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New Years Resolutions - Make One Today!

January 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

The new year is here and the time for making new years resolutions is upon us. If you play sports, you may resolve to get into better shape. If you are overweight, you might make a resolution to drop those extra pounds. If you are passionate about a professional sport or a particular professional sports team, you make make a resolution to get out and watch some games in person this year. But for me, I am making a resolution to make more money on sports betting.

There are many sports available to make bets on and just as many strategies of how to make the best picks to ensure your success. I like to go back and look at how I did last year. In reviewing your past betting behavior, you may find out that you are more successful at betting on certain sports than on others. If you can find an area that you are successful the majority of the time and focus on this area your odds for success this year will increase dramatically.

Many people prefer to gamble at an on line casino like but for me, sports betting is my preference. But, if my wife were here right now, she would definitely opt for taking her chances at a casino. She admittedly is more successful than me when it comes to her gambling and she has used the same technique that I discussed above to improve her performance as well.

In reviewing her past gambling performance she noticed that she was most successful when playing certain types of slots but was losing consistently on other games. Now that she has focused her energy on the games she wins most, her winning percentage has risen significantly.

So now that the new year is here, what is your new years resolution? How will you make it happen? Will you be successful? I hereby wish all of the readers of Sportyblog a happy and prosperous new year!

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