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Boats, Hikers and Athletes give Thanksgiving Different Shades of Gray…

November 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

In year’s past, your neophyte Stick ‘N Ball Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has tried to cleverly tie in the traditional bounty ‘O Thanksgiving with some form of Pigskins being tossed about all day long…

As I’ll refrain from trying to tie-in thee “Egghead,” nee Seattle’s past great QB Mathew Hasselbach into the Turkey Day ritual with nods to Devil’s Eggs or Potato salads, etc; Hya!

Especially since that current No. 3 Seahawks guy’s working out Ok!
Whilst surely Tony Romo should stick with his pleasure palace vs. getting Stuffed at Cowboy Stadium, right?

Romo’s secret…

Having begun the year by listening to an amazing tome via CD Audiobook format this January titled: The Boys in The Boat by Daniel James Brown, about nine non-descript young men overcoming adversity to achieve their ultimate goal.

As it seems to Mwah, that I’m the only one who cares that this Summer’s Olympics in Brazil was the eightieth anniversary of this most triumphant achievement by our University of Washington Huskies elite Mens-8 rowing squad, in a time when rowing was the school’s and city’s most prestigious event.

The Boys in the Boat Book review

And although I’ve ridden on it countless times over the years on the bus , I had NO idea that the Downtown Seattle city street named Royal Bromough was named in honour of a prolific Seattle Sports Writer.

As Bromough, who not only feverishly covered the Huskies rowing events in order to build up his beloved Seattle, most likely was also instrumental in leading the charge when the team was suddenly forced to scramble to come up with $5,000 to pay for their trip to Berlin to represent their country in the 1936 Olympics.

Six Minutes in Berlin: The Greatest Victory you’ve Never heard of

While another Seattle author named Timothy Egan’s book In the Garden of Beasts overlaps the same period of time, when Germany was ultimately preparing for war. Noting how in the fall of 1933, Adolf Hitler originally implores the building of the mammoth Reichsring’ sporting complex for Germany’s impending 1936 Summer Olympics.

Yet Der Fuhrer’s Reich Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, ultimately persuaded Adolf into seeing the benefits of portraying Germany in a kinder, gentler, sunshine ‘N rainbows; Err Wiener schnitzel kind of way, and hence the games became Der Fatherland’s ultimate propaganda tool!

Thousands of Jews arrested in Germany archive, 1938

which according to Daniel James Brown’s awesome book, UW’s coxswain Bobby Mock was totally unaware of his Jewish ethnicity until shortly before leaving for Berlin. For which we all know what Hitler ultimately did to the Jews!

Yet presumably, most of us would utter the name Jesse Owens when asked about the ‘36 Olympics, where how dare a Black Man so thoroughly defeat Hitler’s perceived “Master Race,” Ja Volt? Becoming that game’s most decorated athlete by winning four gold medals, albeit even our President Franklin D. Roosevelt wouldn’t shake his hand afterwards!

But how many of us know about the outright Discrimination Owens suffered during his life? Ranging from not being eligible for college scholarship due to his race, and immediately being barred from Amateur status following his Olympics triumph for having the audacity to try proffering financially from his achievements. Causing this once great athlete to find himself running against horses in order to make a living! along with running a Dry Cleaners and becoming a Gas Station Attendant…

Race: Jesse Owens, winner against all odds

Thus fast forward eighty years, and notice how little we’ve ultimately progressed. As seriously? A Presidential candidate telling an African American & U.S. Citizen to “Get Out!” For simply having the audacity to kneel during our national anthem! As very surprised he wasn’t told to get on a boat shackled and go back to Africa!

Sherman: Shootings overshadow NFL game

Although I find it overly ironic that police violence towards African Americans has increased during the reign of the country’s first black president.

Moving on, I’ve just recently finished listening to another fantastic book that’s just been made into a movie starring Robert Redford, Nick Nolte and Emma Thompson; Bill Bryson’s 1998 A Walk in The Woods, portraying him and a friend’s Walkabout on the Appalachian Trail, in ‘96 better known simply as the “A.T.”

A Walk in The Woods Movie Trailer

As Bryson briefly discusses how the Native Americans were most amused by all of the Anglophiles quests to discover new plant species and send them abroad,
since after all surely the white interlopers needed to give thanks to the Indians for helping them acclimatize to this continent!

Hence, naturally this makes me think about another ‘lil ‘Ol Pigskin team called the Washington Redskins, for which I’ll admit I grew up so-to-speak never even remotely considering the stigmatism revolving round the Redskins insignia; Dating Thyself, since they were Coach Gibbs hallowed Hogs’, with John Riggins running roughshod over their opponents with Joe Theisman at the controls…

Yet once again, the plight of being different greatly affected who’s arguably been deemed the greatest athlete of the 20th Century! None other than Jim Thorpe, who Y’all know was a Sac and Fox Nation Native American, best known for winning the Decathlon and Pentathlon during the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden.

Yet Thorpe, a la Jesse Owens, suffered the indignity of the mighty Amateur Athletics Union, (AAU) having his two gold medals stripped from him after the statue of limitations had long expired for having played Semi-Pro sports to make a living, a practice done by many other contemporaries, albeit they escaped sanctioning by simply playing under false names! Before Thorpe’s medals were reinstated, albeit some thirty years after his death.

Alas, thinking I was Oh, So Clever; Nah, Don’t Worry Y’all! Not gonna dispute the Redskins needing to change their name, but instead I thought I’d FIGURED THE PERFECT NAMED FOR THEM, I.E.; Washington Generals!

Uhm, OOPS! Now I know why that name sounded familiar, it was those beloved Harlem Globetrotters nightly opponent! So instead, how ’bout the Washington Plutocrats; Oh Never Mind!

As I’ll leave Y’all to retire to the living room for the evening’s NFL Nightcap, stuffed upon pecan and pumpkin pie, with thoughts ‘O Sugarplums; Err wrong Holiday. Instead with visions of Grandma driving Y’all home in the family’s Station wagon; Uhm I meant SUV…

Look Out! Grandma’s Behind the Wheel

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Some long, forlorn 3-Pointers wallow, The Boys of Summer go Deep as leaves rustle towards the Drone of Football…

November 2nd, 2016 · No Comments

Otay, I suppose that Summer’s now officially over, eh? As your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s been all over the place, sneaking in one last Outdoors Camping trip before the winds were literally Ah-blowin’; Shiver Me Timbers!

Back to Back storms to Wallop Pacific Northwest: Saturday’s could be Historic

Although we were totally oblivious to this impending Storm of the Century! Especially since it was clear, bright ‘N sunny all three days of our journey to Whidbey Island preceding this event, albeit the tent was definitely a Wee bit nippy. as our thermometer read 40-degrees Fahrenheit each morning; But I digress…

Thus it was funny to first be alerted of said storm via our friends in Oregon, and then even more comical after arriving home was hearing Duh tandem leaf blower Boyz’ a day later waltzing thru my beautimous’ housing complex just hours prior to Thursday’s impending first windstorm; Crikeys!

Although Thar She Blows! Was more than appropriate for the nonstop gusting winds over 50mph! Yet the bulk of the storm completely missed Seattle both Thursday and Saturday as the sun even came out for those Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks to warble out victory over the Atlanta Hawks; OOPS! That’s what local KIRO FM radio’s colour commentator Warren Moon wanted to keep inexplicably calling them; Hya!

And whilst much of thou nation was focused upon Football night in the Desert, Y’all will be shocked to learn that I was somewhers’ else, listening to three and-a-half hours of Dribble from Circuit Of The Americas, nee COTA where Formula 1 was contesting the USGP.

As I must have been desperate for some sorta Stick ‘N Ball news when I stumbled over the story awhile ago regarding the Philadelphia 76ers new General Manager with a familiar sounding last name.

Inside the 76ers: Bryan Colangelo brings a good track record

Since whenever I hear the name Colangelo, I immediately think of past Phoenix Suns owner Jerry Colangelo, which makes it kind of hard to believe he sold the team over a decade ago, whilst I’ve got absolutely zero idea who new Head Coach Earl Watson is?

And while proving how little I pay attention to the NBA, and possibly being proven wrong? I’ll presume that Bryan, (Colangelo) son of Jerry, having served stints at Phoenix and Toronto will work his Basketball magic upon the woeful Sixers, especially since they’ve really got nowhere to go than up, right?

Meanwhile, I’m guessing it must have been a S-L-O-W News-day, since Paul Allen and his other team, not those Rumblin’ Stumblin’ Fumblin’ Seahawks, which thankfully I didn’t spend considerable time listening to a long, drawn out Baseball-like final score in The Valley of The Sun; STEE-RIKE!

As I must say I’m pleasantly surprised that this year’s Major League Baseball’s World Series features two totally unexpected teams, as seriously? The Chicago Cubs vs. the Cleveland Indians, who woulda Thunk That! As I’ll pull for those No-names from Cleveland to continue Chicago’s curse…

As some unheard of Beat Sportswriter was having fun winding up Oregonians over the (remote) possibilities of those once bedraggled “Jaulbreakers” would be heading north up Interstate I-5 in the not too distant future; Huh?

Portland columnist suspicious Paul Allen will move Trail Blazers to Seattle

And like I said, whilst not paying any attention to the National Basketball Association since “The Round Mound ‘O Rebound,” nee Sir Charles played for Phoenix against his Seattle Supersonics nemesis Shawn Kemp, I suppose reluctantly the Indiana Pacers will become my new team of semi-interest.

This is solely due to the fact that ex-Supersonics and Portland Trailblazers Head Coach Nate McMillan’s now at the helm of the Pacers this year.

Insider: Nate McMillan sets bar high for Pacers

As I’ve got NO idea how McMillan will fair in Indiana, or how long he’ll last? Although naturally I hope he’ll be successful since he seems like a decent Chap with ties to the Pacific Northwest.

As it would be nice to see somebody new besides the likes of Steve Kerr and Tyronn Lue, who arguably have the two most potent squads in the NBA join the ranks of contenders.

Although suppose Y’all can never count out Gregg Popovich and his pesty San Antonio Spurs who served notice by shellacking the Warriors on opening night 129-100 on the road no less!

Pacers hearing Nate McMillan’s new voice

Alas, as I sit here in the relative gloom of another overly rainy day in Seattle, confirming that fall’s definitely here. Already having been announced by Football strangling the TV Airwaves having recently joked about what night’s aren’t occupied by football?

Whoever’s coming to ‘Der Clink, nee Century Link Field next? Had better bring a change of Uniforms, whilst Stephen “Slice” Hauschka better bolt on his deep mud cleats!

Hence, whilst football dominates the TV landscape, I suppose some Stick ‘N Ball fans will now be all Ah-lather over Ice Hockey, eh? As surprisingly, that Frozen White tundra Up North, land ‘O Hockey leads the way with imported Hoop talent in the NBA with eleven players trading their skates for basketballs.

As it’s interesting to note how the NBA is continuing its push towards becoming a global phenomenon, having just learned that this season will set records for both the most international players and most countries involved…

NBA: Record 113 international players on opening night rosters

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A True Hero…

September 28th, 2016 · No Comments

While Nations use Athletes to promote their cause, pump thou chest and chant I’m the Bestest; as the din of U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A rings in Thy ears…

With Brazil having just finally snuffed out the Olympic flame after it’s somewhat contentious holding of said games, where rightfully the No. 2 event, the Paralympics banned Russia from competing due to its illicit doping practices, how many of Y’all watched the Paralympics?

As I could go on about how one presidential candidates’ touting Trumping her opponent over suddenly caring about the Disabled. Or how one nation erroneously kept one of its own athlete’s from boarding a flight home with his prosthesis; Uhm, Butterfingers!

Or how some storied athletes I once coveted here on these Sportyblog pages have gone Splat! By severely falling from grace, those being named Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius.

Yet instead, this is intended to be a story about one of my true Heroes in life, who I’ve had the ultra good fortune of meeting once very briefly at Mother Speedway no less! Since after all I first became aware of him do to his amazing speed upon the racetrack of Portland International Raceway, where ironically he won his maiden IndyCar race twenty years ago this summer, and then proceeded to win the IndyCar championship the following two years consecutively.

Yet it was thru his Horrific motor racing accident which nearly cost him his life fifteen years ago, just four days after something simply known as 9-11, that the man I now affectionately call ‘El Zorro’, aka Alex Zanardi’s true character was born. Having attempted to chronicle this Wayback in the fall of 2012 on these very pages.

A Look back at one of the Unheralded Athletes competing in this year’s Paralympics…

Yet it’s funny how life goes on, since after the unexpected pleasure of having Zanardi walk across the fabled Pitlane expanse of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway a year later to “Meet & Greet” me during the Pit stop contest on Carb Day, 2013, which will probably always be my Numero Uno memory of visiting the Speedway!

Celebrity Hobbsnobbing at IMS

Naturally I lost track of what this most affable Italian was up to, until of hearing of his latest exploits first upon Speed Freaks in the waning days of 2014, after Alex had just contested the Kona Ironman event. As this guy is just truly amazing!

Zanardi continues to Amaze!

For which I then found his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman Online, which sadly seemed to have disappeared after Letterman’s retirement.

As Alex was his typical, unflappable unassuming self, noting how people were wildly cheering for him whilst he was swearing underneath his breath as the sweat off his hands in the Hawaiian heat was making it very impractical to get any traction upon his wheelchair’s wheels to propel him up the steep grade!

Yet in typical fashion, he settled upon a cadence to propel himself by (supposedly) counting to 333, wryly musing to Mr. Letterman in his Italian brogue how it has a nice ring! Which presumably, only us Diehard motor racing Aficionados would know is the model number of the most beautiful Ferrari 333SP, a brilliant twelve cylinder Sports Prototype racing car which won America’s two greatest endurance events, the Rolex 24 at Daytona and the Sebring 12 hours during the 1990’s; but I digress…

And having decided to not watch any of this year’s Summer Olympics, along with the Paralympics, I was totally unaware that Zanardi, now 49, who’ll celebrate his 50th birthday shortly on October 23rd, was once again participating in this year’s games in his preferred discipline of Handbiking until hearing the news he’d won again. Capturing his third gold medal ironically just hours before the anniversary of his horrific life threatening Shunt where he lost his legs at the former East Germany’s Lausitzring.

Alex Zanardi continues Amazing Us 15 years later…

Alas, in typical Big Box media news cycle lore, Zanardi served his purpose of triumphing near the anniversary of said accident, NO! Not 9-11 but his Shunt at the Lausitzring, silly’s… And thus as typical, there seemingly was little follow-up upon his capturing a fourth gold medal! As Zanardi’s just one of the countless person’s on the globe who continue to amaze us with their willingness to overcome their perceived disabilities…

Zanardi claims another gold medal in Brazil

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Former Baseball legend Swings and Misses over Ichiro breaking his Hits record

August 14th, 2016 · No Comments

So your humble Sportyblog Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been off gallivanting about the great outdoors, since after all its summertime, which is the best part of the year here in the Pacific Northwest!

Having just returned from my second trek to thee Mountain, nee Mount Rainier, which was overbearingly inundated by visitors! Having seen license plates from Oregon, Alaska and Nebraska, but none from Arizona; but I digress…

Thus, I was totally unawares’ that ex-Seattle Mariners great Ichiro Suzuki had caused a minor fuss, albeit none of his doing, by breaking Pete Rose’s all-time Hits record until the news broke just over one month ago now.

Ichiro Suzuki breaks Pete Rose’s career hits record (sort of)

Especially since I’ve pretty much lost track of this past Mighty Mariner, who understandably left Seattle in favour of those Dastardly Yankees, in search of an ever elusive World Series ring, since many of us locals have taken to calling them the Manures’ due to their perpetually lowly season wins totals whilst failing yearly to make the playoffs.

ichiro in marlins uniform

Although I’m happy to be able to say that I’ve seen Ichiro play once as a Mariners, during my lone visit to Safeco Field, albeit Suzuki was about three inches tall from our 300-level vantage point; Aye Karumba!

Bye, Bye, Ichiro!

Which in case if Y’all haven’t heard, or was living under a virtual rock like Mwah, since typically I do not pay Attenzione to Major League Baseball, which is way too S-L-O-W for Mwah! Especially since I prefer the Breakneck Speed of Formula 1; Huh?


But I’m sure that MLB was somewhat appreciative of the mild controversy former Cincinnati Reds great Pete Rose stirred-up with his comments about becoming the Hit Queen!

Since even if Rose is still disliked by Baseball for his Gambling Addiction, costing the certain Hall of Famer his place at Cooperstown, nonetheless, I’m certain MLB appreciates the Spotlight being taken off its myriad of current players cheating by taking illegal Performance Enhancing Drugs! (PED’s)

Pete Rose: Ichiro’s hits in Japan don’t count towards record

Alas, All of Rose’s blather made it seem somewhat ironic, that upon returning home from Mount Rainier’s first outing, and awaiting for Randal to finish connecting my DVD Player to my new TV, since we’d apparently forgotten about the missing cables a year ago!, making it pretty difficult to get any movies to play

Hence, in order for Dem ‘RASSCAR Booth Boyz who were All Ah-lather over Jeffry “Pretty Boy” Gordon’s return at this year’s Brickyard 400 from NOT being heard giving away the day’s result to whom claimed Pole for the German Grand Prix. Just so happening to be the last channel Thy Telie’ had been on, since I was awaiting watching the evening’s replay of Qualie’. With Randal telling me to not touch anything and simply leave the TV on while he went and procured said cables.

So I decided to tune into the “Boys of Summer” instead while awaiting his return, the day the Mariners put a good ‘Ol Fashioned Beat-down upon the Toronto Blue Jays 14-5!

And with this being the first Mariners game I’d tuned into this year, and probably the last unless they finally make the Playoffs again? It also just so happened to be the weekend that another Mariners legend simply known as “The Kid!” was being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

As the announcers prattled on and on ’bout who’d be attending Ken Griffey, Jr’s celebratory night, whilst I even think may be the Buz’, Jay Buhner even reminisced about his affection for Griffey and how special of a player he was?

In a further nod to another former Mariners employee, although this one was previously it’s Manager. I’m really happy that Don Wakamatsu achieved winning the World Series, which the Mariners have never done. As it seems like a trivia question to Mwah, as Wakamatsu won his ring as Third Base Coach of the reigning champion Kansas City Royals.

And hopefully Wakamatsu was present at Griffey’s induction ceremony, especially since he was Ken’s final Manager upon his return to Seattle for his final stint in Major League Baseball.

As I can still recall Griffey handing out hand designed ties when trying to infuse professionalism into the Mariners during Wakamatsu’s short lived tenure in Seattle…

Griffey, Mementos now part of Hall of Fame

And speaking of former Managers, Ichiro had the following to say, playfully recalling his thoughts upon his first Major League Boss Lou Piniella Kissing Him!

“When I first came, I had a three-year deal. At that point all I thought was that I want to do the best I can in those three years. But in my first game, there was a play I made that was pretty good. I came in and Lou [Piniella, Seattle’s manager from 1993 to 2002] gave me a kiss. So I thought, “Three years is too long! If I am going to get kissed every day, I don’t want to be here!”

Ichiro hitting his way into rare 3,000 club

And lastly, hopefully by the time you read this, Suzuki will have made further history in his certain Hall of Fame Baseball career, by becoming only the thirtieth MLB player to accomplish the rarefied feat of recording 3,000 career Hits!

Ahem, Mr. Rose, those will have all been swatted here stateside in the Big league, for which you can only wonder what the overly classy, NO Nonsense, Straight Shooting Ichiro will have to say about that! Which for the very least Pete, you can congratulate him upon that, right?

Ichiro Suzuki says Pete Rose’s recent criticism just makes him feel accepted

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Paul Revere tries Posting Up against the Golden State Thunder

July 7th, 2016 · No Comments

Whilst we’re supposed to be All Ah-wash in Thy patriotic furor ‘O Team USA and the impending Summer Olympics, especially since we’ve just celebrated that Stupendous Boom-Boom Holiday! I’m definitely not impressed one iota by this comical Farce Majeure of Sports benefiting We The People… As the entire process of bringing the games to Brazil, the major corruption, crime and outright environmental devastation are just too overbearing for Mwah!

And although copious amounts ‘O Tea were dumped in Thy Boston Harbour Wayback in December, 1773, known as the real Boston Tea Party in deference to Taxation without Representation. Brasilia seems quite content to continue dumping raw sewage amongst other things into Guanabara Bay!

With many officials challenging the reports of the water borne viruses and potential risks the polluted waters contain. Which could be especially dangerous for Paralympics Athletes who are typically suspect to more open sores due to their limited mobility of ingressing/egressing their crafts and the open waters.

Yet even after pledging upon being selected for thou Games they’d reduce river-born pollution by an astounding 80%! Which NOT only hasn’t happened, but now just 30-days before the Summer Olympics, sailors have reported being subject to a fowl looking Oil slick turning their white hulls a murky brown! With one story headline denoting: “Brown water making Sailboats look like Toilets.”

and this is before we even get to the nasty subject of long-term residents of Brasilia being evicted from their homes in order to make way for Tuh-Duh! Those Oh, So Revered Olympics!

Residents lose Homes to make way for Rio Games

Meanwhile, certainly everyone’s aware of legendary women’s college basketball coach Pat Summitt having died from her long battle against early onset Dementia and ultimately Alzheimer’s disease taking her life at the relatively young age of 64.

Pat Summitt, Champion and Trailblazer, Dies at 64

And it’s so long ago now, that I’m not sure if my memory’s playing tricks upon me or not? As I’ve got zero idea why I believe I can recall Summitt standing upon the sidelines in a suit, hands on hips scowling at the camera whilst stalking the floor, especially since I don’t watch college basketball, or women’s basketball at All!

Yet I’ve found the few stories about the legendary University of Tennessee’s trailblazing coach quite inspiring. Regardless of her astonishing 1,098 victories and eight NCAA College Basketball championships. Summitt always made time for women’s rights, their advancement and the overlooked fact that her players held a 100% graduation record.

Interestingly, Summitt, who once turned down the proposed promotion to coach UT’s Men’s team by asking what that got her? Seems to have unwittingly, perhaps? Toiled in obscurity over equal pay for women athlete’s, as ironically the NCAA has been put underneath the spotlight in regards to wage disparity between men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

As the subject of what certainly isn’t a new phenomenon came to my attention previously when five of the U.S. Women’s National Team’s top Players filed a discrimination complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Commission regarding their perceived discordant pay vs. their male U.S. Soccer counterparts.

Top Female Players accuse U.S. Soccer of Wage Discrimination

Alas, not surprisingly, once again the male dominated sports arena showed le Femme Fatales that it’s Business as Usual, when the trend towards “Quadzillion” unrealistic salaries were lavished upon some of the manly bastions ‘O sports, arguably the country’s two biggest? As Y’all know that the National Football League is King.

And although some Pundits are claiming that actually Indianapolis Colts Signal Caller Andrew Luck’s monstrous six year $140 million contract extension with an astounding $87 million guaranteed wasn’t actually that over the top. Nonetheless it made Luck the highest paid NFL Player ever, as the Colts QB will earn an annual $23.3m per year of his contract extension.

And then there’s the just concluded Red, White; Err Greenery of the Kevin Durant Free Agent Sweepstakes, which contrary to one sports report I read, Durant was NOT drafted by the Oklahoma City Thunder. NO! He was actually drafted No. 2 Overall by the soon to be moved Seattle Supersonics purchase by Raider Clay BA’ Bennett; but I digress…

Thus, Mr. Durant obviously seeking the quickest way to the top, in regards to winning an NBA World Championship and more importantly showing off the sparkly Bling-Bling of wearing said championship ring. Publicly announced his intention to sign with the Golden State Warriors on the Fourth of July, reportedly for two years at a salary of $54m.

Meanwhile in France, you’ve guessed it. While what I’ve been calling for years le Tour de Farce, once again while Pundits prattle over whether or not anybody can defeat Team Sky’s Chris Froome, and without even delving into Team GB’s row over “Sutton Gate,” Yuhs know, where Jess Varnish called out then cycling coach Shane Sutton about his sexist remarks about her derriere and telling her to go home and have a Baby…

The long, hard road to equal pay for women’s cycling and Sport as a whole

Uhm, Gee Wally, Guess What? Not only aren’t women allowed to compete in the Tour de France, but once again, female cyclists find their Pay Cheques abysmally L-O-W in comparison to their male counterparts. As the world simply continues turning its cranks and the wheels on Froome’s custom made exotica bicycle go round ‘N round…

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