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’Hawks Hammering Competition; Huskies Not so Much…

January 1st, 2013 · No Comments

So it seems like its beginning to look like a lot of football, everywhere you look! As Christmas seems to becoming Football Time instead; as I’ve just finished a three weekend, or is it weeks? Feels like my ‘Footenballen binge has gone on forever, having started by listening via my ‘lil transistor radio to the history making thumpin’ thee ‘Hawks put upon the Buffalo Bills north of the border way back on week-15 of the just completed NFL regular season. As I just cannot get over how animated ex-Seattle Seahawks wide receiver and local CBS KIRO7 television newscaster Steve Raible becomes calling a football game, especially going ballistic whenever the Seahawks score a TOUCHDOWN!

And then I did the unthinkable by going somewhat back-to-back with football games the following weekend by listening to the second half of the UW Huskies vs. Boise State in the El Macaroni Bowl in “los wages” at Sam Boyd Stadium.

And I guess I should have smelled a Rat, since my local Seattle Times Sports section claimed the game was at 3:30PM with the evening’s NFL game at 8:30. Thus I was a little bit surprised when I turned on the ‘Telie and it was the final play of the first half where Heath Price ran it in for a touchdown to make the score 18-17 after having been down 18-3. With Brent Mussburger calling the play; as obviously the times listed in the newspaper were eastern; Aye Karumba!

The second half was pretty gripping as the two welterweight’s seemingly slugged it out by trading scores, as the Huskies finally took the lead before ultimately faltering to a stronger Boise State team, albeit the Huskies seemed poised to score last before Price threw an ill-timed interception to end the game in Boise State’s favour 28-26.

The following night, I eagerly awaited the showdown between the NFC West Division leading San Francisco 49ers at ‘Der Clink, aka Century Link Field in what would hopefully be a good ‘Ol fashioned smack down by Seattle - pitting two ex-Pac 12 Head Coaches against each other; as Seattle’s “Mister Excitement” (Pete Carroll) from USC and Jimmy “Let’s Rumble” Harrbaugh from Stanford went Mano e Mano…

Yet the Seahawks set the tone of what San Fran would have to overcome, including its ravenous twelfth-man home field crowd, when upon the second play of their first possession Marshawn Lynch rocketed off for a 24-yard touchdown run to give the Seahawks an early 7-0 lead with less than two minutes of the game gone.

Then standout third round rookie Quarterback Russell Wilson threw his first of four Touchdowns, a nine yard strike to Lynch to go ahead 14-0.

Then the unthinkable, as the 49ers looked set to kick a Field Goal, the rumblin’ stumblin’ Red Bryant blocked the 49ers field goal attempt which Richard Sherman scooped up and scampered 90-yards to put the Hawks ahead 21-0; Whoa Nellie, can you believe that?

As this would be the Seattle franchises longest ever returned blocked field goal! Ironically scored by one of San Fran’s Head Coach ex-college athletes, as I was unaware that Sherman had played for Harrbaugh at Stanford; so take that coach!

Raible: “HELLO!”

Then Seattle’s KJ Wright sack’s 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick to set up a third and twenty-three… To which the affable Raible says: “How do you do!” Although San Fran’s David Akers kicks a 54yd Field Goal to make it 28-6 just underneath forty seconds, as the Seahawks take a knee and trot off field at the end of the first half to their adoring, raucous, frenzied Seahawks fans…

Meanwhile Raible has previously pointed out how KJ Wright and Richard Sherman are seemingly involved in almost every play. As the word possessed came to my mind in deference to Sherman’s ‘Mega game, even prior to his end zone interception.

Another reminder of how brutal the game of football is occurred when a 49ers player coughed-up the pigskin with an injury to his knee… While the Seahawks luck continues when a razzle-dazzle “flee-flicker” play seeing Sidney Rice almost throwing an interception instead becomes merely an incomplete pass.

Raible’s voice amps up as he proclaims that Hawks RB Terpin is a “Stocky guy with arms the size of Buicks,” as he halls in an eleven yard reception to set-up first & goal from the six…

NFL Hall of Famer, multiple Grey Cup winner and ex-Huskies QB colour commentator Warren Moon describes Doug Baldwin’s second TD as a Ballerina keeping those toes inbound, with Raible chiming in another perfect pass from Wilson, as the Seahawks go ahead 35-6 in the latter stages of the third quarter. And that’s rookie third rounder Russell Wilson, if you haven’t guessed that by now; who although obviously I’m biased about, definitely gets my vote for rookie of the year.

As Raible notes how the rain hasn’t bothered one single Seahawks fan of the 68,000-plus sellout crowd in attendance - who are almost delirious over the game to date.

Raible comments upon how Marshawn Lynch is in total “BEAST-MODE!” Having rushed for over 100 yards in three of the five games that the 49ers have allowed a running back to do so in some 59-games, to which Moon interjects - in the last three and a half years. (As it was actually Marshawn’s third consecutive 100+ yard outing against them…)

First Raible, and then Moon are both laughing over how Seattle’s Russell Okum has just made an award winning acting play by being pushed 40+ yards by two smaller 49ers.

Both Players were in Activity,” decries the referee and hence they’re apparently offsetting penalties…

And although one of the Seahawks coaches had asked Raible to say “Holy Smoke,” Raible’s word of choice so far this evening is “Hello!” As defensive holding gives the Hawks the ball first ‘N goal on the three yard line… Two plays later, Raible goes berserk screaming Toooouchhhhhdooownnn!!! As the entertaining and animated announcer calls out 7:02 to play, take a look at that scoreboard Raible says, as it reads Seattle 42, San Francisco 6; Hooah!

After commercial break Raible says I think you can call that a comfortable lead, as Wilson’s thrown four touchdowns tonight and is only ONE shy of tying Peyton Manning’s rookie record and there’s still plenty of time left, plus he’s still got one game left against the Rams… As Raible uses my comment of the fans having been delirious since the game started with just 6:57 remaining…

And as we all know, Seattle did indeed give 49ers Coach Harrbaugh the most shellshock shellacking of a birthday present, getting thumped on national TV 42-13 ironically on his 49th birthday - as the Seahawks finally gave up a touchdown to Kaepernick, upon an 18yd strike with 1:40 remaining in the game.

Meanwhile, previous to this momentous occasion in the Pacific Northwest, another homegrown product wasn’t fairing so good, as ex-Huskies QB Jake Locker’s miserable sophomore slump continued at the merciless drubbing by Green Bay, as the Packers humiliated the Tennessee Titans 55-7; HOLY BLOWOUT BATMAN! But hey, at least they didn’t’ lose 58-0 a la the Arizona Cardinals did vs. the Seahawks!

And having only been my third game of the year to pay attention to, not having watched the Seahawks since that controversial Packers defeat at Seattle way back during those substitute ref’s era - I was unaware of just how vastly improved ex-Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher had made the St Louis Rams, who’d also knocked off the 49ers previously.

Yet in case of what I believe they call doubling down in Vegas, it was a very good day indeed for both the lowly Titans and Seahawks on the NFL’s final regular season weekend, albeit the Titans defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars primarily upon the back of their much maligned defense. As Jake Locker gleefully watched from the sidelines history being made when for the first time ever two players on one team scored multiple touchdowns in a single game - as Darius Reynaud ran back two punt returns and Zak Brown scored two more on interceptions, all in a spate of a scant five minutes; so how ’bout ‘Dem Titans! En route to defeating the toothless Jaguars 38-20; while in what appeared initially to me as the Hawks looking somewhat deflated after their monstrous whooping of the 49ers on Primetime television.

The Seahawks did manage to eek out a “W” over those pesky Rams, who ferociously sacked Russell Wilson six-times, before winning their eleventh game of the season, (20-13) en route to only the 3rd time in club history to go undefeated at home, i.e.; 2003, 2005 & 2012.

Oh yeah, Wilson had a play called to win the game + break “PAYTON” Manning’s rookie TD passing record - yet elected to run it in himself instead for the game winning touchdown with less than two minutes remaining.

Alas, Wilson tied Manning’s 1998 rookie record of 26-touchdowns with a third less INT’s instead! As the Seahawks then awaited the outcome of Sunday night’s Dallas Cowboys-Washington Redskins game to determine their first round opponent in the playoffs…

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