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Moyer continues making History

April 19th, 2012 · No Comments

Ideally, Jamie Moyer’s desires to keep throwing the rock at age 49 highly baffle me, yet one must pay homage to this amazing Major League Baseball pitcher who made history as the oldest person to win a baseball game with his victory against the San Diego Padres on April 17th.

Moyer, who has eight children and has now played for eight MLB Franchises is most notably known to your humble scribe for his tenure as a Seattle Mariner and thus I was extremely happy when the ageless Southpaw finally won the World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies back in 2008 - reportedly the main reason he left Seattle after ten years - as we’re perennial Underdogs, whilst naturally Moyer wanted what every major leaguer wants; he wanted the coveted ring.

Moyer made his pitching debut in the Big Leagues as a Chicago Cubs pitcher in 1986, when The Gipper; a.k.a. Ronnie Reagan was in office serving his second term as our President and the MLB’s minimum salary was $60,000 - which is what Jamie earned his first season all those years ago. Which naturally is peanuts compared to his two-year $16-million extension he signed to stay in Philadelphia after winning the World Series…

Hmm? Wonder if Moyer is aiming to go for 30-years in the Majors? As it was funny to learn that Jamie has been playing baseball seven years longer than his current employer, the Colorado Rockies have existed, while another Greybeard new to the Rocky Mountains, somebody named ‘Payton, nee Peyton Manning was ten years old when Jamie began his Major League Baseball career.

And when I think of old timer Mariner pitchers, I think of Hall of Famer Gaylord Perry and the BIG unit, nee Randy Johnson. While Jamies win against the Padres was his 268th - tying him with another legend named Jim Palmer, as it was Moyer’s 689th game and the Sellersville, PA native broke a record that had stood since 1932 and thus, can Moyer reach the 300-wins mark?

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