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Surfs Up!

March 23rd, 2013 · No Comments

Having just returned from a glorious two-plus week sojourn to Kona, Hawaii, obviously my mind is far away from the pitch of the stick ‘N ball world, as I’d rather still be on the B-I-G Island instead of the tepid, wet and windy climes of the Pacific Northwest right now…

And I know Y’all will shed copious amounts of Crocodile tears for your humble Sportyblog scribe, right? As its pretty funny to Mwah, how upon the first day of Spring, significantly Spring Equinox that we’re currently under a Gale Force Wind Advisory, not to mention a deluge of precipitation and near freezing temperatures here in Seattle - with the evil SNOW word being bantied about, whilst Mr. Sporty basks in the mid-90’s mercury currently, but enough of the weather channel blather, right? Hey, you try returning to the keyboard after a three week layoff and see what you can conjure up to ‘poond away about, not to mention trying to regain some semblance of your pathetic typing speed; but I digress…

Meanwhile a fellow motor racing blogger, who contrary to popular belief doesn’t scribble ‘bout ‘RASSCAR; gee Wally isn’t that the only form of noteworthy motor racing in the good ‘Ol USA? Whom happens to reside in Nashville, likes to commonly refer to his local “Fishwrap” (newspaper) the Tennessean as the “Thin-asee-an” apparently due to its ever diminishing lack of content.

Thus I could only chuckle to myself - noting how the island’s local newspaper, the West Hawaii Today doesn’t hold a candle to the Tennessean in regards to its rather non voluptuous page count, as I think I was told it held a whopping twelve pages total one day! Hence the news was pretty short ‘N sweet, as my hosts took it upon themselves to read me various tidbits of the woefully anemic sports section.

Thus I really don’t recall much being read to me out of this section other than droning on about America’s sport; NO! Not Football, but that other 869lb Gorilla in the room affectionately known as ‘RASSCAR! As I was pleased to hear that Matt Kenseth won his first race for his new employer JGR, nee Joe Gibbs Racing in only his third-outing in Sin City, aka Las Vegas which I typically refer to as los wages… As surely the corporate honchos at Home Depot are happy with the remarkable improvement, having not been in NASCAR’s “Whiner,” Err winner’s circle since Tony Stewart drove their entry a few years ago.

I also got to hear about Denny Hamlin’s $25,000 fine for being detrimental to the sport by criticizing ‘RASSCAR’s new “GEN-6” racecar iteration by claiming it don’t drive no better than the GEN-5 did… Sheez, I mean its ok for the “Boys to Have at It” with fisticuffs and fighting in Pit lane, or intentionally ramming competitors on track - but don’t Y’all dare say anything even slightly negative about our racing series, Yuh Hear!

Meanwhile I did hear one bit of euphoric news in regard to the all consuming March Madness, as that tiny little school from the east side of the mountains in Spokane, Washington known as the Gonzaga Bulldogs were named the NCAA’s No. 1 team after Indiana was knocked off of this perch for a second time by Michigan - as Gonzaga easily hung onto the ranking thru the end of the regular season and is now apparently one of the top four seeds in the March Madness brackets, which I typically refrain from following at all.

Hell, I must admit that I haven’t even remotely followed college basketball since the days of Das Foreigners, when two Germans led the UW Huskies to multiple Pac 10 championships, whose names were Christian Welp and Detlef Schremp - the latter having a much more successful NBA career, playing for the likes of the Indiana Pacers and our beloved Seattle Supersonics!

Speaking of which, obviously I haven’t heard a word about the pending relocation of the Sacramento Kings to Seattle, which I’m hard pressed to understand how it won’t happen since as far as I know there’s already a signed contract for the pending sale, and surely if Clay “BA” Bennett blocks the move as head of the relocation committee, surely there will be acrimonious accusations over his clear conflict of interest, right? As perhaps David Stern is simply letting ‘KJ (Kevin Johnson) and Sacramento have their day in the sun in order to pretend that the league is unbiased… Even though Seattle is a larger television market, which I presume would mean more money in the owner’s respective pockets!

Lastly, one night while watching the nine O’clock local news, there was a short sports segment about the insane accomplishment of a local big wave surfer named Garrett McNamara who was born in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, since a longtime resident of Hawaii, who currently resides in Haleiwa, Hawaii who’d apparently topped his previous record 78-foot B-I-G wave ride recently in Portugal!

According to McNamara’s Wikipedia page, the aspiring surfer began his career at the tender age of 11-years old following in the footsteps of his big brother Liam before joining the professional circuit at seventeen alongside his brother and plied his trade there for the next ten years before jumping on the contentious tow-surfing bandwagon en route to winning the sports largest ever purse of $70,000 in Maui at Jaws in 2002.

Subsequently Garrett went onto become the first to surf tidal waves in Alaska, make movies and as noted, set the Guinness world record for biggest waves ridden when being towed by Jetski into the froth of monster waves and then conquering a gigantic 78-foot monster…

McNamara has now apparently broken his own world record by fearlessly surfing upon a 100-foot wave once again off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal, which the local Kona news station showed video footage of this perilous feat as McNamara serenely rides down a ten-story tall wave with others of equal height following directly behind him!


As why does McNamara’s first name Garrett make me think of another long lost Hawaii legend, who I believe was fictionally called McGarret “5-Oh,” right? As in the original Hawaii Five-O’s lead character played by Jack Lord - as I have NO interest in watching the current remake…

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