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Dallas: Who Shot King James?

June 21st, 2011 · No Comments

Perhaps I’m showing my age by trying a clever spin upon some 1980’s ‘Mega TV Hype when the entire nation was all a flutter upon the nagging question of Who Shot J.R. Ewing upon that overly watched Soap-drama series titled DALLAS… With J.R. being played by I Dream of Jeanie’s Larry Hagland; Oh Never Mind!

As I was pleasantly surprised to discover upon my return from the Frozen Tundra up North Eh! (Canada) That the Dallas Mavericks had defeated LeBron James & Co’s Miami Heat in the National Basketball Associations Finals, capping off the series with a Game-6 defeat of 105-95 at Miami… Way to GO DALLAS! As although I didn’t watch any of the series – I’d have been disappointed if Miami’s Superteam had won the title this year; as flashing back upon Dallas’s last Head Coach to take the Mavericks to the NBA Finals, a one Mr. Avery Johnson – I cannot help but think about Avery’s time spent playing for the Seattle Supersonics alongside X-MAN (Xavier McDaniel) and many others under the tutelage of Coach Karl. (George Karl)

And its funny how I spent much time thinking that Rick Carlisle – who just became the eleventh player to win a ring as both a player and Head Coach, had somehow been a previous Portland Trailblazers coach… As I’m guessing I’ve somehow confused him with Rick Adelman instead - who was replaced by the overly “Player-friendly” Peter J. “P. J.” Carlesimo in 1994 - as Carlesimo was making his head coaching debut in the NBA after having led Seton Hall to the NCAA Finals in ’89 where the Pirates lost the title to the Michigan Wolverines.

Yet P.J.’s most notorious claim to fame almost certainly has to be the infamous Latrell Fontaine Sprewell choking incident, when Latrell attacked Carlesimo in a 1997 Golden State Warriors practice and choked his coach before being dislodged from P.J. by other team members… As ironically Carlesimo had once again replaced his predecessor Rick Adelman after having been fired from Portland.

And I guess I’ve blocked it out – the fact that P.J. was the very last Seattle supersonics Head Coach, having moved with the team to Oklahoma after Clay ‘BA Bennett moved the listless Sonics south – before firing Carlesimo during the Oakie Dokey Thunder’s inaugural (2008-09) NBA season after getting off to a 1-12 start.

And meanwhile, as Portland has now just surpassed Seattle’s tenure for NBA squads in the league, having just completed its 41st-season, amidst being the sole remaining Pacific Northwest Franchise, with the Vancouver, BC Grizzlies having moved to Memphis and Seattle’s team having been maneuvered to Oklahoma – when I think of the Trailblazers, I think of current Head Coach Nate McMillan, another Supersonics Alumni.

Meanwhile, somewhat Ironically Adelman – now the current Head Coach of the Houston Rockets for the past four seasons began his NBA coaching career with the Trailblazers from 1988-93, losing the NBA Finals twice to Detroit and Chicago in 1990 and ’92 respectively. As it’s all starting to come back to me, when Clyde “The Glide” Drexler & Co – most notably The ‘Duc, a.k.a. Kevin Duckworth were a force to be reckoned with in the National Basketball Association – before their ill-fated phase of being known unfortunately as the JailBlazers.

And speaking of NBA Franchises and Head Coaches battling against troubled Star Athletes – its worth noting that Rick Carlisle was the Fall-man for the Indiana Pacers during the Ron Artist affair. So way to go Rick and the Dallas Mavericks – as you’ve earned your rightful place as NBA Champions!

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