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Former Baseball legend Swings and Misses over Ichiro breaking his Hits record

August 14th, 2016 · No Comments

So your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been off gallivanting about the great outdoors, since after all its summertime, which is the best part of the year here in the Pacific Northwest!

Having just returned from my second trek to thee Mountain, nee Mount Rainier, which was overbearingly inundated by visitors! Having seen license plates from Oregon, Alaska and Nebraska, but none from Arizona; but I digress…

Thus, I was totally unawares’ that ex-Seattle Mariners great Ichiro Suzuki had caused a minor fuss, albeit none of his doing, by breaking Pete Rose’s all-time Hits record until the news broke just over one month ago now.

Ichiro Suzuki breaks Pete Rose’s career hits record (sort of)

Especially since I’ve pretty much lost track of this past Mighty Mariner, who understandably left Seattle in favour of those Dastardly Yankees, in search of an ever elusive World Series ring, since many of us locals have taken to calling them the Manures’ due to their perpetually lowly season wins totals whilst failing yearly to make the playoffs.

ichiro in marlins uniform

Although I’m happy to be able to say that I’ve seen Ichiro play once as a Mariners, during my lone visit to Safeco Field, albeit Suzuki was about three inches tall from our 300-level vantage point; Aye Karumba!

Bye, Bye, Ichiro!

Which in case if Y’all haven’t heard, or was living under a virtual rock like Mwah, since typically I do not pay Attenzione to Major League Baseball, which is way too S-L-O-W for Mwah! Especially since I prefer the Breakneck Speed of Formula 1; Huh?


But I’m sure that MLB was somewhat appreciative of the mild controversy former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose stirred-up with his comments about becoming the Hit Queen!

Since even if Rose is still disliked by Baseball for his Gambling Addiction, costing the certain Hall of Famer his place at Cooperstown, nonetheless, I’m certain MLB appreciates the Spotlight being taken off its myriad of current players cheating by taking illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs! (PED’s)

Pete Rose: Ichiro’s hits in Japan don’t count towards record

Alas, All of Rose’s blather made it seem somewhat ironic, that upon returning home from Mount Rainier’s first outing, and awaiting for Randal to finish connecting my DVD Player to my new TV, since we’d apparently forgotten about the missing cables a year ago!, making it pretty difficult to get any movies to play

Hence, in order for Dem ‘RASSCAR Booth Boyz who were All Ah-lather over Jeffry “Pretty Boy” Gordon’s return at this year’s Brickyard 400 from NOT being heard giving away the day’s result to whom claimed Pole for the German Grand Prix. Just so happening to be the last channel Thy Telie’ had been on, since I was awaiting watching the evening’s replay of Qualie’. With Randal telling me to not touch anything and simply leave the TV on while he went and procured said cables.

So I decided to tune into the “Boys of Summer” instead while awaiting his return, the day the Mariners put a good ‘Ol Fashioned Beat-down upon the Toronto Blue Jays 14-5!

And with this being the first Mariners game I’d tuned into this year, and probably the last unless they finally make the Playoffs again? It also just so happened to be the weekend that another Mariners legend simply known as “The Kid!” was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

As the announcers prattled on and on ’bout who’d be attending Ken Griffey, Jr’s celebratory night, whilst I even think may be the Buz’, Jay Buhner even reminisced about his affection for Griffey and how special of a player he was?

In a further nod to another former Mariners employee, although this one was previously it’s Manager. I’m really happy that Don Wakamatsu achieved winning the World Series, which the Mariners have never done. As it seems like a trivia question to Mwah, as Wakamatsu won his ring as Third Base Coach of the reigning champion Kansas City Royals.

And hopefully Wakamatsu was present at Griffey’s induction ceremony, especially since he was Ken’s final Manager upon his return to Seattle for his final stint in Major League Baseball.

As I can still recall Griffey handing out hand designed ties when trying to infuse professionalism into the Mariners during Wakamatsu’s short lived tenure in Seattle…

Griffey, Mementos now part of Hall of Fame

And speaking of former Managers, Ichiro had the following to say, playfully recalling his thoughts upon his first Major League Boss Lou Piniella Kissing Him!

“When I first came, I had a three-year deal. At that point all I thought was that I want to do the best I can in those three years. But in my first game, there was a play I made that was pretty good. I came in and Lou [Piniella, Seattle’s manager from 1993 to 2002] gave me a kiss. So I thought, “Three years is too long! If I am going to get kissed every day, I don’t want to be here!”

Ichiro hitting his way into rare 3,000 club

And lastly, hopefully by the time you read this, Suzuki will have made further history in his certain Hall of Fame Baseball career, by becoming only the thirtieth MLB player to accomplish the rarefied feat of recording 3,000 career Hits!

Ahem, Mr. Rose, those will have all been swatted here stateside in the Big league, for which you can only wonder what the overly classy, NO Nonsense, Straight Shooting Ichiro will have to say about that! Which for the very least Pete, you can congratulate him upon that, right?

Ichiro Suzuki says Pete Rose’s recent criticism just makes him feel accepted

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Paul Revere tries Posting Up against the Golden State Thunder

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Whilst we’re supposed to be All Ah-wash in Thy patriotic furor ‘O Team USA and the impending Summer Olympics, especially since we’ve just celebrated that Stupendous Boom-Boom Holiday! I’m definitely not impressed one iota by this comical Farce Majeure of Sports benefiting We The People… As the entire process of bringing the games to Brazil, the major corruption, crime and outright environmental devastation are just too overbearing for Mwah!

And although copious amounts ‘O Tea were dumped in Thy Boston Harbour Wayback in December, 1773, known as the real Boston Tea Party in deference to Taxation without Representation. Brasilia seems quite content to continue dumping raw sewage amongst other things into Guanabara Bay!

With many officials challenging the reports of the water borne viruses and potential risks the polluted waters contain. Which could be especially dangerous for Paralympics Athletes who are typically suspect to more open sores due to their limited mobility of ingressing/egressing their crafts and the open waters.

Yet even after pledging upon being selected for thou Games they’d reduce river-born pollution by an astounding 80%! Which NOT only hasn’t happened, but now just 30-days before the Summer Olympics, sailors have reported being subject to a fowl looking Oil slick turning their white hulls a murky brown! With one story headline denoting: “Brown water making Sailboats look like Toilets.”

and this is before we even get to the nasty subject of long-term residents of Brasilia being evicted from their homes in order to make way for Tuh-Duh! Those Oh, So Revered Olympics!

Residents lose Homes to make way for Rio Games

Meanwhile, certainly everyone’s aware of legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt having died from her long battle against early onset Dementia and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease taking her life at the relatively young age of 64.

Pat Summitt, Champion and Trailblazer, Dies at 64

And it’s so long ago now, that I’m not sure if my memory’s playing tricks upon me or not? As I’ve got zero idea why I believe I can recall Summitt standing upon the sidelines in a suit, hands on hips scowling at the camera whilst stalking the floor, especially since I don’t watch college basketball, or women’s basketball at All!

Yet I’ve found the few stories about the legendary University of Tennessee’s trailblazing coach quite inspiring. Regardless of her astonishing 1,098 victories and eight NCAA College Basketball championships. Summitt always made time for women’s rights, their advancement and the overlooked fact that her players held a 100% graduation record.

Interestingly, Summitt, who once turned down the proposed promotion to coach UT’s Men’s team by asking what that got her? Seems to have unwittingly, perhaps? Toiled in obscurity over equal pay for women athlete’s, as ironically the NCAA has been put underneath the spotlight in regards to wage disparity between men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

As the subject of what certainly isn’t a new phenomenon came to my attention previously when five of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s top Players filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission regarding their perceived discordant pay vs. their male U.S. Soccer counterparts.

Top Female Players accuse U.S. Soccer of Wage Discrimination

Alas, not surprisingly, once again the male dominated sports arena showed le Femme Fatales that it’s Business as Usual, when the trend towards “Quadzillion” unrealistic salaries were lavished upon some of the manly bastions ‘O sports, arguably the country’s two biggest? As Y’all know that the National Football League is King.

And although some Pundits are claiming that actually Indianapolis Colts Signal Caller Andrew Luck’s monstrous six year $140 million contract extension with an astounding $87 million guaranteed wasn’t actually that over the top. Nonetheless it made Luck the highest paid NFL Player ever, as the Colts QB will earn an annual $23.3m per year of his contract extension.

And then there’s the just concluded Red, White; Err Greenery of the Kevin Durant Free Agent Sweepstakes, which contrary to one sports report I read, Durant was NOT drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder. NO! He was actually drafted No. 2 Overall by the soon to be moved Seattle Supersonics purchase by Raider Clay BA’ Bennett; but I digress…

Thus, Mr. Durant obviously seeking the quickest way to the top, in regards to winning an NBA World Championship and more importantly showing off the sparkly Bling-Bling of wearing said championship ring. Publicly announced his intention to sign with the Golden State Warriors on the Fourth of July, reportedly for two years at a salary of $54m.

Meanwhile in France, you’ve guessed it. While what I’ve been calling for years le Tour de Farce, once again while Pundits prattle over whether or not anybody can defeat Team Sky’s Chris Froome, and without even delving into Team GB’s row over “Sutton Gate,” Yuhs know, where Jess Varnish called out then cycling coach Shane Sutton about his sexist remarks about her derriere and telling her to go home and have a Baby…

The long, hard road to equal pay for women’s cycling and Sport as a whole

Uhm, Gee Wally, Guess What? Not only aren’t women allowed to compete in the Tour de France, but once again, female cyclists find their Pay Cheques abysmally L-O-W in comparison to their male counterparts. As the world simply continues turning its cranks and the wheels on Froome’s custom made exotica bicycle go round ‘N round…

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Prejudice continues Trumping Diversity on Earth’s Pitch

June 18th, 2016 · No Comments

this was the ‘first’ high five EVER between Dodgers Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker on October 2, 1977

It’s S-A-D! How the perfect tranquility of Holiday in the “Bush,” aka the nation’s State Parks and adjoining Pacific Ocean’s serenity can be immediately crushed by the disturbing news upon returning home of another senseless, brutal and fatalistic attack being performed against others seemingly different to us. Whose only crime was being present at a Night Club.

As surely by now, everyone’s aware of the horrific mass murder of 50 civilians at a Gay Bar in Orlando, Florida, which has so many perverse side effects to the senseless tragedy that I’m not sure where to begin.

Guns, gays, terror plot perfect path - Destination: Pulse

The plot to this horrific atrocity reportedly stems from the assailant seeing two men kissing in public; Seriously? As why does this reoccurring theme of Homophobia make me Flashback to the departed Glen Burke, a Major League Baseball player Ostracized for his simply being Gay!

Ousted MLB Soul finally recognized 16 years later…

And don’t forget Michael Sam, who brazenly kissed his Boyfriend on TV after becoming the first Openly Gay Football player drafted by the then St Louis Rams.

As why must we live in a world of Hate? Where Humans cannot exist with others whose sexual preferences or orientation are different from there’s? Or not having the same fanatical religious beliefs? Or simply Bullying women into being raped! Along with desecrating Abortion Clinics and Killing Doctors willing to perform procedures requested by individuals.

As “The Blade Runner” (Oscar Pistorius ) awaits the outcome of his sentencing for murdering girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day, with countless Thuggish skirmishes occurring daily in France at the Euro 2016 Football matches, which sadly is a continuation from the Racist behaviour that spilled over four years ago during the Euro 2012 contest, making me believe that nothing’s changed in the past four years; SIGH!

Hooliganism at Euro 2016 is tarnishing a beautiful game

“This Bloody Sunday will not define us “Dad? my son asked. “Do you think this is how people will know us from now on? As one of the shooting cities?”

Although I typically don’t ponder much about Orlando, but when I do, the NBA’s Orlando Magic immediately springs to mind, not to mention some giant Mouse’s Amusement Theme park.

Along with newly minted Major League Soccer’s Orlando City Soccer Club Franchise, now in the midst of its sophomore season in MLS, featuring ex-AC Milan, Real Madrid and Brazilian National team Star Kaká as the face of its Franchise.

Hmm? Will this lead to further reprisals when the LA Galaxy next come to town, since after all. Oh My Freakin’ Gawd! There’s an Openly Gay player on their roster…

While now comes word that Nigeria, an irrepressibly Homophobic nation is in a “Lesbian Row” regarding Women’s Soccer, since after all, they’ve got to be Queer to be spending so much time together kicking a ball around, right?

This Bloody Sunday will not define us “Dad? my son asked

And since we as a nation seemingly haven’t learned one Damn thing from the late Rodney King, who infamously asked, “Can’t We All Just Get Along?” One story I’ve read recently regarding the late Boxer simply known as “The Greatest!” More commonly known as Muhammad Ali stands out to me.

As many may know, Ali changed his name from Cassius Clay upon converting to Islam a half century ago, which didn’t make him a Boogeyman, did it? As Muhammad was resolute in his defiance to honour his draft enlistment into the U.S. Military during the Vietnam War on the basis of his Religious Beliefs, costing Ali four years in jail during the prime of his Boxing career!

Yet Ali persevered, ultimately becoming the World Heavyweight Champion three times and amongst other nicknames was known as the “Peoples Champion.”

Alas, I suppose this theme struck me when reading the following article about Muhammad’s personable treating of others as the same as him so touching, which once again makes me simply wonder. Why Can’t We All Just Get Along…

Letter: A photographic reminder of Muhammad Ali’s kindness to my father

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IndyCar hopes to maintain momentum after this year’s Magnanimous 100th running of the fabled Indianapolis 500 motor race

May 24th, 2016 · No Comments

Although both Motorcycle and Car races were held at the fabled Brickyard prior to its inaugural International Sweepstakes race held in 1911, this year’s Indy 500 marks the 100th running of this classic 500-mile event which was interupted only by World War One & Two.

As a ‘Wee lad, growing up I fondly recall watching the Indianapolis 500 on ABC’s Wide World of Sports, as the tape delayed broadcasts were announced by Jim McKay and Chris Schenkel, with other noted journalists as Chris Economaki being present.

These were the days of such luminary Drivers as AJ Foyt, Gordon Johncock, Mario Andretti, Al and Bobby Unser, Johny Rutherford to name just a few. Being joined later on by Tom “the Gasman” Sneva, “Rocket Rick” Mears, etc.

As back then the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was truly legendary as the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, alongside other “crown jewels” such as the Daytona 24 hours; 12 Hours of Sebring; Monaco Grand Prix; 24 Heurs du Mans and the Daytona 500.

These were the glory years of the United States Auto Club (USAC) leading up to its eventual demise, when McLaren and AAR Eagle chassis powered by the mighty Drake “Offy” (Offenhauser) 4 cylinder turbo ruled the brickyard, for which the Speedway’s moniker was derived from its track being paved with over three million bricks!

In 1979 a new Open Wheel racing series known as Championship Auto Racing Teams (CART) broke away from then dominant USAC, becoming Indy Cars pre-eminent racing series. Although the Speedway would remain under the auspices of USAC until the late 1990’s, nonetheless USAC would be left largely commiserating with just the running of Sprint Cars.

Yet in the early 1990’s Tony George attempted to forcefully commandeer CART by announcing his desire to be president (Dictator) of the immensely popular racing series. CART’s governing body responded by telling George he could duly become president but would have no voting power.

Hence George, Grandson of track owner Tony Hulman formed the rival Indy Racing League (IRL) to host its inaugural race at Indianapolis in 1996. This was the year of the famous 25-8 rule, similar to NASCAR’s past Nextel Cup top 35 points owners being guaranteed a starting grid position, comparable to today’s Sprint Cup Top-36 Franchise; Err Charter Members being guaranteed inclusion in all NASCAR races…

George’s 25-8 rule back then stipulated that the first 25 grid positions would go to IRL entrants only with the final 8 up for grabs by CART, for which naturally the latter were not impressed with one iota!

CART countered by running its own U.S. 500 the same weekend as Indy on Michigan International Speedway’s Oval racetrack. Which was then owned by Roger Penske - and “The Feud” between Open Wheel racing series began.

CART vs. IRL: Who Won the War? A Short History on the Struggle for Dominancy

Also known today as “The Split,” both sides refuse to give any ground, as CART has folded after filing for bankruptcy. All of its engine suppliers have left as well as the majority of its founding race teams.

Yet Indy too has seen its share of troubles after losing engine manufacturer’s Chevrolet and Toyota in 2006 and perpetually struggling to maintain the tradition of 33 starters. For which the past several years Bump Day has become a JOKE! Now referred to as “boomp” day with literally NO contestants, which has caused Indy to change its qualifying format more than once.

And as mentioned above, even though CART filed for Bankruptcy in ‘03 and Tony George tried purchasing their assets, George was denied in court and the Feud continued a further four years with the formation of the Champ Car World Series before it too finally ceased after the ‘07 season, also filing for Bankruptcy in early ‘08 before the two rival factions finally mergified in what was known as Reunification!

Women in Racing

In 1977 history was made when Janet Guthrie became the first woman to successfully qualify and then race in the storied Indy 500, finishing 29th due to engine maladies, as Guthrie would contest the 500 three times between 1977-79 with a best finish of eighth.

It would be a further 13 years before the second female, Lyn St James raced at Mother Speedway, en route to becoming the first ever female Rookie Of the Year in 1992.

Then it would take until Thy Dawn of the 21st Century, more specifically the 84th running of the storied race on Y2k, nee Two-triple-Zero for the Speedway to record two females racing that year.

St James who’d failed to qualify the previous two years would run her final race with rookie Sarah Fisher becoming the third female Trailblazer to race alongside St James at the Brickyard, with St James effectively passing the torch to the younger Fisher.

Alas, perhaps in an attempt to spice up the final ‘07 IRL Indy 500 Spectale du Jour, history would be made once again when for the first time ever there were three females competing at the Speedway. Although arguably only Danica Patrick’s name was known after causing a furor by brazenly leading for nearly 20-laps in her rookie debut in ‘05 before finally finishing fourth.

Thus Sarah Fisher was largely underneath the shadow of Danica Mania while Venezuelan rookie Milka Duno joined the party.

Female participation topped out with Quattro Femme Fatales racing at Indianapolis in 2010, with Queen Danica topping her previous record for best finish by a woman (fourth) with third in 2009 before the greener payday of NASCAR spirited her away - whilst Sarah Fisher made her Swan Song as a driver.

As there were actually a record Cinco le Femmes that May attempting to qualify for the Indy 500, as the aforementioned Patrick & Fisher would be joined in the race by two rookies: Ana Beatriz from Brazil and Simona de Silvestro from Switzerland - whilst Milka Duno, whom I’d taken to calling “the Wandering Milka” failed to make the show, and was asked to not return afterwards!

The following year once again saw four women racing at the Brickyard, albeit another changing of the guard as it would be Danica’s final 500, with Beatriz & De Silvestro making their sophomore outings while Great Britain’s Pippa Mann, the only female to win a Pole at Indianapolis, although in the lower Indy Lights ranks made her rookie debut.

Yet from the dizzzying heights of Chicagoland 2010, when the All-time record for most women racing in an IndyCar race occurred, with all five above taking the green flag, i.e.; Beatriz, de Silvestro, Duno, Fisher and Patrick. Thereafter, the luster of Femme Fatales in Open Wheel Racing lost its luster, as the tide of le Femmes slowly began subsiding, with only Pippa Mann contesting her fifth 500 in this year’s Magnanimous 100th running of said race

After Danica, when will a woman break through at Indy 500?

And although anybody can win, theoretically there’s only a small group of competitor’s who can clearly be seen as potential victors. With Roger Penske and Chip Ganassi’s four car teams being the Bowtie’s (Chevrolet) two powerhouse entrants who have to be considered the favorites.

Honda’s Anchor team is Andretti Autosport with five entries and prior to qualifying this year seemed an outside Dark horse. Although the Japanese auto giant’s fortunes suddenly turned round during the week of practice leading up to the revised qualifying format where three of Michael Andretti’s cars ultimately qualified for the Fast-9 Shootout, which determines the Pole winner on Sunday afternoon.

Then there’s the remainder of the field to pose as potential spoilers, as surprisingly none of Chip Ganassi’s driver’s made the Fast-9 shootout, nor did the defending race winner Juan Pablo Montoya of Team Penske! Although the cagey Columbian has finished an astounding first twice and fifth in his three races to date.

While neither of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing’s two entries made the cut. Although their second driver, rookie Spencer Pigot wasn’t expected to make the show, Graham Rahal, son of team founder Bobby Rahal’s been the apparent top Honda racer since late last season when he was fighting for an unlikely championship title.

Another driver surprisingly not making the Fast-9 Shootout was two-times consecutive Pole winner Ed Carpenter, who has three cars entered in the field for his own squad Ed Carpenter Racing. )ECR) As his only Fulltime season driver Josef Newgarden made the cut, while part-timer J.R. Hildebrand also missed out, and thus like those not making the Fast-9 Shootout can only qualify tenth best on Sunday.

One of the little teams to watch will be Schmidt Peterson Motorsports, for whom Y’all can never count out the crafty veteran Oriol Servia who’s running a “One-off” at Indy - while their two regular season drivers James Hinchcliffe, fondly known as thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown put his Honda P1 Saturday with a four lap average of 230.946mph.

Meanwhile, Hinch’s team-mate Mikhail Aleshin, the series lone Russian stole the final Fast-9 Shootout position with a gutsy run after beating the final gun’s firing by one second! As Aleshin bumped fellow rookie Honda driver Alexander Rossi, America’s latest Formula 1 driver out of the party!

Aleshin says he’ll remember first lap’s corner forever

And the melodrama would play out with the top nine driver’s from Saturday having their times wiped out and each making one lone 4-lap qualification attempt in the reverse order of Saturday’s results where Hinchcliffe was quickest and therefore will go last, with all nine driver’s making the grade averaged over 230mph!

Red Hot IndyCar series points leader Simon Pagenaud of Team Penske in P9 with the “relative” slowest Top-9 speed of 230.102mph will go first, followed by Carlos Munoz of Andretti Autosport with Aleshin next, followed by ECR’s Josef Newgarden and Indy-Only Specialist Townsend Bell in one of Michael Andretti’s three cars, as only Andretti Autosport and Team Penske had three cars apiece in the Fast-9 Shootout.

Team Penske’s Helio Castroneves and Will Power roll off next ahead of Ryan Hunter-Reay, the third Andretti car and then lastly the aforementioned Hinchcliffe.

As it’s very Apropos that thee Mayor ‘O Hinchtown retained his top Qualie’ spot and secured his first ever IndyCar Pole position at Mother Speedway NO less. Where just exactly one day before the one year anniversary of his life threatening crash during final practice before the 2015 Indy 500 occurred!

A very interesting perspective upon Hinchcliffe’s life threatening accident

Runner-up Josef Newgarden in the somewhat Minnowesqe Ed Carpenter Racing team claimed the middle of Row-1, just some scant tenths of a mile slower with Chevrolet power, while Ryan Hunter-Reay’s Top Dog at Andretti Autosport in another Honda on the outside of Row-1 with team-mates Bell and Munoz hogging two-thirds of Row-2. While Schmidt Peterson Motorsports was the only team with all of its (Honda) entries in the Top-10 with Aleshin seventh and Servia tenth.

thus with Honda ultimately securing five of the Top-9 starting positions vs. Chevys four, perhaps we’ll have a more balanced field and theoretically more potential winners on Sunday, May 29th, where your somewhat knowledgeable “Stick ‘N Ball” Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy will be braving being Ringside with 230,000 of his closest friends; Aye Karumba!

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Deflate This NFL! Like Seriously?

May 5th, 2016 · No Comments

Yeah, although I find it Hilarious over the Mega Flip-flopping the Courts are doing regarding Tom Brady’s underinflated footballs… Like seriously, do we care? Like sit down ‘N Shut Up for four games Brady, cause you know you cheated by using under-inflated footballs, and NO Mr. Kraft, you cannot have your Draft Pick back!

As Kudos to the Judge who threw out the baseless lawsuit by Patriots Fans claiming emotional duress; Err monetary loss from the National Football League stripping New England of a first round Draft Pick for their unscrupulous behaviour in Deflategate; Boo Hoo-hoo!

But instead of ALL this Nonsense, or perhaps should I call it NOISE! Shame on you National Football League for continuing to condone the brandishing of Homophobic behaviour throughout your league, as yeah, that “Sensitivity Training” for innocently asking potential Draftees Do You like Men is working pretty good, right?

As it would be unbelievable if a player chosen by the Carolina Panthers said I’m NOT going there because of House Bill 2! Which obviously won’t happen due to the monetary loss said individual would incur, but I can Daydream, right?

All of which leads to how Michael Sam, the first openly Gay athlete to be drafted by an NFL Franchise, the St Louis Rams was really never given a proper chance to succeed in the league. As seriously Roger Goodell? You’re telling me there’s not a single Gay player currently active in your Bastion ‘O Male Football? Oh Never Mind!

Now if we could just get somebody to let the Air out of that Windbag named John Gruden; Hya! Uhm, afraid there will be copious amounts ‘O Oxygen being consumed ‘N contaminated over Thy NFL Draft weekend…

Cowardly NFL still shows anti-gay bias, two years after Michael Sam’s draft

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