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The Twelve Days of Sports

December 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Otay Sports Fans, here’s my attempt to turn that Yuletide classic 12-days of Christmas Carroll into something sports related, trying to find something about some of the sports biggest series pertinent stories - in hopes of wishing Y’all Happy Holidays! And speakin’ of Carroll’s, how ‘bout that “Mister Excitement’s” (Pete Carroll) Seattle Seahawks, Playoff bound! As I’m gonna actually have to watch Sunday Night Football when the 49ers come to town; but I digress, as what about that riveting Sportyblog rendition of thee 12-days ‘O X-Mas…


On the Twelfth Day of Sports Roger Goodell said to me;

Well at least we haven’t lost 10% of our games to Lock Outs like those IDIOTS over at the NHL!

Eleven College Football teams vie for places in the Big 10

Ten million-a-year will hardly buy you a Major League Baseball Superstar these days…

Oh how D’Antoni could use Nine three pointers by All Star Steve Nash right now

Eight different F1 winners

Seven Tour de France titles squandered

Six is Messi’s favourite number

Five rookie NFL Quarterbacks lighting up the league

Four NFL Bounty Players

Three IndyCar championships lost by ‘Aussie Will Power in-a-row; CRIKEYS!

Two Pink Jackets

And One last ‘RASSCAR championship for Dodge by Brad Keselowski


And remember Y’all; Seven foot one inch Shaq can’t sing these Christmas carols any better than Sir Charles; Hya!



(1) Dodge Goes Out on Top


Although if Yuhs cannot guess, I’m not a huge fan of NASCAR, yet I have to admit I was secretly rooting for Brad Keselowski to win this year’s title, especially since Chrysler had decided to pull the plug upon its ‘Roundy-round program after the Captain announced his plans to leave for Ford instead in 2013.


Adding further fuel to this fire was the fact that Roger Penske had to sack driver A.J. Allmendinger after his testing positive for drugs, not to mention losing the IndyCar crown once again. Plus the fact that I’m tired of Jimmy Johnson winning every year and Y’all can see why this was such a popular victory…



(2) Women Get Pink Jackets


FINALLY! As this seemed like such a stupid controversy to Mwah, as really Augusta Golf & Country Club, or whatever that All Male stoggy-fogie compound that holds the revered Masters game is called… Seriously, you weren’t gonna allow women into your hollowed grounds? Oh how very Nineteenth century of you! Before finally faltering and admitting the first two ladies into your club - Bully for you; as some guy named Bubbah won the Masters and bought a Dukes of Hazard General Lee car complete with giant Confederate flag on the roof and gollee… The Good ‘Ol Boy network is alive and well in professional golf!



(3) The Jim Kelly Curse?


Chirp Chirp, how many of Y’all even know about the Indy Car Series? Or better yet, have attended a race or watched one on TV? As sadly, once again one of my most revered drivers; YES! Will Power really is his name, and he drives for The Captain, aka Roger Penske - managed to inexplicably lose obtaining his first Indy Car Series title for the third year in-a-row; CRIKEYS!


this time cratering by smacking the wall whilst on the proverbial Gearbox of title rival Ryan Hunter-Reay, of which all Power needed to do was finish in front of and looked poised to do so… Yet sadly Power made the ‘Gynormous mistake of hitting a tarmac seam, over rotated and poof! His title was gone again, which means if he chokes in 2013, he’ll become the Jim Kelly of Indy Cars…



(4) BountyGate


Really cannot say too much about this, as finally it seems to be a footnote in NFL history, right? As Paul Tagliabue overturned current commissioner Roger Goodell’s heavy handed penalties against four players singled out over the matter. But don’t get me wrong folks, I’m certainly not condoning any of this behaviour, and certainly think that the New Orleans Saints got what they deserved punishment-wise; especially for lying to the league over what I’d assume has gone on for years.


But the National Football League has bigger fish-to-fry; Err problems with the ceaseless player deaths occurring and the multitude of concussion lawsuits to deal with, albeit I’d find it pretty funny if Goodell deservedly lost the defamation suit brought on by Jonathan Vilma…



(5) Rookies Kickin’ Arse!


Will they become known as the ‘Fab Five? As five rookie QB’s started in opening day games this season in the National Football League, something that hadn’t occurred since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970… When the 2012 No. 1 & 2 picks overall; Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, Indianapolis Colts & Washington Redskins respectively, along with Ryan Tannehill, (Miami Dolphins) Brandon Weeden (Cleveland Browns) and Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks) all took snaps for their respective teams.


And while you’d expect nothing less from Luck and RG3, I have to say that the one who impresses me the most is Wilson and his take charge attitude of the Seahawks who look like potential winners this year;


Thus, on a typical fall day in the Pacific Northwest that felt more like winter, I managed to sit mostly still and listen to the Seattle Seahawks via my ‘lil transistor radio as the ‘Hawks were playing Up North Eh! In Toronto and proceeded to put another can ‘O whoop ass on the Buffalo Bills en route to making some NFL history.


Perhaps Y’all have heard by now? The Seattle Seahawks became the first team in 62-years to have two consecutive 50-point games - only the third time in National Football League history. As this impressive feat was orchestrated by upstart third round rookie Quarter Back Russell Wilson; take that Andrew Luck & Robert Griffin III!


While I must admit I really know nothing over how Tannehill and Weeden are doing league-wise, I’d have to say that another young gun who has peaked my curiosity is Colin Kaepernick, currently San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh’s favourite, having replaced Alex Smith who was 19-5 before suffering a concussion and being replaced by Kaepernick, whilst my favourite young gun Jake Locker is having a miserable time guiding the listless Tennessee Titans Christmas ship; Err football team…



(6) Messi Makes History


Although it’s funny to think of it being known as “the Beautiful Game,” nevertheless Football across-the-pond and all across Europe as it’s known, is potentially the largest sport in the world.


And although I’ve never watched him play; Hmm? Perhaps I’ll get to see him next year on “Peacock-lite,” nee NBC Sports Network, who just bought the English Premiere League television rights - Y’all have to be suitably amazed at the astounding talent of ‘Barca’s Messi.


Lionel Messi, the 25-year old Argentinean Forward Superstar of Barcelona, known by many as “the Flea,” has done the unthinkable by having just broken Gerd Mueller, aka “The Torpedo’s” forty-year record for most goals scored in a single season… As Germany’s Mueller scored an incomprehensible 85-goals during 60-matches in 1972!


While Messi capped number-86 during a 2-1 victory over Real Betis last Sunday in typical fashion - by scoring both goals… And has since added four-more goals to his credit, which is truly unbelievable…



(7) LanceGate, Sigh


As I chronicled extensively here on sportyblog this year - first my astonishment towards the validity of the charges, before the overbearing evidence presented by the US Anti Doping Agency shattered any lingering doubts over Lance Armstrong’s perceived innocence regarding his elaborate doping scheme in the quest to make history in the Tour de France, arguably the world’s toughest cycling event.


Yet the mountain of evidence presented against the tough talking Texan, especially by a dozen past teammates once again threw the Tour de Farce into total disrepute, with Armstrong having been stripped of his seven tour titles, and the record books being left blank for those years, the only shining light I suppose was Bradley Wiggins becoming Britain’s debutant tour winner this year…



(8) F1 Spice du Jour


I’d have to agree that this year’s Formula 1 world championship was one of the best in years, as it started off wildly unpredictable with seven different winners in the first seven races before settling down and ultimately ending with eight different winners, just three shy of the all-time record of eleven in 1982.


And while the finale was a veritable cliffhanger, ultimately Germany’s Sebastian Vettel, who drives for Red Bull Racing was victorious en route to becoming the sports youngest ever three-times consecutive world champion at the ‘Uber-young age of 25… Defeating Spaniard Fernando Alonso, also seeking his third world title while driving for the sport’s most storied franchise, a la Scuderia Ferrari…



(9) Lakers Woes Roll On


So it’s pretty funny to Mwah that I’d actually even bother to pay any attention to this story, since after all it is the La-La Land Lakers, who typically I’ve stuck to the mantra of THE LAKERS SUCK! Especially since they so decimated our long, lost beloved Seattle Supersonics…


Yet, I’m a fan of Mike D’Antoni’s, having followed him during his successful run with the Phoenix Suns, and thus was naturally intrigued how he’d fair in the “Big Apple.” Yet as we all know, D’Antoni suffered mightily rebuilding the New York Knicks which had been run into the gutter by Isaiah Thomas amongst others.


And finally when he got his team of sorts, albeit having lost out on the Lebron James lottery, star player Carmello Anthony seemingly didn’t like D’Antoni’s methods and the two apparently were at loggerheads with each other before D’Antoni abruptly resigned midway last season.


Thus, after Phil Jackson apparently wanted too much from the Laker’s brass, 61yr old D’Antoni was unexpectedly hired at a fraction of the cost Jackson commanded, i.e.; it’ll take D’Antoni having his fourth year option exercised to make what Jackson would have been paid per year!


And it’s been anything but easy sledding for D’Antoni since accepting LA’s head coaching position, having just had knee replacement surgery prior to his selection, as D’Antoni’s playing injured just like the rest of his team is. As Steve Nash is recuperating from a fractured leg, Pal Gasol is struggling with tendinitis in both knees and Dwight Howard’s back is still recovering from the weight of demanding to be traded last year - along with hefting his mighty salary… While you’ve gotta wonder if Meta World Peace is just an accident waiting to explode?


And although I’ve taken to adopting the Portland Trailblazers as “my” NBA team, I’d enjoy seeing nothing more then D’Antoni & Co deflate the air out of the Miami Heat’s bubble, along with knocking off the Oakie Dokey Thunder!



(10) MLB Shilling Out the Doe


Another series I don’t follow at all is Major League Baseball. Yet have you noticed lately how insanely gross the respective salaries are for the prima-donna; Err star players of some stick ‘N ball game. As I mean WTF? $13-million for Ichiro is just a drop in the bucket, or pocket change, with Josh Hamilton’s five year $125m deal with the Los Angeles Angels being just one example of the crazy money being thrown about these days.


Then there’s the New York Yankees being penalized $19m in luxury tax for its exorbitant team salary, while the Los Angeles Dodgers are nipping at the Bronx Bombers heals for biggest salary in 2013, when they’re expected to top the Yankees league leading team payroll of $210m.


Meanwhile, the Dodgers next door neighbor and rival LA Angels have now shilled out a whopping $443 million dollars for Tres Amigos, I mean three white guys, having added Hamilton alongside Albert Pujols and fellow ex-Texas Rangers CJ Wilson…



(11) College Bowls


Ok, I’m really out of the loop here, especially since I typically don’t watch any college pigskin games… Yet I’m aware that the NCAA I think? Has re-aligned the Bowl scenario into a playoffs format, which I guess means that my traditional playing of the Rose Bowl, for the winners of the Pac 10 and Big 10 where my ‘DAWGS (UW Huskies) once ruled the roost way-back during the Don James era won’t occur anymore.


So, is this new-style playoff format palatable with Y’all? Is this the right way to decide the nation’s number one college football team? You make the call…



(12) NHL turning Blue


Pretty clever, eh? As in like the colour of ice, right? As really, you greedy owners are haggling over how much of the pot you should receive from the $3.3 Billion gross revenues; WTF? Get Over It! I mean how many more years before another lockout, since after all that is you’re MO. As thankfully I’m NOT a hockey fan, except for rooting for the LA Kings during last year’s Stanley Cup playoffs… And thus don’t really give a Rats Patooey about your freaking labour worries. As at least all of your vaunted players surely are recovering from their potential concussion woes during the lockout, right?


Felice Navidad, Happy Holidays and Happy New Years Y’all! And Thank You for reading Sportyblog

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