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The unthinkable cost of becoming a professional golf player

November 30th, 2012 · No Comments

Most people looking at golf from the outside simply associate the sport with ludicrously high prize funds, massive betting offers, and some tournament wins worth over a million pounds to the winner. However, in truth it is just a small fraction of the field that are able to profit from such rewards and the stark reality is that many simply cannot afford to play.

The Tiger Woods’ of the world have big sponsors to pay for all of their expenses and even if they do lose these (which did occur, in the case of Woods), they can revert back to their millions in the bank. For most budding professionals this is not an option and if one does wish to become a hit on the tours, they will probably have to come from a very wealthy family or be one of the rare selections who have attracted sponsors.

Understandably, few people understand that golf entails so many expenses. Bearing this in mind, here are just a few of the large costs that young players have to deal with if they even want to put one step on the professional playing ladder.

Competition entry fees

Many young players pinpoint this as the biggest hindrance in their early career, as the costs to enter competitions can be huge considering the fact there is no guarantee of taking anything from the tournament. For example, the EuroPro circuit is one of the most popular for a lot of budding players yet to play on this; one has to shell out around £275 per tournament. Players have to finish relatively high up the leader board just to break even, while the pressure that is associated with breaking even means that performances are likely to be affected in a negative way. Only a very small fraction of budding golfers will ever get to a tournament like the US Masters betting on that eventuality is a very high risk.

Travel expenses

This is again one of the costs that most people seem to forget. While it is possible to pick and choose what events to play on in the EuroPro tour, the fact remains that a lot of traveling will still have to be done. This can rack up the costs in relation to flights, petrol or even hotel reservations on some occasions.

Teaching costs

Again, this is something else that a lot of people forget about. Even though a player may have officially turned professional, they will still require teaching throughout their career. Due to their high standard, costs for teaching can sore and could even come to several hundred pounds over the space of a month. Of course, one tournament victory could make such expenses meaningless but due to the competition out there, such wins are few and far between for most young players.

Equipment costs

This is probably the most insignificant of the costs, as equipment rarely has to be renewed these days. Moreover, manufacturers are becoming much more lenient with young players and will often hand out free clubs and other apparel, as they know that such players can be used as a free advertising tool when they return to their home clubs.

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