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2013 NFL Playoffs: “Holy Smoke” indeed!

January 20th, 2013 · No Comments

All I could say about the weekend’s first playoff game between the No. 1-seed Denver Broncos and the No. 4-seeded Baltimore Ravens was W-O-W! What a Freakin’ insane football game that was - without a doubt far better than the evenings nightcap between the 49ers and Packers.

It appeared that neither the Broncos nor Ravens were playing defense - as I just sat laughing as Denver shot ahead 7-0 without its hero Peyton Manning having even stepped upon the field, which truly could be compared with Green Bay’s notoriously frigid Lambeau field - as it was a somewhat toasty 13-degrees at kickoff… As there were three touchdowns scored in the games first five minutes; Whoa Nellie, we’re in for a Donnybrook here…

As Denver’s Trindon Holliday scored the first of his record two kick returns on their first punt return, when Holliday ran 90-yards and avoided the last man standing, the flat footed punter to put the Broncos ahead 7-0. Then in the third quarter Holliday ran back a 104-yard kickoff to put Denver ahead 28-21, a playoff first, yet none of these heroics would be enough in the end.

As I simply sat laughing hysterically when Denver allowed Baltimore’s Jacoby Jones to get behind their defense and score a 70-yard TD bomb thrown by Joe Flacco to tie the game at 35-35 and ultimately force overtime, as the Broncos decided to take a knee with 41-seconds remaining instead of trying to get into position for a winning field goal.

But as we all know, it would be the Ravens who’d be victorious instead by capitalizing upon Peyton Manning’s second INT of the game which ultimately resulted in Baltimore kicking a winning field goal and stunning the mile-high crowd with a double OT victory of 38-35 in a frigid 9-degrees; YIKES!

And as Y’all know, I’d wanted the Green Bay Packers to win instead of San Fran, and thus I threw in the towel and quit watching the game when it was fairly clear that the 49ers would be victorious… As I still don’t get it? As the games radio broadcast was dumped in favour of college basketball instead somewhere in the second half, since I’d really not been following the game that closely, but was mightily puzzled by this occurrence, I mean after all this is the 943lb NFL ‘Gorillia we’re talking about here.

And as we also know, Sunday’s morning game between my ‘Homeboyz Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons was a real doozy! As just think, if Mister Excitement (Pete Carroll) had kicked the field goal in the first half instead of getting stuffed on a fourth-and-one; perhaps, just perhaps? There would have been a different outcome to the game, since Atlanta would have needed a touchdown instead to win - after the ‘Hawks spotted them a three touchdown lead in the first half, with the score 20-0. As once again I made the mistake of turning off the game early in the fourth quarter, as I thought surely the Seahawks couldn’t overcome a two touchdown lead.

Thus, taking a break from the Dakar rally I’d recorded earlier, I was stunned to learn that Seattle was only six-points behind and promptly resumed listening to the game via the radio instead - once again just laughing in disbelief when we went ahead for the very first time in the game 2827 with just over a half minute remaining. But alas, it wasn’t to be as Matt Ryan calmly marched his Falcons down the field into field goal range - with their kicker shanking his first attempt which was nullified since Seattle had called a time out to try icing the kicker… Which backfired as Atlanta went ahead 30-28 with eight-seconds remaining…

Thus disappointed that Seattle hadn’t pulled off this major upset, I really didn’t care one iota ‘bout the Texans-Patriots game, which sounded like New England simply overwhelmed Houston in and thus we’re down to the final four now…

Sunday, Jan 20
So perhaps I shouldn’t try predicting this weekend’s outcomes, since my odds dropped to only 25% correct last weekend - missing upon the first three games outcomes.

Look for Colin Kaepernick to kiss his bicep in deference to his opponent as the San Francisco 49ers go marching into the Georgia Dome to face off against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons which pits the NFC’s No. 2 vs. No. 1
At 3PM ET on FOX.

Afterwards, the one more for Ray Lewis tour takes its show on the road as the Baltimore Ravens travel to Fox borough to take on Tom Brady and his New England Patriots at 6:30PM ET on CBS.

And although I’m rootin’ for Atlanta vs. Baltimore in the Superbowl with the Falcons being victorious - as I believe Ryan and Flacco entered the league the same year? Which would be a good show between these rising stars, as I simply cannot recall Atlanta ever playing in the Superbowl? Unless may be it was during the Jerry Glandville era?

Nevertheless I think that the NFL will get their dream matchup of San Fran vs. New England for the Lombardi trophy which GASP! Then I’ll haveda root for the 49ers to win - which I haven’t done since the Joe ‘Cool (Montana) era…

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