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Sounders FC make Open Cup History

October 18th, 2011 · No Comments

So, the more time I have to reflect upon it… The more COOLER! It seems to me that I was privileged to be invited by ‘MAN-U Diehard Randal to this year’s US Open Cup at Qwest, Err, Century Link Field, which I’m trying to get into duh habit of calling ‘DER CLINK! (Which may or may not be appreciated?)

As I revel in my good fortune - I have quickly realized that I’ve never-ever-ever been so lucky to attend a Finals of anything professional sports-wise, as I certainly AIN’T gonna be trying to obtain Superbowl tickets, etc. And thus I was just absolutely tickled GREEN to be standing for 90+ minutes inside ‘DER CLINK! In an absolute sea of crazed, frenetic, raucous Sounders FC Fans! Although I suppose I should have been tickled Electric Yellow instead… As green is the Sounders FC home Colour, whilst the departing yellow jerseys have been used for “Friendly” matches, i.e.; vs. Manchester United, etc, International play and US Open Cup matches - get IT?

And Oh by the way, the Sounders FC Ownership group - comprised of: General Manager Adrian Hanauer, Joe Roth, Paul Allen and Drew “The Price Is Right” Carrey ALL Thank You very much for setting the new All-time US Open Cup attendance record of 35,615 - which smashed last year’s mark of 31,000+, which was also set at Seattle.

And it was what unfortunately will (or HAS!) soon become a daily occurrence (grind) in the Pacific Northwest - of drab, dreary, damp and Oh So DARK (by 3:33PM Dazes…) evening in Seattle - as our much enjoyed “Indian” summer has definitely left the building - as I don’t think the Groundskeepers had to dampen the field that night, while we managed to stay dry from the drizzle; but I digress…

The Sounders FC entered the Lamar Hunt (US Open Cup) Trophy hunt in Qwest; Oh Never Mind! Of making History by becoming only the second team ever to win three consecutive Cups; the first-time this ever occurred was from 1967-69 by the New York Greek-Americans’ - a soccer club I’d never heard of prior to this evening’s chance at tying a 42-year old record…

And although I didn’t see it, there was an enormous green banner hung up just outside of Century Link Field depicting three gravesites - with one housing a coffin for DC United and Columbus Crew, with a third spot awaiting the Chicago Fire… See, I told you these crazed Soccer Fans were frenetic!

As we spent the whole evening chanting many things, including multiple choruses of: Seattle… Sounders… SEATTLE! SOUNDERS! SEAA AATTLE!!! SOUNDDDD-DERS!!! With countless volleys being belted out by each side of the sold out stadium - each yelling one half of this chant whilst the game was in progress… Although the crowd didn’t break out my favourite chant which is: “The Ref’s A Wanker!” Albeit several fans around us shouted comments towards the referee regarding needing eyeglasses to correct some reputedly unseen calls upon the pitch!

And even better yet, my Good Man Randal brought a pocket-sized portable radio for me to listen to the game via the soothing tome of Arlo Guthrie; NOT! Err, Bloody Arlo White; the most eloquent announcer ‘Chap and voice of the Sounders FC. As it was pretty funny that I needed to hold the radio to my ear the entire first-half as we couldn’t make the earplugs work - with Randal saying that must be a really LONG cell phone call you’re on; Hya! Before Randal solved the earplug issue during Halftime…

Thus, it became quite enjoyable to listen to the crowd go absolutely ‘Bonkers over an almost made Goal which would totally drown out the radio’s volume and then as the crowd noise subsided I’d get to hear what had just happened via the 7-second delay…

And thanks to said radio, I learned something unusual about US Open Cup play - as Messer White noted how my favourite player Leonardo Gonzalez, No. 19 for the Sounders FC had been precluded from last year’s Open Cup Final because each Squad is only allowed a maximum of five Foreign players on the pitch… While it seemed that the Chicago Fire were trying to pick on my man ‘Leo during the beginning of the game as his name was called out several times. Yet Gonzalez had allegedly been inserted due to his more physical nature and helped keep Chicago on the wrong end of the pitch all night long.

And you’d have thought that the air had been virtually sucked out of the stadium in the final minute of the first half when Sounders FC Forward Fredy Montero’s volley riccocheted off of the Goal-post! With the score remaining knotted at Nil-Nil (0-0) as the teams retreated to their respective locker rooms…

And the game continued on with Arlo White interjecting some Colloquial ‘Witisism’s - noting in the First-half that Midfielder Brad Evans have gotten a clean shave for the game… Along with the Fire’s Sideline doing some Advertising - apparently trying to sell the Ref into calling a Non-foul.

As the minutes ticked-off, we were still scoreless 75-minutes into the match before the floodgate finally broke open on the 78th minute when Fredy Montero punched in a blocked header by Fire’s Keeper Sean Johnson from Jeff Parke off of a Sounders corner kick to put the “Rave Green” ahead 1-0 as the Stadium absolutely erupted in joy!

Osvaldo Alonso capped off the match with a second goal in the final minute of stoppage time in the second half before the crowd went absolutely berserk as the final whistle was blown.

And the Sounders Coach Sigi Schmid’s best quote in the Post-game interview was how the entire stadium stayed for the Open Cup Trophy presentation - apart from a very small corner filled with Chicago Fans who Exited Stage Left immediately!

And what was even more impressive to Mwah was how the crowd absolutely drowned out Seattle’s Goalkeeper Kasey Keller during the trophy ceremonies with cheers of jubilation!

And the euphoria spilled over the stadium as the Sounders Soundwave band was gaily working overtime in celebration, while a delirious crowd jammed into an absolutely packed elevator before spilling onto the adjacent streets in reverie. And whilst making our way back to our car - when waiting to cross the street several more impromptu Seattle — Sounders chants erupted over the victorious evening’s performance…

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