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How the Mighty have Fallen…

October 15th, 2012 · No Comments

Even that title seems a bit karmic, after all I’m writing this latest post from the Evergreen state, where massive logging of “Old Growth” timber does still occur, although I’m not sure how much of it’s truly left these days.

About one month ago, over a very enjoyable 10-day jaunt to Florence, Oregon over Labor Day weekend, we simply needed to make one last stop upon the coast before going inland and ultimately home. This stop would be at a destination I’d never frequented before named Oswald West State Park, along the Oregon coast and the Pacific Ocean.

“Oswald West State Park was to honor an early Oregon Governor who advocated that the beaches of Oregon belonged to the people and that access should be available to all. The name ‘Smugglers Cove’ came from the Prohibition days and was a port where Rum was being run.”

After a somewhat long walk upon a hilly trail past the closed camping spots thru the forest, we finally arrived at the stairs down to the beach at what is known as Smuggler’s cove, to where my affable guide Mary Ellen proceeded to count off forty, count ‘em 4-0 surfers visible in the Short Sands surf; Aye Karumba!

And somehow I managed to paddle our conversation towards the recently disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong who’d just had his record seven Tour de France victories stripped by the USADA, along with all other cycling wins related to the same time period.

Thus standing there in the cold, gray windy shade above the stairway to the beach, it now seems a perfectly symbiotic place to have a conversation about a “Smuggler” of a different type, albeit I think I’d prefer the rum over blood transfusions! As I stated out loud how I wanted to believe that Lance really had done the unthinkable by beating cancer en route to becoming the sport’s most decorated cyclist…

A Sad Day in Cycling…

Yet Mary Ellen quickly shot back that Armstrong was an ASSHOLE! And asked me to Google Lance Armstrong + Asshole upon our return home, as she absolutely detests this brash Texan! While noting my affinity towards Alex Zanardi and Oscar Pistorius surely are partially derived from my very own vision disability…

Thus as typical, the grains of sand better known as time have a nasty habit of slipping away daily and this trivial search upon thee “Interwoods” simply slipped onto the back burner, as hey, after all, if its on the internetz then its gotta be true, right?

And I’d now liked to have done this prior to the US Anti Doping Agency’s monumental thousand-plus page document finally being dissected by the media, in order to see if the numbers increased or not?

Nevertheless, I’ve done the search and here are the results of the two most abhorred website search engines on the planet.

Bing = about 281,000 results
Google = about 152,000 results

Number 1 result for both search engines equals same story written Sept 1, 2012, titled; Excerpts From The Recent Outside Magazine Story That Make Lance Armstrong Look Like An Asshole, with what to me is a staggering 90,146 “Likes” assigned to it.

Other search result titles included: Just because Lance Armstrong had Cancer doesn’t mean he’s the Biggest Scumbag of All time; Lance Armstrong Lets Down Single Person Who Still Believed Him; Lance Armstrong, who cares? No really who cares about him losing his Tour de France titles; Lance. Jerk, Allegedly Dipped in Cream; Ten Contradictory Thoughts upon Lance Armstrong, as Y’all get the idea, as the hits roll on…

Excerpts From The Recent Outside Magazine Story That Make Lance Armstrong Look Like An Asshole

I try reading on a daily basis a fair bit of Sports stories - mostly in search of riveting story content for you readers of this crazy ‘lil Sportyblog Sports Blog. And all of my typical news sources have been inundated by reports of the systematic doping ring of unrivaled ferocity performed by Armstrong, Johan Bruyneel and the team’s doctors and trainer, along with how they managed to perform such an undiscovered conceit for the rules of bicycling - most notably making a mockery of the sports Grande Madame, thee Tour de France, which I’ve long since taken to calling it the Tour de Farce, yet still am completely amazed by the events difficulty. As surely this is the most grueling of all cycling events on the globe.

And it now seems overly obvious to why George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, Christian Vande Velde and David Zabriskie, all past riders upon Armstrong’s winning tours dismissed themselves from this past summer Olympics inclusion upon the USA cycling squad, as they made up a third of past cyclists giving sworn statements against Armstrong to the USADA. (Along with doping…)

As the rider I feel most sorry for is David Zabriskie, whose father ultimately died from his drug addiction just a few years prior to his son joining the US Postal Service Cycling Team. As the then 23-year old Zabriskie thought he’d gotten away from the world of drugs by becoming a professional cyclist competing abroad, before crying uncontrollably after his first illegal injection in Spain when calling home.

And then there’s Christian Vande Velde who now has the dubious task of broaching the subject of his confessed doping to his parents, as how do you explain to your mother what you’ve been hiding all these years after she has to discover your past via the newspapers? Not to mention trying to reconcile his past with his father who was an Olympic cyclist and spent countless hours training with his son in hopes of winning a medal…

Levi Leipheimer’s current team Omega Pharma - Quick-Step has just placed him upon six month non-active status after the rider’s admission of doping during his 2000-01 campaigns with Armstrong and USPS - thru 2007, while George Hincapie has now retired from professional cycling; as they’re just four of the eleven riders taking part in the USADA findings, with a total of 26-persons sworn statements against the Texan.

As the evidence, which I haven’t personally sought out or seen, overwhelmingly implicates the five other defendants: team manager Johan Bruyneel, team doctors Pedro Celaya and Luis Garcia del Moral; team trainer Pepe Marti, and consulting doctor Michele Ferrari of clearly being involved in this ‘Uber elaborate doping scheme. As Mrs. Ferrari, who went by the nickname “Schuey,” as in Ferrari’s most dominant Formula 1 racecar driver ever was Michael Schumacher - seems to be the one most involved personally in Lance’s long term doping activities…

As I just read a story Friday about Lance having a thermos on hand during one of Vande Velde’s initial visits with Armstrong, to which Christian found a bit odd, since he wasn’t drinking any hot liquids that day. Then later on, after having become part of the inner sanctum of the US Post Office’s cycling squad, Vande Velde wound-up later having his very own thermos to carry about filled with chilled vials of the banned substance EPO!

And I guess we should have all seen the warning signs way back when I read somewhere that American triple Tour de Force winner Greg Lemond claimed that the only way Armstrong could have blown past others so quickly uphill is if he’s doping… As Lemond not only suffered personally, but perhaps also financially due to his comments towards Armstrong’s tactics - having had his Trek bicycle deal threatened by the Texan.

And it now seems that Lance’s act is totally one of somebody on steroids, to which I’ve seen it penned towards his duel personality: “Dr. Armstrong & Mr. Lance.” As I’ve had the privilege of working with a body builder who I was totally unaware of was “Juicing Up” on ‘Roids, who would come across as a real arrogant asshole towards me, before he finally apologized to me one day.

Yet as one article I read somewhere said; if you believe that Lance Armstrong is innocent, then you also believe in Santa Claus! Hey I still believe in ‘Ol St Nick!

And late Friday night as I tried putting this story to bed, I read the news that Johan Bruyneel had been fired by Team RadioShack-Nissan for the overwhelming evidence towards his involvement in the massive doping activities under his watch. As I think I heard his name was referenced 129-times in the USADA document! As Bruyneel awaits his arbitration proceedings in one month’s time; Uh, dude, I think you’re gonna get your head handed to you on a silver platter.

Yet the UCI itself doesn’t seem immune from the Armstrong-gate saga, as even up to last year its honorary chief Hein Verbruggen said that Lance was clean - and I agree he really needs to resign.

Yet I still think that the multi-billion dollar industries of the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL, not to mention other premiere sporting leagues around the world are partially to blame for the win at all costs attitudes and multi-millions benefits of becoming champion of his/her respective sport. Although I don’t know if the NBA or NHL has ever had prolific drug cheating scandals… Yet surely the NFL has, as Brian Bosworth comes to mind, whilst whenever I think of America’s game baseball, I immediately think of Barry Bonds and the asterisk attached to his home run record, not to mention the names of ‘A Rod, Mark McGwire and “The Rocket” all being associated with the stigma of steroids…

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