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My Oh My! Niehaus immortalized

November 13th, 2011 · No Comments

Was in the checkout line the other day when I heard the cashier gushing effusely over this year’s Major League Baseball Worlds Series being the best ever Baseball he’d ever witness… To which I wanted to say “Put a Sock-in-it Bubbah! Although I must admit I don’t follow Baseball and only idly listened to this year’s Game-7 as background dinner noise. As I guess I’d haveda been rootin’ for Texas since ex-Mariners Adrian Beltre was playing for them…

Yet all of this Baseball fervor made me harken back to the fact that the Seattle Mariners did a really cool thingy this past September when they unveiled their very first ever statue in tribute to Mariners “lifer” Dave Niehaus.

Ironically the larger-then-life statue of the Hall of Famer MLB Broadcaster - the voice of the Mariners since their inception was unveiled prior to the game vs. the Texas Rangers.

The bronze statue fittingly features Niehaus at a desk behind the microphone, replete with Dave resplendent in a baseball motif tie, headphones on and his scorebook opened to October 8, 1995; the very game that the Mariners defeated those Dastardly Bronx Bombers, aka NY Yankees for the American League Division title… Of which I can still vaguely recall listening to Niehaus going Bonkers during the Playoff series - as the entire town was swept up into Mariners Fever!

And I could be confused over when exactly Mr. Niehaus said it, as I’m not sure if it was used during the series… But, my all time favourite Niehaus Tagline is: “Get out the mustard & rye Grandma; it’s Grand Salami Time!”

The Niehaus bronze statue also fittingly has an open seat alongside Dave, to which admiring fans can sit at alongside the Mariners Maestro and have their picture snapped if so desired.

The likeness epitomizes the spirit of this overly popular Broadcasting legend - who called an unbelievable 5,284-games between 1977-2010.

Its located in the main concourse nearby Section 105 in right center field of Safeco stadium, which Niehaus was MC for the Ballpark’s opening in 1999.

The beautiful bronze statue was sculpted by Chicago artist Lou Cella, who attended its private unveiling along with several members of the Niehaus clan who posed for a photograph with Dave’s wife Marilyn seated alongside whilst several Grandchildren scampered over the desk whilst inspecting the likeness of their late Grandfather…

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