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West Coast Fever - The Sequel

June 7th, 2012 · No Comments

So I never ever imagined that I’d potentially be rooting for two sports franchises I despise… Although in fairness to the LA Kings - I like this team and especially Darryl Sutter - who I got to hear briefly in the post-game interviews after Game-2 of the Stanley Cup. No, it’s just LaLa-land in general and more specifically the city’s Lakers and Galaxy… Having despised the Lakers ever since the Showtime era when they used to beat up on our Seattle Supersonics, not to mention the rest of the league.

Which brings me to my second irony - as I do absolutely despise the Oakie Dokey Thunder… Well actually it’s the team owner I have the beef with, since Clay “Benedick Awnold” Bennett will forever be known as the man who stole the Supersonics!

Yet as we now know, the Oklahoma City Thunder have just won admission into this year’s NBA Finals with Game-1 set for Oklahoma on June 12th, as the Thunder await the winner of the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat who currently trail Boston 3-2.

Thus although I’d hazard to guess that the NBA and David Stern would prefer a Thunder vs. Heat finals, which would feature King James vs. Kevin Durant - I’m personally hoping that Boston will knock out Miami in Game-6.

As a Thunder-Celtics finals would apparently have a further ironic twist to it - as the Thunder’s center Kendrick Perkins previously was the Celtics starting center before being traded to Oklahoma in order for Boston to receive something from Perkins desires to leave the franchise for the lure of free agency.

And as a further irony in regards to “big Men,” the Portland Trailblazers certainly must be watching in some sort of wistful what if? As it now appears that the Trailblazers have made not one but two colossal gaffs with their National Basketball Association Draft picks…

Recall that in 1984, Portland selected Kentucky’s 7’ 1” Center/Power Forward Sam Bowie with the number two overall pick ahead of North Carolina’s Michael Jordan, who went to Chicago, with center Hakeem Olajuwon being the No. 1 pick selected by Houston. As Bowie broke his leg and spent the remainder of his career fighting potential career ending leg injuries. Although in fairness to Portland - this position was their most pressing need while I was unaware that the Bulls had unsuccessfully tried prying Seattle’s Jack Sikma away prior to the draft - which was also the Bulls most pressing issue towards building a winning team…

Yet, does this sound familiar? That’s because in 2007, the Supersonics final NBA Draft, Portland who held the number one pick selected Indiana’s “Mr. Basketball” Greg Oden ahead of Seattle selecting a player named Kevin Durant No. 2… As we all know the Oden saga, which perhaps even led indirectly to Nate McMillan’s ouster as the Trailblazers Head Coach? While Oden was released from the team this year too; although McMillan should at least be credited with restoring the franchise’s luster after the previous era when the team was commonly referred to as the “Jailbreakers!”

Thus I now find myself painfully rooting for Oklahoma to win the title in what will be the team’s first ever appearance in the NBA Finals - and first since 1996 when the George Karl led Seattle Supersonics lost 4-2 to Phil Jackson’s Chicago Bulls led by the very same Air Jordan in the midst of his six NBA Championships, whilst I more eagerly await the LA Kings wrapping up their first ever Stanley Cup in the franchise’s 45-year history…

Which makes me think of the Sonics and their storied 40-year existence in the Pacific Northwest… As after all, I just really do not envision Oklahoma as a Western Conference participant…

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