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KC and the Not-so Sunshine Band

December 10th, 2012 · No Comments

By now weíve all heard the countless details over the extremely unfortunate deaths of Kasandra Perkins and Kansas City chiefs Linebacker Jovan Belcher, leaving the couples three month old daughter parentless…

And as I wrote earlier this year, when I was momentarily shocked over Junior Seauís suicide, I pondered the obvious - which many people in Kansas City and the nation surely are wondering, why? What causes a human being to kill itself?

Three-card Californication

Yet, while at least Seauís death was singular and self-inflicted, tragically Belcher first took the live of his girlfriend, apparently over a fit of rage towards her being out too late the night before at a Trey Songz concert with friends. As apparently Belcher was jealous over Perkins behaviour…

And I cannot even imagine what general manager Scott Pioli and coach Romeo Crennel went through - the witnessing of Belcher pulling out a gun and then proceeding to shoot himself in the head after saying he needed to be going as police sirens apparently grew louder approaching Arrowhead Stadium.

As Iíve only witnessed one death, and at the time really didnít comprehend what was occurring, as I couldnít wrap my head around the reason needed to pull back the metal crowd divider railings intended to keep fans out of the restricted areas around the track - can only recall this was on the way to our seats at the far hairpin. As the emergency workers attempted shocking the person back to life with (EKG) paddles who was apparently suffering a heart attack…

Yet I assumed whoever the nameless victim was died, since shortly afterwards I witnessed the Paramedic bus driving very slowly thru the crowd with no sirens or flashing lights on.

This occurred at the inaugural 1990 Vancouver Molson Indy - a great IndyCar race held in Vancouver, BC for over a decade (15-years) before making way for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

As this was also the same year that corner worker Jean Patrick Hein was killed after running into the path of Willy T. Ribbs oncoming racecar after trying to aid another stricken car on course - of which fortunately I didnít witness, albeit being in the opposite grandstands when it occurred.

Putting these two tragedies into even more ironic perspective is the fact that they occurred 22-years ago, the very same year that Kasandra Perkins was born; while Iíve just returned from visiting Austin, Texas - which Kasandra was from.

Another sad twist to December 1stís shock murder-suicide is the fact that a Cleveland Browns Groundskeeper was found dead the same day, also apparently having taken his life, as Eric Eucker was found dead Saturday at the teamís practice facility. Karmically the Chiefs will travel to Cleveland to play the Browns on December 9th.

And prior to this I was reading a few local news stories in the Seattle Seahawks section of the Seattle Times newspaper about how apparent ďBad BoyĒ Jeremy Stevens was back in trouble, having been temporarily arrested in Florida for parole violation revolving around his arrest in Seattle over an apparent domestic dispute with his new bride Hope Solo of USA Womenís soccer fame.

And Iím not insinuating anything against Stevens altercation with Solo, as the goalkeeper and ex-NFL Tight end reportedly got married the day after this occurred - with Hope claiming its all a big misunderstanding…

Yet obviously domestic disputes, abuse, violence and bloodshed occur daily. Nor will I try to say anything about guns and have it potentially mistaken as a Bob costas type gun control argument. Itís just simply that as I type this last paragraph I can hear the words of Rodney King inside my head again. Yíall know when he asked; ďCanít We All Just Get Along?Ē As the one I feel most sorry for is the unknowing three month old daughter, who albeit theyíre under no obligations, hopefully the Kansas City Chiefs will provide for her some whey financially…

EURO 2012: ďCanít We All Get along?Ē

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