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Burrowing Back thru Super Bowls Past…

February 7th, 2022 · No Comments

First ‘N foremost Sportyblog Nation, whomever Y’all Are? I sincerely Hope you Don’t come here for Any Hard Hitting Factual Sporting Statistics! Since your el Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown tommy just got called for a Personal Foul! Unnecessarily Naming the Wrong Cincinnati Bengals Quarterback for their last Super Bowl appearance, Tweet-Tweet-Tweet! But then again Sports Fans, it was Thirty-three Gory Years ago, Aye Karumba!

So Back-up Touchdown tommy 15 yards, pick up that Flag and we’ll try this again with a new set of Downs Otay? Hut Hut, Omaha!

As we’re All painfully aware of now, the Cincinnati Bengals have played in two Super Bowls previously, i.e.; the 1981 and 1988 season’s Super Bowl’s 16 and 23 respectively. And I must say I’m Cornfuzed over why former Bengals QB Ken Anderson’s name sticks so clearly in My Craw?

As Anderson was the Bengals QB for their first Super Bowl appearance on January 24, 1982 at the Pontiac Silverdome vs. “Joe cool’s” San Francisco 49ers, when Joe Montana led the Niners’ to their Debutante Super Bowl victory at the reigns of Coach Bill Walsh.

Not sure why I didn’t spot my Personal Foul, Err “Block in the Back” previously, since nowadays, I believe I sporadically hear Boomer Esiason’s voice on the radio calling football Games. Usually during the Playoffs, whenever I bother to attempt tuning-in via Zed Internets. And the more I thought about that ‘Ol Ickey Shuffle, the more I knew it was boomer at QB for the Bengals in Super Bowl XXIII, when once again Cincinnati lost 20-16 vs. Thar Nemesis, those Dreaded 49ers once again, being Montana and Company’s third Super Bowl victory.

Ironically, I’ve just discovered that Boomer Esiason called Super Bowl XXXIV with the legendous’ Al Michaels for ABC, but I’m throwing a proverbial Hail McMurry” ahead of time here Y’all…

Yet I was correct on my memory of ‘Ol #80 Wide Receiver Chris Collingsworth playing in Super Bowl XXIII. As Collingsworth played eight seasons for the Bengals between 1981-88 as a three times All Pro. Whilst I wasn’t aware that Chris is such a Tall, lanky White Guy, listed as 6-foot 5-inches tall and 192lbs and was considered a legitimate “Deep Threat!”

And although He caught five passes in Super bowl 16, Collingsworth is still probably Haunted somewhat by his Fumble that led to San Fran’s 92-yard winning 26-21 Touchdown Drive…

Ironically Collingsworth wore the No. 80 during his Pro Days which makes me think of some Hall of Fame Hawks WR named Steve Largent. Not to mention somebody named Jerry Rice! Whilst Collingsworth’s career behind the microphone makes me think of another Football Announcer, known here on Sportyblog affectionately as Steve “Holy Catfish!” Raible of Seattle Seahawks fame, but I digress…

And it’s even Funnier to Mwah, that when I think of the Niners’ now, the first thing that comes to mind is Dwight Clark ant “The Catch!” As this is what electrified Mwah and solidified my anointing San Fran’ as my favourite NFL Team during those 1980’s early 1990’s Glory Years! Although I can still clearly recall my past friend Marcus Blowing Out my Eardrum when answering the telephone during a losing Playoffs Game vs. Phil Simms and the New York Giants! Being Crushed 49-3 when New York was en route to their first Super bowl victory in super Bowl XXI.

Along with knowing that “The Catch” came against those Dastardly Dallas Cowboys during the 1981 Season’s NFC Division Championship Game with just a scant 58 seconds remaining, ultimately punching San Francisco’s ticket to Super Bowl 16!

But I was totally unawares that Clark had Died at the Age of 61 in 2018 from ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Whilst nowadays I think of the 49ers with Thar current QB being known to Thyself as Jimmy “Ghirardelli,” Hya!

The most entertaining part about Cincinnati’s Shocking Upset of Kansas City for Mwah, was current Bengals QB Joe Burrow Brashly stating afterwards in the Locker room that the JB #9 Diamond encrusted pennant He was flaunting was Real! Saying “I make too much Money for it Not to be Real!” As it must be nice being that Cocky at Age 24, Righto!

Oopsadaisy, think I just got another 15-yarder Personal foul Flag thrown at me, Whack! Since I was asking my Arizona Cardinals Crony Gregory if the Rams had ever been in the Super Bowl? To which He immediately said Yes, 1999’s “Greatest Show On Turf” (St Louis) Rams with Kurt Warner vs. Gasp, “My” beloved Tennessee Titans…

And I say Personal Foul since obviously I’m Not very much of a Diehard Titans Fan, otherwise I’d know this, El Correctomundo? But may be I’ve Blocked it out since if I recall right, the Titans came up one lowly Stinkin’ yard Shy of tying the game 23-All on the games final play? Immortaly known simply as “the Tackle!” As the record books denote that the then St Louis Rams won Super bowl XXXIV 23-16 over Tennessee on January 30, 2000 at the Georgia Dome.

Naturally, in another of my countless Falling down Wabbit Holes! This led me to asking Gregory who was that Titans QB who had the same last name as Steve Young? Since I fondly recall Artiste Dave, creator of the excellent Sportyblog Graphics that He always enjoyed teasing me about thinking that Steve Young used to play for Tennessee, Zoinks!

To which Gregory said Steve McNair, which I knew was wrong. Although I can still clearly “See” Steve “Air” mcNair’s nostrils flaring angrily behind his face mask wen barking signals during each play! Not to mention that McNair was Tennessee’s Quarterback during Thar crushing Defeat to Kurt Warner’s St Louis Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV, Drat!

No-No-No I Barked into Thy telephone. It was the guy that the Titans Head coach (Jeff Fisher) had to call out the local Police to go look for him when He didn’t show up for a practice or something?

Otay Sports Fans, Times Up! Y’all know who that was?

Yeah, the answer is Vince Young, not Steve, Hya! As the latter played for the 49ers as most Sports Fans know, as Joe Montana’s replacement!

And continuing on with this Bruce Willis “Six Degrees of Seperation” rant. Isn’t It Ironic that Joe Cool, Err Montana finished his NFL career as a Kansas city Chiefs QB, for which I can say I can recall Joe looking totally out of place in that white Chiefs uniform!

Fast forwarding to this year’s impending Super Bowl LVI, initially I was totally Rootin’ for those crazy, unknowing Upstart Bengals to have their third Super Bowl appearance be Thar Charm! But now I’m not so sure after having just heard the opinion of a fellow IndyCar Blogger who resides in Nashville.

Writing that following the inexplicable 19-16 loss to Cincinnati at Home, the Bengals Players and Fans were excessively Obnoxious, with the players loudly Crowing over How the Titans had simply been Scared of playing them! For which George rightly pointed out that Tennessee was so Scared that they Sacked Joe Burrow Nine times, Ouch!

Although George notes that perhaps Titans QB Ryan Tannehill was Scared? Apparently due to his performance that day? Since I only managed to catch the last bit of the third Quarter and entire 4th Quarter, which naturally Disappointed Mwah!

And I know that Trash Talking is Nothing new, and actually a time Honoured Tradition, but still, this seems a little Crass before you’ve even unexpectedly Defeated Kansas City, or now the LA Rams!

Although I cannot say I’m a Fan of either team, I’ll be Happy with whoever wins, and now would kind of enjoy the Rams being victorious for Mathew Stafford’s sake. Since after all He was the QB of those lowly Detroit Lions for how many years? Whilst Snowbyrd MJ’ just reminded me that his wife suffered from Brain Cancer. So winning Super Bowl XXXIV would be well deserved for Stafford!

As Good Luck Rams and Bengals…

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A Veritable NFL Cornucopia: Madden, Reeves, Dirty Birds, the Ickey Shuffle and Other Fumbles

January 31st, 2022 · No Comments

So it’s Old News now about John Madden’s Death. But the strangest thingy’ about it for your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy, is I swear that when I Tuned-in to find out the score between the visiting Seattle Seahawks and LA Rams at the end of the third Quarter, with the game knotted at a whopping 10-10! Whomever the two announcers were, were talking about John Madden and how everybody wanted to be on Madden’s All NFL Team and his EA Sports game in the past tense, making me wonder if He’d Died? Although the game in Question was during Week 15 on December 21st, before Madden “Retired” on Dec 28th, Seven Days prior to his sudden Death at the Age of 85.

Then the NFL lost another legendary coach in Dan reeves at Age 77 shortly after Madden’s Death. As Reeves passed away on New Years Day, just 18 days before his 78th Birthday.

I last recall Dan Reeves as Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons during Thar famous Dirty Birds’ era, when Reeves led them to 1999’s Super bowl XXXIII. Ironically vs. His former Denver Broncos and former Coaching Assistant Mike Shanahan, who Reeves had Fired for Insubordination!

And I know I was Rootin’ for Dem’ Dirty Birds’, Err Falcons to win since Coach Reeves had never won a Super bowl. But Alas, it wasn’t to be, as Reeves lost again, 34-19 to Denver.

And although I now vaguely recall him as coach of the Denver Broncos with his Scowling Demeanor during the “Mr. Ed” (John Elway) era. When losing his first Super Bowl, I’d either forgotten, or more likely was unawares of his being in four Super Bowls, All losing propositions…

Actually, I’ve probably Blocked out those three 1980’s Super Bowl appearances by Denver, I.e.; super bowls XXI, XXII and XXIV largely due to Despising Mr. Ed, which I believe was Elway’s unflattering nickname bestowed upon him by that long ago Seattle Seahawk Bust known simply as The Boz! Aka Brian Bosworth…

What I find most Funny is how I seem to recall Coach Reeves Shilling for Cryosec OTC, Me Thinks? During that Falcons Super Bowl run, when Atlanta had started off 12-2 before Reeves had had Emergency Quadruple Heart Bipass Surgery during the regular season, eventually finishing 14-2. Whils just thinking how Odd to be pitching medicine when your Health’s in Question.

As Reeves currently shares the Dubious record along with Buffalo Bills Marv Levy and Minnesota Vikings Bud Grant for having lost four Super bowls…

Meanwhile that long ago famous Ickey Shuffle popped up on my Memorex following those Upstart Cincinnati Bengals first Defeating the Las Vegas Raiders with apparently some Errant Whistle from the Referees, or was it a lack of Whistle? Since I didn’t watch that game. And All I can say is I find it Darmic that the Raiders lost, since we endured Gruden Gate and those two Horrific Player incidents, including one leading to Fatality!

As All of this Whingeing On about Poor Refereeing made me quickly Flash back to the 2005 Super Bowl between the Pittsburg Steelers and Seattle Seahawks, for which the Head Referee Admitted years later that there had been Erronious Calls made during the game…

Ben Roethlisberger was Easy to Admire as A Quarterback, but Not as A Man


On Saturday when “My” Titans were playing Cincinnati and I broke out one of my vintage Tennessee Titans T-Shirts, for some Feel Good Touchdown Tommy Mojo, Alas we know how that worked out, Drat!And with the passing of Madden, and I believe his Hand picked Successor? Chris Collinsworth and the Bengals just Winning Baby! I remembered the Ickey Shuffle, made famous by Bengals Fullback Elbert “Ickey” Woods Wayback in1988!

Although I must confess I remember it more fondly being done by ‘Ol DW’, aka Mr. Boogity Boogity Boogity! Nee Darrell Waltrip upon his finally winning NASCAR’s Super Bowl event, the 1989 Daytona 500. Where after He’d done a really Bad White-man version of the popular Dance, He Disbelievingly asked the Reporter staring into the Camera: Tell Me I’ve just Won the Daytona 500!

While I know I watched with relief and great satisfaction, Cincinnati losing to the San Francisco 49ers 20-16 in Super bowl XXIII when Collingsworth was a Bengals Wide Receiver and Thar QB was Kenny Anderson, coached by Sam Wyche.

And the Divisional Playoffs weekend was almost a clean sweep of the Underdog’s winning All four NFL Playoff games. With the San Francisco 49ers Defeating the Green Bay Packers on a frigid Lambeau Field! And the LA Rams knocking off Tom Terrible and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers on the Road, leaving us with that Insane Gunfight at Ye Arrowhead Corral, Err Stadium…

As I’ll admit I was rooting for Buffalo, since I wanted a Clean Sweep of “New” NFL Teams vying for births in this year’s fast approaching Super Bowl LVI. (56) And that fourth Quarter was Insane! As I think Tony romo said Thar were 24 points scored in the games final two minutes? And the Bills seemed destined to advance with two miraculous 4th Down TD’s!

Chiefs Defeat Bills: Did We just Witness the Greatest Two Minutes in Football History?


Thus when the Camera Eye focused upon Josh Allen’s father Joel crying Tears ‘O Joy when Buffalo had gone ahead 36-33 with 13 seconds remaining, All I could think of was a similar Crushing ABC Wide World of Sports “Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat” moment in Sports History! Although it was in a totally different realm, one I vastly prefer to Stick ‘N Ball Sports.Wayback’ in the Fall of 2008, Scuderia Ferrari’s Felipe Massa needed to win his Home race, the Brazilian Grand Prix and have Formula 1 title competitor Lewis Hamilton finish sixth or worse to become F1 World Champion.

Massa dutifully drove his Heart out and won the race, and as the Skies Opened, the TV Broadcast showed Massa’s Poppa Jubilantly Celebrating his son’s victory and Formula 1 Drivers Championship in the Ferrari’s Pits. Yet this lasted All of 30 seconds before Lewis Hamilton Slip Slided his way past Toyota’s Timo Glock who’d gambled by staying out on Dry tyres during the Downpour. And with that one move on the final lap, Hamilton became F1 World Champion by one solitary point! Before going onto clinch another six World Championships to Date…

VIDEO: Lewis Hamilton Wins 2008 F1 title Highlights


Alas, we All know that Buffalo Failed to kick a “Squib” Kick to Kill some time and KC’s Magic Man Patrick Mahomes marched the Chiefs down the field into rainge to kick a game tying Field goal, before winning in Overtime 42-36, Boo!So the Dreamer in me would like to see the Bengals do the Unthinkable and not only advance to the Super bowl, but take revenge upon those 49ers that thwarted them twice, i.e.; Super Bowls 16 and 23!

Especially since I think it would be Hilarious for the “Wrong” California team to be playing in the brand new Rams-Chargers Stadium for Super Bowl Honours, where it’d be Fantastic to see Cincinnati avenging Defeat upon their Nemesis, not to mention it being 33 years since their last Super Bowl appearance.

But the realist in me thinks it’ll more likely be the transplanted Rams Hosting Kansas City for Super Bowl LVI, as I think the Rams are the only team left that can Defeat KC, and Hence, I’ll be reluctantly rooting for the Rams if this is their matchup?

As I’m tired of the Chiefs conceivably playing in three straight Super bowls, Sigh! Even though I was the only one Rootin’ for KC when they Defeated the 49ers 31-20 in Super Bowl LIV at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. Ironically now the sight of this year’s forthcoming Formula One’s Miami Grand Prix, on a 10 year contract…

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Santa Skips Bringing Pacific Northwest Sports Teams Any Presents…

December 23rd, 2021 · No Comments

Whale’, My Blinkin’ confuzers were certainly being Naughty for Almost the entire year of 2020! As your Blind El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy struggled thru a litany ‘O Computing Problemas! Most notably trying to get my new and most definitely Not improved Zoomtext Screen Readers to interface with my winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer! As I was constantly Bitchin’ when Jockeying back ‘N forth between my Trusty ‘Ol winDOUGHS 7 Puter’ and my Forced Arse-simulation to Ye Oh, So Wonderful World ‘O winDOUGHS 10, SPEW!

Technology Rears It’s Ugly Head Again…

Thus I’d originally planned to scribble here about how the outcomes of Seattle’s top two Football teams compared last year. Even though the Seattle Sounders FC faired Mucho Better in the Playoffs vs. that Seahawks Pigskin team.

Although obviously last year’s Seahawks team’s outcome was far better than this year’s. As the 2020 Seahawks finished 12-4 in the regular season and won the NFC West Division for the first time since 2016. They also broke the team record for most points in a season with 459 vs. the 2005 record of 452, which if I recall, was the first time the Hawks ever went to the Super Bowl Hut Hut, Omaha?

Yet it wasn’t to be, as Seattle lost in the Wild Card Playoffs to the L.A. Rams 30-20, being their first Home Playoffs lost since ironically losing to the Rams Wayback in ’04…

Meanwhile the Sounders, who I believe finished second in the MLS Western conference? Hey, that was a Gory year ago! Looked like they were well on their way to Back-to-Back Major League Soccer (MLS) Cup Championship wins! Beginning by dispatching the L.A. Galaxy 3-1. Then Defeating Dallas One-Nil, (1-0) before the Comeback of the Century! As I still fondly recall that Insane match against those Pesky “Loons,” when Minnesota FC had the Gall to go ahead Two-Nil on Seattle’s Home Pitch in the 67th minute of the match.

And instead of doing my normal “Fair Weather” Sounders FC MLS Playoffs run, I begrudgingly told myself to keep listening and Not turn off the Bloody match!

For which the unthinkable happened, as the Sounders not only tied the match 2-2 late in the game, but I recall saying Out loud that Seattle’s gonna win!

As Seattle served up the comeback of the Decade! Ultimately scoring three times in 18 minutes, beginning with Will Bruin putting Seattle on the Board in the 75th minute. Then Raul Ruidiaz scored the “Equalizer’ in the 89th minute, knotting the score 2-2, Yeah Baby! And then the most unlikeliest of All sounders, Midfielder Gustav Swenson capped the game winning score with a Header in the 93rd minute of Stoppage time, with the Rave Green Home Fans going Beserkoe!

Thus Seattle advanced to it’s fourth MLS Cup appearance in five years as the reigning MLS Cup Champions. including their 2016 victory against Toronto FC. Then losing to Toronto the following year and Defeating Toronto 3-1 at Home in 2019’s MLS Cup “Rubber Match!”

SoccerClaus’ comes to Century Link Field early!

Yet it immediately became apparent that the Sounders had used up All Nine lives against Minnesota and just appeared Flat vs. the Columbus Crew, who’d ultimately Shred the Sounders for a Three-Nil (3-0) MLS Cup victory

Yet you’d have to say that this year’s outcome for the majority of Seattle’s Professional Sporting Franchises hasn’t exactly been Jolly, since it appears that those beleaguered Seattle Mariners might be the Emerald City’s Darlings with their unexpected 90 wins season and flirting with making the MLB Playoffs for the first time in 21 Freakin’ years All the way up to the final regular season’s game…

Whilst that other Jet City Franchise Nobody talks about, the WNBA’s Seattle Storm finished third in the Western Conference (21-11) and Quietly lost to the Phoenix Mercury in the second round of WNBA Playoffs.

And the Jury’s still out on the City’s newest Franchise, the Kraken, playing thar NHL Debutante Hockey season this Fall. But Don’t expect them to repeat the Las Vegas golden Knights Expansion Season “Miracle On Ice” and go All the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in their first year…

Strangest thingy’ of All, here upon thoust Oregon Coast I cannot manage to get many Sounders FC matches on Thy Telie, as they seem to have an affinity for showing those Dreaded Portland Timbers FC instead, I Dunno Why, Hya!

Thus, guess I was being a bit Naughty, Eh? Since I ultimately ended up just “Watching,” Err listening to two Full 2021 MLS cup Playoff matches this year. Naturally beginning with whom will forever be my Home Team, now being a Diehard Rave Green Fan in Oregon!

Finishing as the second seed in the Western Conference, Hosting the lowly seventh seed Real Salt Lake (RSL) at Looman Field, this appeared to be a Cakewalk, and nothing more then simply a tune-up for Seattle’s future opponents, Righto?

But Seattle’s going 0-6 in it’s last six regular season matches should have been an ominous warning, even if Jordan Morris made his first MLS Start in nearly a year? Since he’d torn his second ALS while trying to latch on for Swanzy City’s English Premiere League Across thou Puddle.

But you can’t say that Seattle didn’t try, with a total of 21 Shots, albeit just 2 On Target and One Hitting the Crossbar in the 73rd minute. Along with taking a ridiculous 15 “Set Pieces” corner kicks.

As Real Salt Lake took an unheard of Zero Shots! Becoming the First team in MLS History to ever go 90mins in a Playoff game with Zero Shots! Although the longer the match went, the more apparent it became that RSL’s whole match philosophy was to force the game into Penalty Kicks and see who’d prevail? Which is exactly what happened after 120 scoreless minutes.

Sounders Goalkeeper Stefan Frei Blocked the third RSL player’s PK’, but was Off his line prematurely once again! As I cannot recall which regular season match it was? But Frei had done the exact same thing, and sadly with the exact same outcome!

Retaking the Shot, which naturally goes into back of Net. RSL’s Goalie, who’s a real piece ‘O work stops Seattle’s 6th PK Shot. And then Frei gets one hand/finger on following shot but it deflects into net and Sounders are Stunned in Defeat! Failing to advance past the first round since 2013!

Although I originally hadn’t intended to, I reluctantly decided to “Watch, “ Err listen to my second and final MLS Playoffs match, being the MLS Cup between those Dastardly Portland Timbers and the Upstart New York City Football club on December 11th. Since ironically my last MLS match attended in the Jet City was the Sounders vs. Portland Wayback in 2018 when some other Star was making a bunch ‘O noise…

The Day LeBron tried to Upstage Soccer

This match ultimately would eerily foreshadow Seattle’s earlier Home Field Playoffs outcome, with Portland Hosting NYC FC at a raucous Providence Park Stadium in the Rose City.

Believe it was ABC’s Colour commentator Taylor Twellman proclaiming that New York City had seemed to handle the onslaught of Portland at Home very well during the first 15-plus minutes of play. Before Valentin Castellanos, the reigning MLS Golden boot winner used his ‘Ol Noggin’ instead of his shiny gold boot to give NY City FC a One-Nil lead in the 41st minute of the first Half.

Also believe it was Twellman who said it was the 93rd minute? But All of the other Talking Heads said it was the 94th minute. Regardless I just sat Shocked and Dumbfounded after lead Play-by-Play Announcer John champion proclaimed “It’s Now or Never!” As Portland miraculously Slammed Home the Ball into the back of NYC FC’s Net to notch the match 1-1 with a scant Nine seconds rmaining in regulation time, Aye Karumba!

As the Portland timbers Army had basically gone Quiet in the waning minutes of the second Half when it appeared New York City was on it’s way to it’s first major championship title, before Providence Park Stadium simply Erupted like a volcano in Jubilation over the Timbers last gasp Goal!

As the 30 minutes Overtime drug on, I firmly believed we were headed to another PK Shootout. And after first begrudgingly thinking I had to root for Portland, Gasp! I found myself wishing for New York City to be victorious instead.

As I hadn’t realized until late into the match, that Seattle and Portland have represented the Pacific Northwest the last seven consecutive times, Seattle leading Portland 4-3 in MLS Cup appearances. And if the Timbers were victorious, then they’d be tied with the Sounders as MLS Cup champions 2-2.

Thus I laughed in astonishment when NYC FC claimed not only their first major Championship, but captured their first MLS Cup title in only their seventh season, winning over Portland in a Penalty Kick Shootout!

As the TV Broadcast Pundits were quick to point out it being New York’s first major Championship since that Star Studded (New York) Cosmos squad including the Great Pele and Franz Beckenbauer Defeated the original North American Soccer league’s (NASL) Seattle Sounders 2-1 in Soccer bowl 77, ironically held at Portland’s then Civic Stadium, now renamed as Providence Park, home of the MLS Portland Timbers…

Alas, Seattle keeps it’s lead of MLS Cup Championships 2-1 vs. Portland, who’s lone victory was in 2015 vs. Columbus Crew, winning one year before Seattle’s first MLS Cup triumph. Followed by losses in 2018 to Atlanta United and then this year’s crushing Defeat to New York City FC…

Meanwhile, “Mr. Sporty” and countless Hawks Fans in the Northwest and elsewhere have been having a very Blue, Blue Christmas! As I’m still in Shock over Hearing the ravenous 12’s accosting Rus’, aka Russell Wilson with a cascade of Boos in the final moments of the second Quarter vs. division rivals Arizona! As the Boos could be clearly Heard over the Talking Heads as Wilson failed to complete two “Gimmee” TD passes in a row before Seattle slinked off-field at Halftime trailing the Cardinals 13-6 at Home, Yikes!

As how the Mighty Seahawks have faltered! Sinking as low as a paltry 3-8 before their two game winning streak was snapped in Los Angeles by those Dreaded Rams 20-10, dropping to 5-9 and ensured Thar first losing season since the year before Wilson arrived, Oops Butterfingers!

Merry Christmas Y’all! And may Santa bring Yuhs some tasty treats for your stockings, Ho Ho Ho!

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Not All Sports Persons Are Turkeys…

November 28th, 2021 · No Comments

Sorry Ye loyal Sportyblog readers for the lack of stories lately. But the Man behind “The Curtain” who posts these Zany sports related stories for your El Senor Blind Sportyblog Scribe Mr. Sporty had Done gone Fishin’. And I myself went on my very first trip outside of Oregon for the first time in two Freakin’ years…

Just before leaving to travel the I-5 Corridor via Amtrak, I really Didn’t feel very motivated to scribble anything Sports related after the Disgusting Gruden Gate episode began Dominating the Daily News “Feeds” I follow.

As I’m not gonna scribble anything definitive about the now former Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach John Gruden’s Disgusting, Horrible Behaviour, other than Good Riddance! Although as The Guardian’s Melissa Jacobs notes, we shouldn’t let the Washington Football Team’s Owner Dan Snyder get away with his continuing repugnant nature!

Email Scandal Cost John Gruden his Job, Dan Snyder Must not Evade Accountability

Yet is it just Mwah? Or is there something worse than the water the Las Vegas Raiders players are apparently Drinking? For which I realize that’s presumably Not even a Funny Ha Ha Pun! Since we All know about Henry Ruggs Killing an Innocent Female when recklessly driving his late model Corvette at speeds up to 156mph in “Sin City” before colliding with the unknowing victim! And that the 22 year old Wide Receiver was found to have a Blood Alcohol level of 0.16, Twice the State’s legal limit.

Yet Ruggs catastrophe precedes the Raiders releasing Damon Arnette who’d posted videos Holding guns and Threatening people, also apparently involved in a Hit and Run Accident, leaving the Female victim with $92,000 in Medical Bills! As both ruggs and Arnette are former No. 1 Draft picks.

All of which makes you wonder how Raiders QB Derek Carr can be so philosophical about everything swirling about the Raiders Nation right now?

Derek Carr’s Treatment of Ruggs and Gruden Highlights his Nuanced Compassion

On my return Amtrak train ride home, a Blowhard got on my car in The City of Roses, aka Portland which the NBA’s Trailblazers call home, Damn, it’s already Basketball season again?

Informing me that he was going to Redding, California before inquiring where I was going? Oh, Eugene’s just a Hop, Skip, Jump from here if we ever get moving he told me.

Although in Amtrak’s defense, we were running considerably late due to the train tracks having been closed for a Police Investigation due to a Freight train having struck a Pedestrian near Sumner, Washington earlier that morning…

As we spent nearly 45mins in Portland loading, He just began trying to strike up a conversation first with me by asking did I know what time it was and how late we were? To which I told him we were now three hours late, pretty much “Straight Up!” And then anybody else in the car since I tired of his pointless questions.

Hey does Anybody know who won Game 2of the World Series? He said Out loud to our nearly Full train car, for which Nobody answered and Hell! I didn’t even know that the World Series had begun or who was playing in it? But when I heard him Clattering on to himself about the Braves vs. Astros, I knew I wanted the Braves to win.

Next he got on the telephone with who he loudly told us was his ex-wife and tried asking other pointless questions to No Avail, since Nobody would answer him.

So he decided it was time to try pushing our “Hot Buttons” by telling us how Great of a President Trump was! I voted for Trump, as he’ll go down in history as one of our greatest presidents! He didn’t have anything to lose, he was already a Millionaire. Yep, he was a great president. He’s somebody you could sit down with and have a cup of coffee…

And then the Amtrak Car Attendant brought him his Heated Buffalo Wings to which first he complained on the telephone to his ex-Wife that he didn’t have anything to open the package with, but they sure looked good. Before the man in front of him passed him a knife to cut the bag open before he began complaining about how Spicy they were!

Hey, do you notice how Nobody answers me whenever I say something or ask a question to Anybody? Bemoaned this Blowhard, which All I could think of was Bill Engvall and “Here’s your sign!” Dip Shit!

VIDEO: “Here’s your Sign!”

And speaking of Baseball, for which I’ve never truly been a Fan of, I’ve just learned about Ed Lucas, a former Blind Baseball Reporter via the New York Times Obituary section.

As your Humble Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy also had a similar experience to Edward’s. Since I lost any passion for the game of Baseball when playing catch with my cousin John as a Wee lad and couldn’t See the Ball he’d thrown me to which I summarily received a bloody Nose for!

Yet I can only imagine how difficult Mr. Lucas’s life was, since after being Blinded from his Detached Retina’s when struck by a line drive he’d Pitched himself in a Sandlot game as a youth, he graduated from College in the early 1960’s before there was anything such as the modern technology of Screen Readers today, for which I rely 100% to scribble these riveting Stick ‘N Ball stories for Y’all upon.

And I found it touching how perennial MLB Hall of Famer Joe Dimaggio sat down next to Ed one day in the late 1970’s in New York Yankees Pressroom and said, put your transistor radio away and then preceded to provide a Play-by-Play description of the entire game Out loud. For which surely Nobody told “Jumpin’ Joe” (Dimaggio) to be Quiet!

Or as much as I Hate the Yankees and Always thought that it’s late owner George Steinbrenner was a total Pompous Arse! I have to applaud him for paying for 350 people to attend Mr. Lucas’s second wedding at the Yankees Stadium, which Steinbrenner had given permission for! And I hope to be able to shortly find a CD Audiobook version of Seeing Home: The Ed Lucas Story: A Blind Broadcaster’s Story of Overcoming Life’s Greatest Obstacles.

Ed Lucas, Blind Baseball Chronicler Dead at 82

Thus with the impending Turkey Lurkey Holiday fast approaching,
When presumably many of Y’all will be engorged over the day’s three Pigskin games, where I’m certain Nary a Peep will be made about the NFL’s Bad Boy Raiders, or their litany of Horrendous problems!

I prefer focusing upon the Good in Sports, which obviously rules out the Seattle Seahawks right now, especially since Russell Wilson’s had his wings Clipped! While I’d say that the Hawks are Toast this season, even if Rus’ has returned. And won’t even get started about his recent adversary “Professor Rogers” of the Green Bay Packers…

Nope, instead I’ll leave Y’all with another touching story below about Marco Cheseto, a Double Amputee runner who just contested this year’s Boston Marathon and wants to Help others Selflessly…

Marco Cheseto: “I Wanted to Do this for My Own Sanity”

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Golfers On The Fringe’

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So a few weeks ago or more, Four!

Aw Shit, that Sportyblog story’s Definitely in the Rough! As it’s now been several weeks since I finally Teed Up this El Grande Masterpiece, and have been Ah-lookin’ for it ever since, Uhm Dude thought you played with a No. 9 titlist?

Alas, Wayback’ when your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown tommy was doing his Daily perusal of Ye Sports pages via his NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service. Everyday Reuters, the Indianapolis Star and The Guardian amongst others, were chock Oh Block Ah-Foamin’ Almighty over this year’s prestigious Ryder Cup, sigh!

Never having been a Fan of Golf, which ranks right up Thar with Baseball and watching Paint Dry for Mwah! As think I’d rather “watch,” Err listen to a Curling Match instead, but I digress… Naturally I just kept Ah-Punchin’ Next on my telephone when searching in vain for any riveting Sporting News to scribble ‘bout.

Yet just having finished Michael J. Fox’s latest book No Time like The Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality on ‘Ol School CD Audiobook format, the Game of Golf once again reared it’s Ugly Head! As Fox, who presumably everybody knows suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, took up Golf as a Sport he could actually participate in, even if he Never kept Score. Noting bemusedly whenever the subject came up, what do you think my Handicap is? Or Cam Neely once telling him he had L.O.F.T. And when Fox asked what that meant? Neely Dryly replied Loss Of Fucking Talent, Yikes!

As fox describes how he tries to get everything ready the night before his “Insane” early Tee times and not wishing to wake up his wife Tracy. Noting how triple checking everything the night before, invariably something will go wrong.

So he’s getting dressed at Gory 6AM whilst trying to not disturb Tracy when he notices he’s got two left Golf socks, Ah Shit! As he can hear his Dad saying well, Thars two right ones somewher in the sock drawer…

But he’d have to go back in the bedroom and wake up Tracy, so he decides he’ll just “Deal with It.”

Funniest part of the whole book for Mwah is Fox describing how his Foursome always lets him Tee off first. He describes how it typically takes 10-15mins to get his golf ball to stay upon the “wooden dowell,”.excuse my lack of golf equipment terminology. As it falls off the “Tee?” Ah-Many times and nobody helps him, which is how he wants it.

So he’s finally all set to tee off, discussing to make sure his hips are positioned correctly, Left foot, right foot planted, relax your grip, steady, follow thru on Oh Shit, two left golf socks AUGH! As his golf ball careens off course and into the parking lot and nearly hits another member…

Golfers On the Fringe
Golfers On the Fringe

Two Teams came to Play
One Team left in Dismay
With Bloody England on the Road
And a Trophy Out on loan

Golfers On the Fringe

DeChambeau Crushed another golf Ball
He’s Raging like A bull
Whistled it Strait like an Arrow
Down the Fairway
England better Get Outta the Way
If you give Dechambeau a Golfball
He’s the Mad “Scientist” After All and He’ll gory Make you Pay…

Golfers On the Fringe

England’s Gotta Hit the Pin
England’s Gotta Hit the Pin
Their Ryder Cup Depends
England’s in the Rough Again

Golfers On the fringe
Golfers On the Fringe

Two Teams came to Play
One Team left in Dismay
With Bloody England on the Road
And a Trophy Out on loan

Golfers On the Fringe
Golfers On the Fringe
Golfers On the Fringe
Golfers On the Fringe

With Apologies to Thee Lizard King’, Ray ManZarek and the rest of The Doors!

But it just made me laugh when I began thinking of this Oh, So Finely Honed, Four-Four-Four! Oh Shit Duck Man, Four!

Uhm, what was I Saying? OH Yeah, it just made a “Crooked Stick,” Err Smirk turn into a toothy Grin upon my Mug! Over my really Bad rendition of one of The Doors greatest songs…

Even if ‘Ol Jimmy Morrison, or is that Mr. Mo Jo Risson? And Ray-Ray’ (ManZarek) are Rolling Over in Thar Graves…

As Riders on The Storm was the final song Jim Morrison recorded before his Death some 50 years ago in Paris, along with the last being released while he still was Alive. And it’s somewhat hard to fathom that this Classic Rock Song, which was released Wayback in June, 1971 is now a Half Century Old, and still sounds as Great as Ever!

VIDEO: The Doors – Riders On the Storm
And since I Don’t give Ah-Flyin’ Sand Wedge about Golf! May be somebody can explain to me the significance of the Bi-annual ryder Cup? And why it’s such a Big Dealio?

Since surely the next time in 2023 across thou Gory Puddle when Bloody England plays on Home soil, it’ll just be a painful memory for the Queen and All of her loyal subjects over how badly they were Defeated at Whistling Straights in Wisconsin! And I Say, with Thar Stiff Upper lips, Revenge, err Defeat will be firmly expected…

And as the late Kurt Vonnegut once famously penned: And “so It goes…”

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