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Augusta Masters lessons in Civility

April 9th, 2012 · No Comments

I’m assuming anybody who follows the Stick ‘N Ball ticker, Sportswire, etc is well aware by now of the Augusta National Golf Club’s pickle over its continuing stance upon banning female members to its stoic all boys golf retreat and defiantly continuing to keep its elitist male only membership status like proverbial Ostrich’s with their heads buried in the sand…

The issue which originally came to light one decade ago was re-ignited this year due to the fact that IBM, one of the Masters longtime main sponsors recently installed 54yr old female Virginia Rometty as its latest CEO, which reportedly the past four Chief Executive Officers of IBM have not only been given memberships to Augusta, they’ve also received special green jackets, exactly the same as each year’s Masters champion receives…

Thus, the rub, should Augusta break from its hallowed nineteenth century culture and allow a Damn woman into its privileged golf club? I mean c’mon, seriously, why is this even an issue? As in you mean they’d have to break down and spend some money to construct a new women’s Lockeroom? Next thing you’ll know, they’ll want access into the Pro Club store along with the various restaurant & bars and gift shops adorning the prestigious Georgian facility, right?

And its scary to Mwah how quickly this has become a political “Hot Button” issue as gasp! Even the president has chimed in - along with his presumed challenger Mitt Romney agreeing with Barack Obama’s public statement of its high time for Augusta to admit females to its membership, I mean HELL! Even crusty ‘Ol Senator John McCain got it right, recently tweeting the following; “Don’t you think it’s time Augusta National joined the 21st century - or the 20th - and allowed women members?”

Yet Augusta National’s Chairman Billy Payne refused to be drawn into argument over the topic during a Pre-tournament press conference - simply saying we don’t discuss our private policies… No Mr. Payne, it sounds like you keep them FIRMLY LOCKED in the closet instead!

Yet nobody, including IBM would speak publicly on the matter, with security being tight at the Computer Giant’s Hospitality tent - while Mrs. Rometty did attend the Masters, seated in a prime locale at the 18th green, albeit wearing a Pink jacket instead…

As Mrs. Rometty who’s reportedly more of a scuba diving fan than golf, nevertheless clapped for several competitors, just hopefully not for Tiger Woods - who apparently displayed the most atrocious behavior of a “Spoiled Teenager” not getting his way on Augusta’s back-nine holes; where he was caught swearing quite a bit, stopping ‘N stamping around and even kicking a golf club after shanking a shot! To which the PGA can fine him if so desired for behavior unfit for a professional… Yet, once again the PGA apparently is also ‘Uber-secret upon its undisclosed fines… As once PGA Badboy John Daly told an unknowing reporter that he’d been placed on suspension for six months.

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