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Sports & Freedom?

December 24th, 2007 · No Comments

Sports are a great thing. We all love them. We could even say we are “Passionate” about them at times. That is a good thing too! Sports can bring out the best in us. Whether we are playing them or watching them. They arouse emotions and get us involved. They can be great for forging new friendships and can be a wonderful outlet to get away from other parts of life and become involved in your own “Zen”.

But in the middle of all of the sports that surround us from the NFL to the NBA and beyond to all of the other sports, let’s not forget about what has allowed us to be where we are and enjoy the sports the way we do.

Remember that our great country was founded by our forefathers with some pretty amazing concepts. Freedom being one of the most powerful. This freedom refers to sports as well as anything else you feel like doing or saying so long as you are not harming another person.

Unfortunately, our system is nothing like our founders created it to be. It is a shell of the great place that America used to be. We have let our government grow too large and let it invade too many aspects of our lives. We have created too many welfare systems. Too many departments that the Federal Government has no business being involved in. Too much spending on wars. Too much printing money out of thin air to pay for anything and everything that every special interest group desires. Too much chipping away at our freedoms with things like homeland security, the patriot act, spying and wire tapping.

It is time to take America back. Support the cause of downsizing our government by joining the non-partisan organization called Downsize DC. This is a great way to help reduce waste and increase your own personal freedom and the freedom of generations to come.

Thank you.

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