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Hot new sports to try this year

March 6th, 2012 · No Comments

While health concerns are highlighted on the news on a regular basis, the message remains the same: exercise is essential to good health. There are many different ways in which you can improve your fitness. From the old style exercise classics to new exercise crazes, there is a new sport for everyone to try this year.

Mountain boarding

Created by snowboarders seeking summer fun, mountain boarding is similar to both skateboarding and snowboarding. Mountain boards are fitted with wheels with pneumatic tires and cost less than $100 to purchase. These boards can go down grass slopes at very high speed – great fun!

Sand yachting

If you enjoy taking a trip to the seaside yet prefer to stay warm and dry, consider trying sand yachting. Also known as land sailing, sand yachting involves transporting yourself across smooth sand in a three-wheeled vehicle equipped with a sail. You utilize the power of the wind to move along the sand at quite high speeds. You will need instruction before acquiring your own rig.


Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout that combines international music with addictive dance steps. The program is easy to follow, even for those who have never danced before, and is highly effective at burning calories. If you do not wish to attend a class, you can try Zumba in your own home with the aid of dance class DVDs and video games.


Families seeking to get active together may wish to try their hand at kiting. You can partake in this popular sport on your local beach as soon as the autumn breeze picks up. While many may not consider kiting a true sport, holding on to a kite on the windiest of days is great fun and can prove a challenge even for the strongest of participants.

Fell running

If you love jogging, you may wish to try your hand at fell running as practiced in the UK. True Fell running is off-road running in hilly terrain with very steep slopes to conquer over the course, which can be several miles long. This very demanding sport is the ideal way in which to mix up your usual running regime. Fell running is also a great way in which to explore your local countryside.

Off-Ice skating

Off-ice skating enables you to become a figure-skating superstar without stepping onto the ice. You simply lace up your off-ice skating boot, which has been specifically designed to replicate an ice skate, and try out all of the same moves as you would on the ice rink. This concept – a cross between ice skating and inline roller-skating – is ideal if you are unable to visit your local ice rink.

White-water kayaking

If you have ever watched a kayaker negotiate the rapids, you will know that this sport provides a full upper-body and strenuous aerobic workout. Yet beyond the cardiovascular workout, kayaking helps you to improve your balance and demands your focus – essential skills for everyday life. You need not be a professional athlete to try out white-water kayaking. To learn how to kayak, find a kayaking school in your area to provide you with pointers on where to start.

Online gambling

If you would rather stay on dry land, consider trying out online gambling. From roulette to the slots, online casinos may not increase your fitness levels but can improve your focus and provide you with similar thrills to adrenaline-filled sports, particularly if you are lucky enough to win the jackpots on offer.

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