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Deflate This NFL! Like Seriously?

May 5th, 2016 · No Comments

Yeah, although I find it Hilarious over the Mega Flip-flopping the Courts are doing regarding Tom Brady’s underinflated footballs… Like seriously, do we care? Like sit down ‘N Shut Up for four games Brady, cause you know you cheated by using under-inflated footballs, and NO Mr. Kraft, you cannot have your Draft Pick back!

As Kudos to the Judge who threw out the baseless lawsuit by Patriots Fans claiming emotional duress; Err monetary loss from the National Football League stripping New England of a first round Draft Pick for their unscrupulous behaviour in Deflategate; Boo Hoo-hoo!

But instead of ALL this Nonsense, or perhaps should I call it NOISE! Shame on you National Football League for continuing to condone the brandishing of Homophobic behaviour throughout your league, as yeah, that “Sensitivity Training” for innocently asking potential Draftees Do You like Men is working pretty good, right?

As it would be unbelievable if a player chosen by the Carolina Panthers said I’m NOT going there because of House Bill 2! Which obviously won’t happen due to the monetary loss said individual would incur, but I can Daydream, right?

All of which leads to how Michael Sam, the first openly Gay athlete to be drafted by an NFL Franchise, the St Louis Rams was really never given a proper chance to succeed in the league. As seriously Roger Goodell? You’re telling me there’s not a single Gay player currently active in your Bastion ‘O Male Football? Oh Never Mind!

Now if we could just get somebody to let the Air out of that Windbag named John Gruden; Hya! Uhm, afraid there will be copious amounts ‘O Oxygen being consumed ‘N contaminated over Thy NFL Draft weekend…

Cowardly NFL still shows anti-gay bias, two years after Michael Sam’s draft

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A Belated Shout-out to Craig Sager…

April 21st, 2016 · No Comments

While I know we’re all supposed to be ah-wash in thy final game of Kobe Bryant’s Magnanimous NBA career just having passed. Not to mention the first round of the Playoffs having commenced with most likely the Golden State Warriors vs. Cleveland Cavaliers for the finals. Although I suppose Yuhs can never count out those cagey San Antonio Spurs, with the Seattle Supersonics; Uhm, Oklahoma Thunder wanting a piece of the pie…


Yet For Mwah, who doesn’t even know who all’s playing this year? It seems somewhat a travesty that nothing was apparently done for longtime National Basketball Association television reporter Craig Sager who’s also ending his Basketball career forever!


And although I haven’t watched the NBA in a Bazillion years, pretty much ever since Thy Round Mound ‘O Rebound, nee Sir Charles (Barkley) retired. And certainly not since the Seattle Supersonics left town!


Nonetheless I’m familiar with Sager’s prowess on the Sidelines - as it seems a horrible way for one  to retire from life, and I truly hope he gets to do & experience his greatest wishes remaining before the final whistle blows…


TNT’s Craig Sager given three to six months to live in leukaemia fight

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When Basketball Positively Changed Sports…

April 15th, 2016 · No Comments

While two NCAA teams, their respective schools, State’s and residents were reveling in Thy taste ‘O victory in becoming National Champions, how many of Y’all are aware of a truly monumental basketball game having occurred fifty years ago that same championship weekend.

No idea of what I’m talking about? Well neither was I aware of its significance until hearing about it in the most offhand way, since after all I thought I was tuning into my weekly Sunday Night’s Speed Freaks motor racing show!

As the basketball game in question was the never seen before audacity of five African American players starting in the NCAA Championship game, when the Texas Western Miners, as then Student Assistant Trainer Fred Schwacke points out in the interview, how they were more calmingly known then as “Teeny-Weenie-College,” slang towards Texas Western College. Now known today as UTEP, who thoroughly trounced the all white Kentucky Wildcats, which included one player named Pat Riley!

As the interview was quite insightful, very enjoyable and definitely worth listening too, as Nevil Shed’s points are truly poignant towards the state of our nation just a half century ago!

Whilst I know it means very little, but have to say I was quite impressed to hear Nevil mention how only two white players were willing to come over after their defeat and congratulate Texas Western; their names were the aforementioned Pat Riley and future NBA Hall of Famer guard Louie Dampier.

Yet as The Speed Freaks Statmann’ said before and after the interview, it’s just plain impossible to understand the significance of this event unless you lived thru it and what he left unsaid was if you were of the skin colour being derided then! As he still gets questioning looks in certain parts of California today if he crosses certain neighborhood streets…

Nevil Shed & Fred Schwacke on the biggest upset ever in NCAA Basketball History

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March Madness in the Tar Heel state

April 6th, 2016 · No Comments

So, whilst I should theoretically have been getting excited over the possibility of an all Pacific Northwest Shootout for the Women’s NCAA Championship between my University of Washington Huskies vs. next door’s Oregon State University’s (OSU) Lady Beavers…

Although I’ve realized that No. 1 UCon, who’s the only one of the remaining final four contestants to have ever played for the title surely is the odds-on favourite now - especially since they crushed the Beavers whilst Syracuse smothered UW’s DAWGS!

Nevertheless, if Y’all haven’t noticed lately, I have to say I’m pretty turned off by Stick & Ball Sports right now, which in large part stems from what appears to be the University of Tennessee’s abhorrent behaviour regarding sexual abuse towards women!

Hmm? The lawsuit’s trial Judge says that Peyton Manning’s sexual adventures may stay in the lawsuit and Wallah! Peyton’s spotted doing charity work for the Red Cross; Co-inky-dense? Just sayin’

And although it’s not Sports related per sei, nevertheless, I find North Carolina’s just passed Anti LGBT House Bill 2 signed into law by Republican Governor Pat McCrory totally DISPICIBLE! And strongly urge the National Basketball Association to remove their All-star weekend’s game slated for next February 19th to be moved out of state immediately!

McCrory signs HB2 into law, barring LGBT rights

As I’m constantly dismayed by our nation’s and ultimately the world’s continuous increase of what in the most simplest of terms is simply known as Homophobia! For which there really seems like shouldn’t even be an issue in this day and age!

As I wrote about another state’s Governor’s monumental blunder by signing another DISGUSTING law into order last year over at my No Fenders website, regarding Indiana’s Mike Pence’s STUPIDITY in signing into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) which thankfully the NCAA rightly helped entice Indiana into Quashing, albeit there’s still much to be done to improve Citizen’s rights there today.

What are We Fighting For…

And I won’t try persuading Y’all over the merits of why this should be a total Non-issue, since after all Trans-gender people are Humans too! But instead here’s a novel concept that one, apparently very progressive New York College took towards the matter, while Charlotte, none other than the home of NASCAR. Not to mention North Carolina being home of Air Jordan’s NBA Charlotte Hornets Basketball team’s state is apparently afraid of who may or may not go into a bathroom…

New York College moves to strip all gender markings from Bathrooms

And while I totally support and applaud the States of Washington, Vermont and New York joining the cities of San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Oregon and Chicago for all banning any Governmental Employee’s travelling to North Carolina! I’m just left wondering the following regarding the NBA All-star game.

If Arizona was denied hosting the Super Bowl for years and years due to its lack of celebrating Martin Luther King Day, then shouldn’t North Carolina be summarily held to the same consequences in regards to Professional and Collegiate Sporting events in regards to the passage of their Anti LGBT law HB2?

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Hi Tech Goes Big Time With Ionamin® OTC & Holly Holm

March 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Hi Tech has gone over the top this time with their latest diet and energy pill Ionamin® OTC.

Ionamin capsules image picture 60 count

Big time and well known MMA fighter Holy Holm has signed on with Hi Tech to be the official spokesperson for Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ionamin®.

Hi Tech Supplements offers the new diet pill in two different sizes. Ionamin® OTC 30 Capsules and Ionamin® OTC 60 Capsules.

Hi Tech feels this is an exciting time to be in the natural dietary supplement business people demand natural products and shy away from certain pharmaceutical drugs.

Naturally, Holy Holm brings a whole new element to our product according to Hi Tech Supplements.

Holly Holm is such an incredible athlete and here success in the UFC has taken here a long ways. She is a serious force to be reckoned with.

holly holm image picture
It is an exciting time to be able to help people in need of losing weight but not being able to make any real progress.

We are happy for the results that people might achieve with  Ionamin® and are proud to announce that  Ionamin® OTC is backed by two clinical studies with blind placebo and the results were amazing.

When it comes to increasing metabolism Hi Tech Supplements has the answer with the most effective diet pill on the market today.

Those subjects who used Ionamin® showed an increase in metabolism of 22% in just 45 minutes. So increasing metabolism is a no brainer with Ionamin® OTC. Clinical study proves that it increases metabolism fast.

Want more proof that  Ionamin® works, than look at the results of the blind placebo test. People who used Ionamin® got results that were 152% stronger than 10mg Ephedrine users.

To learn more about Hi Tech Pharmaceuticals Ionamin® or to buy Ionamin® diet pills online, please visit the website at

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