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Bodybuilding Supplements and American Football

January 18th, 2011 · No Comments

The sport of American Football presents participants with unique physical and mental challenges, not found in other sports. Football is an aggressive, intense game involving much physical contact and success is dependent upon a player having a unique but varied set of skills. The length of plays is short, seldom longer than about 20 seconds, with a subsequent period of rest between plays. However, during each play, players require maximum muscular effort to move, or indeed, prevent their opponents from moving the ball. The “stop-start” nature of the game means that, dependent on their position within the team, players may require rapid acceleration, explosive strength, flexibility, agility or a combination of all these facets.

Performance levels are largely dependent on physical conditioning. American football training regimes are based on specific positions and the required traits, such as basic speed, acceleration and strength. Whilst increased body mass may aid some players, its effects on speed and agility may prove detrimental for others. In addition to the performance needs of specific positions, their requirements in terms of nutrition are also important.

Football players undoubtedly need to be educated in correct nutritional balance, particularly regarding the use of so-called bodybuilding supplements. This last factor is often underestimated or completely overlooked. The correct use of bodybuilding supplements, accompanied by appropriate diet and physical training can boost the natural abilities of an athlete, thus allowing them to compete more effectively. Given the physical nature of the sport, football players have high protein requirements, to aid in the building of muscle bulk, improving strength and minimizing the time take to recover from injury. There are various types of protein powder available, including whey protein, protein from eggs, milk and blended protein powder incorporating a combination of these.

Whilst discussing the use of dietary supplements in American Football, it is worth mentioning that several studies have revealed that a diet supplemented with creatine powder, which can be taken at the same time as a protein supplement, improved performance during short spells of intense exercise, such as repeated sprints.

Prospective purchasers of protein powder and other dietary supplements need to be wary of the false claims made by some unscrupulous vendors on Internet websites. Additionally, many of such supplements contain ineffective ingredients, whilst others contain substances that may be harmful or even lethal, such as heavy metals. “Cheap” dietary supplements offered for sale on the Internet are best avoided, based on the old adages, “If something looks too good to be true, it usually is” and “Quality doesn’t come cheap.”

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