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Numerous NFL Scenarios continue playing out…

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments

Although I’m guessing that many if not most National Football League Franchise Owners would proclaim they’re winning the war – whatever Dudes… As I don’t give a Flying F ‘bout what Y’all say or who’s not giving whom what? As really? You guys cannot let go of a measly $185m which I dunno – is how many percentage points of the atrocious $9-BILLION yearly annual gross revenues the sport inhales; WTF?

As Chad “MOUTHIER” OCHOCINCO tried his hand at Professional Bull Riding recently, where I think I heard ex-PBR Boss Randy Bernard – who’s now at the helm of Indy Car, i.e.; those ‘lil foreign jobbies that run at the Indianapolis Motor speedway in the Indy 500, but I digress… As I thought Mr. Bernard claimed “Ouchoe-Cinch-Oh” was smart to jump off of that nasty Bull before his 8-seconds were up, claiming he’d have gotten hurt real bad if he didn’t! At least Chad was smart enough to be wearing a helmet during his debutant foray into Bull riding, having been promised a new Ford PickEmUp truck if he lasted the whole ride.

Then there’s NBC’s Chris Collinsworth who’s taken up a job as a High School Football coach after having become so certain that the NFL season would be delayed or not happen at all this year…

While the Indianapolis Colts Numero Uno star Payton Manning has used the downtime to have surgery performed upon his neck – just in case he has to pass those concussion tests he mockingly claimed he does his worst upon in order to fool them the next go-around; Just Joking!

Yet, it certainly must be getting close to Crunchtime, as just one example of what the NFL Lockout entails is the town of Anderson, Indiana, which is fretting over the impending chance of this year’s NFL Training Camps being cancelled. As this sleepy little town of 57,000 people saw an influx of 80,000+ adoring spectators invade their city when the Colts were sequestered at Anderson University campus for 18-days last year – where an average of 3,500+ fans attended each day and a revenue of $6.5 million was generated upon this football hoopla…

While I’ve just heard that the Minnesota Vikings will announce on July 18th their intentions to hold training camp or not at the ‘Viks said venue, as I’d assume all 32 training camp facilities respective cities are getting a little nervous over the potential of lost income during the never ending economic downturn, right?

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