t try recapping all of the twists ‘N turns over the tumultuous affair of whether or not the Kings were going to stay in Sacramento, instead let’s just take a brief look at the biased views of current National Basketball Association ‘Czar; Err Commissioner David Stern, who I’ll now forever refer to as Doctor Stern, as in Dr. Jeckell & Mr. Hyde, with Stern’s alter ego being the ruthless Mr. Benedict, aka Clay ‘Benedick Arnold Benet!

As notice the swipe Dr. Stern took towards the Emerald City in this quote upon learning of the relocation committee’s recommendation on April 29th.

Dr. Stern told a reporter at a playoff game in Atlanta upon hearing the Relocation Board’s announcement that he was surprised the vote was unanimous, but added,

“They decided as strong as the Seattle bid was, and it was very strong, there’s some benefit that should be given to a city that has supported us for so long and has stepped up to contribute to build a new building as well.”

And piling on even further, the esteemed Dr. Stern quipped from Dallas May 15th the following.

“This is going to be short for me. I have a game to get to in Oklahoma City.”

As really Dr. Stern; WTF? What would you call the city of Seattle and its citizen’s 41-year allegiance to their beloved Supersonics…? Hmm? My ryth-muh-tickin’ sez that’s thirteen years longer than Sacramento’s support of its Franchise, and I for one believe Seattle was used in order to get the Kings to build a new stadium, ‘cause we just can’t play in some old dreary building, right?

And where was David Stern’s allegiance to saving the storied Supersonics Franchise from moving when Clay Bennett threw his hissy-fit before ultimately admitting he’d LIED about his intentions to move the team away from Seattle, as I suppose the league’s defense was the lack of a new state of the art facility - which you have to understand how us Seattleite’s who’d voted NO against Safeco Field should understandably be upset over paying for an outsider’s stadium, when after all the taxpayers were still paying off the Kingdome years after it had been imploded to make way for Century Link Field…

Thus, if Y’all cannot tell, I for one hope Seattle will resoundingly say FUCK YOU to the NBA if it ever decides to pull its collective heads out of you-know-where and do the obvious thing, by granting Seattle and another city expansion franchises in order to bump the league up to 32 Franchises, which is the current and ‘Uber successful NFL model. Since after all wasn’t it fabled promoter PT Barnum who said “There’s a Sucker born every Minute!” As Seattle’s bid was overtly strong with having some crazed 44,000-plus basketball fans having committed to season tickets before we’d even gotten our team back…

Yet even better yet, why wasn’t Oklahoma City simply granted an expansion franchise all those years ago, as really? Does California need four NBA teams while Seattle, which is a much larger television market has zero?

Yet I cannot fault Kevin Johnson and his herculean efforts as the mayor of Sacramento to keep his floundering team there and now looks set to renovate a sagging, decaying Downtown corridor - which ironically I just saw the headline that an Oklahoma City study claimed that the Thunder provided $64-million dollars of revenue the past year, and thus its obvious why ‘KJ was so desperate to keep his Kings.

And the only silver lining I can see in all of this, was that after Dr. Stern had left the Board of Governor’s meeting in Dallas to run off and high-five his henchman Mr. Benedict, ironically the Memphis Grizzlies, who started life as the expansion Vancouver (BC) Grizzlies defeated the Thunder and knocked Clay ‘BA Bennett’s team out of this year’s playoffs…

As all I can say is Good Riddance and hopefully the door will smack Stern’s ASS when he finally retires next February…

Former Sonics star Shawn Kemp not surprised by NBA’s decision

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