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2013 NFL Playoffs: Can the Seahawks Go All the Way?

January 10th, 2013 · No Comments

As thee Voice of the Seahawks would say; “Holy Smoke!” As this was the only game that I truly cared about last weekend… And it was quite nail biting, since I became somewhat worried after RG3 and the Redskins marched down the field twice in-a-row, scoring both times and putting Seattle behind 14-0 while holding the Seahawks to just nine yards of offense; Holy Smoke indeed!

Yet unlike that infamous Green Bay Packers game, where I threw in the towel and turned off the TV prior to Seattle’s Golden Tate making “the Catch!” Instead this time I left the radio on in hopes of Seattle at least mounting a comeback.

And comeback indeed they did, returning the favour to Washington by limiting their offense to just a paltry eleven yards in the second half as the ‘Hawks surged back to a ‘Wee sliver behind of 14-13 at Halftime.

And then Seattle ‘Amped up their game on both sides of the ball, with the defense effectively shutting down Robert Griffin III - ultimately putting the gritty, but gimpy QB out of the game late in the fourth quarter after a few brutal sacks upon him, the latter resulting in a fumble recovery on Washington’s 5-yard line.

Meanwhile on the opposite side of the field, Marshawn Lynch, uncharacteristically fumbled the ball on the three yard line before going into “BEAST MODE!” With the most interesting play being a 26-yard scamper which saw Russell Wilson turning into an unlikely lead blocker… As Marshawn definitely atoned for his sins by bull-rushing his way into the end zone on a 27-yard run, with Seattle going for a two-point conversion en route to a seven point lead of 21-14 late in the game; while Seattle’s injured place kicker Steven Hauschka, who suffered an injured ankle to his planting foot early in the game, gutted it out and tacked on a further three points to extend Seattle’s comeback to twenty-four unanswered points, which Washington’s backup QB Kurt Cousins was unable to overcome as the Seahawks celebrated their first road win since the Ronnie Reagan era, as Steve Raible quipped; “the first Reagan presidential era…” Not having won on the road since defeating the Miami Dolphins way back in 1983.

And I know it doesn’t matter, and many may not believe me, but; I did manage to correctly predict three of the four winners this weekend, with my only flub being Indianapolis, as the Colts lost 24-9 to the Ravens. As I’m sure that the league was hoping for a grudge match between Peyton Manning’s Broncos and his predecessor Andrew Luck…

Saturday’s games seemed pretty straightforward, as I didn’t even bother watching the Texans vs. Bengals, as Houston did manage to win what I hear was a pretty ugly game 19-13. And all I could say upon turning on the ‘Telie for the Packers v Vikings game was who’s Webb? Who the Hell is Joe Webb, as I muttered to the Telescreen Joe Who? Thus it seemed that Minnesota would be battling uphill the entire way with this virtually unknown backup Quarterback in the game, indeed losing 24-10 to the ‘Pack…

Saturday, Jan 12

Will the No. 4-seeded Baltimore ravens continue Ray Lewis’s final playoffs celebration? Or will the No. 1-seed AFC West champion Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning pick apart Lewis’s defense? Find out at 4:30PM ET on CBS to see how the Ravens handle the rarefied mile high altitude.

In the NFC, the No. 2-seed West Division champion San Francisco 49ers will host the No. 3-seed Green Bay Packers in the Bay at 8:00PM ET on FOX. As I’ll be tuning into this one for sure - as I’m rootin’ for the Packers to beat San Fran - although I’d still enjoy Seattle playing for the Divison finals, albeit I think the 49ers would relish to revenge their defeat to the Seahawks at Candlestick Park in a potential showdown of NFC West foes…

Sunday, Jan 13
Georgia fans surely must be pondering if this will be the year that their No. 1-seed NFC South champion Atlanta Falcons, and more importantly QB Matt Ryan can claim his first playoff victory? As those upstart No. 5-seeded Seattle Seahawks come to town looking to continue their winning ways at 1:00PM ET on FOX.

the No. 2-seeded AFC East champion New England Patriots ill host the No. 3-seed Houston Texans who surely are kicking themselves for losing home field advantage in the regular season’s final two weeks and instead needing to travel to Fox borough to take on the rested Patriots at 4:30PM ET on CBS.

Thus I’ll pick the Broncos, Packers and Patriots all to advance, and obviously I’ve gotta pick my ‘Homeboyz Seahawks to continue their improvable march to the Superbowl, righ?

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