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Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin Start New NASCAR Team for Darrell Wallace in 2021

October 21st, 2020 · No Comments

Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin Start New NASCAR Team for Darrell Wallace in 2021

Yeah, your Oh So Humble El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy knows Y’all are most likely totally engrossed in that Freakin’ Stick ‘N Ball sport Sweeping thou Nation; Hut-Hut, Omaha! OOMPH!


As I’m Arse-sumin’ I’m the only one who’s Not Ready, or Cares for some Football, like in that 7,999lb Monstrosity known as the National Football League, ergo NFL. Gory Hell, I Don’t even know how my revered Tennessee titans are doing so far? Hmm, Did they have to Cancel one of Thar Games for some Corona thingy, Eh?


I first Heard the News via My NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service’s The Guardian’s Sports section which I typically begin my mornings with to “S-E-E” what’s happening in thou World of Sports Internationally.


As I was very surprised, but Happy to Hear where NASCAR’s only African American Driver Darrell Wallace Jr. would be landing next year after having recently announced his decision to leave the Famed King ‘O RASSCAR’s Richard Petty Motorsports (RPM) team at season’s end.


Although I thought it would be Awesome if he’d been tabbed as Jimmy Johnson’s successor at Hendrick Motorsports. Not only giving him first Class equipment and the chance to become only the second ever Black Driver to Win a NASCAR race, but making a true statement towards furthering Diversity in NASCAR.


Yet obviously I didn’t see this scenario happening. As its Super cool that the transcendent Star Athlete known simply as MJ’, aka Michael Jordan’s forming a partnership with current Roundy-Round Driver Denny Hamlin to start a One-car team for Wallace next year.


Hamlin Starts Cup Team with Michael Jordan, Wallace to Drive


And then thoust Seas ‘O Synchronicity Splashed Mwah once again, Speakin’ of Round Ball, aka Basketball, or more importantly I suppose the NBA which is in the midst of deciding it’s Championship Finalists, or at least was when I began Scribblin’ this…


Thuh-Duh! Wadda Yuhs know? There was a very poignant article on The Guardian comparing LA Lakers Mega Star King James, nee LeBron to the late, Great Muhammad Ali! And how apparently many White Folks want LeBron to Fail, since how Dare He Oppose some Buffoon; Oh Never Mind! And notice I didn’t even mention the Hippocracy of those Booing at the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Season Opener…


Critics want LeBron to Fail just like they did with Ali, Look How that Turned Out


As these two topics made me think about the article I’d listened to previously from Car and Driver Magazine this past August about the Rampant Racism NASCAR’s very first ever African American Driver Wendell Scott endured during his tenure in Stock Cars premiere division in his eventual Hall of Fame career.


The Fact that not only did NASCAR pull an apparent Slight ‘O Hand Wayback in late 1963 by errantly awarding Buck Baker an erroneous victory, denying Scott his moment of Glory on the top step of the podium.


But have also Never Awarded him his Winner’s Trophy, for which I think at the very least, NASCAR should place a replica trophy in Wendell’s Hall of Fame mementos at their museum…


Scott Family Appeals to NASCAR for Trophy Black Driver Never got in 1963

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Sportyblog Saddle Sores: Black ‘N Blue, Racism is Not A Convenient Soundbite, Nor Should It Ever Be One…

October 6th, 2020 · No Comments

So your El Senor Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy has been Quiet for Quite Ah-While now, especially since I just really haven’t felt compelled to write anything during first the lack of Sports, and then Stick ‘N Ball Sports in general during the never ending, elongated COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown era we’re still combating…


And most notably by the reprehensible Murders of a trio of Black People, just the latest in a long line of never ending racial violence. Beginning with Ahmaud Arbery whose only Crime was Running while being Black in Georgia.


Breonna Taylor an EMT who was Shot eight times while sleeping in her Bed during a Senseless No Knock Warrant being served by Louisville Police.


And as we All know, the final Despicable Death that Broke the Dam, when a White Minnesota Police Officer sat with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds for reportedly trying to pass a $20 Counterfeit Bill on Memorial Day No less!


As Gory Hell, I wasn’t even very much excited over my Open Wheel Racing’s IndyCar series finally resuming action in Texas Wayback on D-Day’, aka June 6th, when I scribble the following sentiments on No Fenders, ergo my Day Job…


When Motor Racing really Doesn’t Matter…

As I began typing these thoughts on another Day of Infamy, June 4th, Y’all know when China was clearing Tiananmen Square of Protesters with the use of Deadly Force Wayback in 1989! Hmm, Sound Familiar?


A Day of Marked Differences…


As wasn’t it some Megalomaniac in thou White House imploring our 50 State’s Governors the need to Dominate Protesters in the wake of the vile, Despicable 21st Century Lynching of George Floyd…


As rightfully, Americre’s finally woken-up to the Stupidity of such Entitled White Football Stars like Drew They Call Me lots ‘O things Besides Duh’ Brees! Regarding his trying to continue Trump’s Narrative on those Dark Sons ‘O Bitches Daring to Take A Knee; Oh Never Mind!


As the ceaseless Non-stop Din of Corporate Hypocrisy still is Deafening, even if Belatedly the NFL’s Commissioner Roger Goody Two Shoes Goodell Backtracked over his previous stance towards that Rebel Rouser Colin Kaepernick by simply stating the league had Moved On and Nothing will stand in the way of its continued Corpotocracy.


George Floyd’s Killing Matters too much for Corporate Sports on-Brand Insincerity


Since isn’t it funny how Nobody’s talking about George Floyd’s Death; Err Lynching, Uhm Murder Anymore? Whilst we’re all supposed to simply be Distracted by having our Beloved live Stick ‘N Ball Sports back nightly on our Televisions instead, Righto?


While I’m Not One Bit Surprised that that Gory Buffoon in the White House continued Spewing his Bigotry during his Made for Primetime TV Reality Show Down Home Sweet Alabama RNC Infomercial! As somehow apparently they switched Speeches, Eh?


If I were Donald Trump’s Speechwriter, this is the Team Talk I would Suggest



Yet to truly grasp the Political situation of Our Country, and the Systemic, Overt Racism of Four-plus Century’s, then you really need to watch the following Amazingly Powerful Tamika Mallory speech from a Peaceful Minneapolis Rally held on Friday, May 29th below,. Held just days after Floyd’s Murder, which still gives me Chills when watching it now! As I cannot implore her words any better: Do Your Damn Jobs! Which includes you Donald Trump!


VIDEO: Tamika Mallory On Racial Injustice in America


But the Hits just Keep Ah-Coming! With No Pun intended, as when will the senseless violence against Blacks, Latinos or Native Americans ever end? Since just when things were somewhat tamping down, as we All know, another White Police Officer Savagely Shot a Black Man seven times in the Back! Propelling the Milwaukee Bucks team to Rightly, and Courageously Boycott playing their NBA Playoff game 5 Wednesday, August 26th vs. the Orlando Magic! Which we know sparked a massive Up swelling of support from the various Professional Sports leagues, i.e.; NBA, WNBA, MLS, MLB and even the NFL.


NBA will Return, But Anger still Burns after Historic Stand on Racial Injustice


And although I was never a Fan of his during his LA Lakers Playing Days, I must say I tend to grow more ‘N more impressed with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar the person and Sports Pundit the more I read his thoughtful and insightful words regarding the life experiences of a Black Male Athlete. As Kareem’s most definitely endured his share of prejudice during his lifetime.


Hope is a Dying Ember for Black People in the U.S.


While the only words I can think of for this most recent Heinous Crime against Jacob Blake is you must be a Coward to Shoot Somebody in the Back, repeatedly! Not to mention the Disgusting Double Standard of Handcuffing a Paralyzed person to his Hospital bed simply because He’s Black!


Blake Shackled to Hospital Bed, Father Says 



And while I’m not trying to compare their egregious plight vs. African Americans, albeit it’s interesting that I just learned of Angela Buxton’s Death, who was the only White Female Tennis Player to first befriend the only Black Female then on the Women’s Professional Tennis Tour Althea Gibson. Before they formed a Championship winning Doubles partnership, winning at Wimbledon in 1956 No less!


Or the undue Censorship the late Charlie Chaplin endured centering around his apparent Communism, which ironically he allowed Buxton to practice on his private tennis court before she turned Pro. As although it was a totally different era, as Chaplin noted in his Satirical 1940 film The Great dictator


“The World’s A Green and Lush place, with plenty of Room for Everyone, be it Jew, Gentile, Black Man or White…”


 VIDEO: Charlie Chaplin - Let Us All Unite



Or in the oft repeated words of the late Rodney King: “Can’t We All just Get Along?”

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Sportyblog On Hiatus

March 24th, 2020 · No Comments

As your El Senor Sportyblog scribe Touchdown Tommy picked Ye Bestest’ Time to buy a brand new winDOUGHS 10 Confuzer’, which Y’all know as Computer. As the rub is that your Blind Word Hack who’s utilized Zoomtext Screen Reading Technology for nearly 14yrs now, has become totally Flummoxed by the latest Zoomtext 2020 product, which Don’t work smoothly at All, making life fairly impossible upon Ye World Wide Web thingy’ currently! And htat’s just Thee Tip ‘O Ye Iceberg Folks! As Microsoft’s also totally scrambled your Blind Word Hack’s World upon upgrading to a newer version of it’s ubiquitous Office products, which presumably have been Uber Gussied Up for N-O Real purpose other than looking Jazzy and making everybody’s world on Smartfones Uber Cool Daddy-Oh…

Yeah, suppose I’m showing my age, but seriously Folks, isn’t Technology supposed to enrich Everybody’s lifes, including most importantly The Blind? As we probably rely even more upon technology in more ways then others do, Righto? Or is this just part of the ever wideneing Digital divide? As I’ve got Zero Idea of when I’ll return to poondin’ out riveting Sportyblog Stories for anybody who read’s this site. As Shane On You Microsoft for making your “New & Improved” products so User Unfriendly!

And you’re not excused either Freedom Scientific, the parents of Lucy, my Arse-Steamed Screen Reader voice, which has apparently gone away? As I’ve got something on my new system that barely works that makes Lucy sound like she’s got Alergies, Sigh!

Back Whenever, Y’all, as I’ll leave Yuhs with a little song that seems appropriate right now…

The Who – the Seeker

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Oh-Oh’ and X’s, How to Not watch Football!

February 27th, 2020 · No Comments

So much for Singing Ye Holiday Songs, as many out Thar in Americre’ were vainly Roasting Chestnuts instead, foaming over Colin Kaepernick’s Demise; Err NFL Tryout and whether or not the ex-San Francisco 49ers Quarterback torpedoed his final chance to perhaps, once again play professional Football, El Correctomundo?

Colin Kaepernick is the Black Grinch for those who Wish for A White America

As I was originally gonna title this riveting Sportyblog story Will Colin Kaepernick Steal Christmas? But Y’all know how Mr. Sporty runs a tight ship here, Chirp-Chirp, Bueller? Which is more than I can say for Nary a Peep ’bout Kaepernick being mentioned during the Super Bowl coverage, El Correctomundo?

And it’s funny how it seems so long ago when I tried so very little to follow the progress of those Seattle Seahawks playing at a Semi-frigid Lambeau Field vs. the Green Bay Packers in Thar Jan 12th NFC Divisional Playoff Game, since every time I tried Tunin-in’, Yep, Yuhs guessed it, Frillin’ Commercials!

As this immediately made me think of what NBC stands for: Nothing But Commercials! As I think it was ABC, nee Another Bad Commercial which began these Oh So Clever Denunciations, Eh? For which I’ve come up with the following for CBS = Commercials Being Shown, and FOX = Focused On Interruptions; Hut-Hut, Omaha!

Since every time after what felt like 5mins ‘O Commercial; URGH! Seattle was still behind by 11-points, so think I’ll cue up Good ‘Ol Dandy Don’s Turn Out Thee Lights Song!

Yet regarding My long Derided Tennessee Titans, Oh Henry, Baby! The first time I tried this vicarious Football Voyeurism’ Ye Titans were leading the New England Patriots 14-13 at Halftime and I couldn’t Stands’ It! So Off went Ye Telie’ and Viola, I was pleasantly surprised later that evening when listening to thou News via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service.

Then for the Titans next opponent, the No. 1 Seeded Baltimore Ravens, I didn’t even bother trying to check for a score, since surely; Hey Don’t Call Me Shirley; Hya! Uhm, certainly the Ravens would crush Tennessee. And then I simply broke out in Gynormous’ laughter when late at night I finally Dropped into my Newsline service to be Dumbfounded over the Titans Defeating the Ravens, Unbelievable!

Then against my better judgement, I decided to watch Tennessee against that Mighty Pigskin Team from Thee Other Kansas! Whale’ Otay, I watched up to the end of the third Quarter when it was quite apparent the Titans run was over. As I’d later tell Mr. Sporty’ when he asked me what happened to My Titans? I replied that Kansas City Beat ‘em at Thar own game, i.e.; Chiefs ran the Ball against them…

Hmm? Any pattern apparent here? Although I’m definitely not as Superstitious as some Diehard Nashvillians’ are; Hya! Like Ooh Dude, What’s That Smell?

The Silly Ritual of being Very Superstitious

And originally I wasn’t even planning upon Droppin in for this year’s Halftime Show, since I’m Definitely Not Thar Target Audience; Yikes!

Since the last super Bowl Halftime Show I cared ’bout watching; Err listening to was Lady Gaga’s excellent performance during Super Bowl LI in 2017, when unfortunately the Atlanta Hawks, Ah, Uhm, I meant Falcons Choked vs. Tom Thumbs’ Patriots; URGH!

But then the night before thou Big Game, Jeannie asked me, you are coming over to watch Super Bowl right? Uhm, Otay! Especially since I’ll get to have some more Lap-time’ with Pixie-the-Wonderdog; WUF-WUF!

And then when making lunch when there’s Football Ad Nausea All Day long… Hey, I can tune-in the Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl instead; Yeah, that’s Duh Ticket WUF-WUF!

Yet by shear accident, or was it Lady Luck? Meow-Meow? The Puppy Bowl Halftime Show featuring Felines Jennifer Purrlopez’ and KatSira’ was on, with the latter having a Wardrobe Malfunction - but The Show Must G-O On!

As the voice-over Announcer said it’s Clawsome; BOO, HISS, MEOW; Hya! Noting how Dem Kitties were really Clawing It Up, I KittyCatz’ Yuhs Not; GROAN! As that was All I could stand of that, Meow-Meow!

As it was a Rough Crowd, since Jonathan’s and Beverlee’s favourite NFL Team is those irascible San Fran 49ers, for which I’ve now come to Ah-callin’ Farty Whiners instead! As I was the only person rootin’ for Kansas City, and several times during the game, your Humble Sportyblog Scribe Touchdown Tommy was threatened He’d be Walking Home buster!

Yet the funniest part of the whole Super Bowl LIV game was how I totally missed how KC inexplicably took the lead before Toasting San Francisco! As we’d begun talking Turkey; Err Sports with The Boyz’, as Trae had won an Awesome Sports memorabilia package the evening before at the Crab Crack’s Charity’s Silent Auction.

As Trae was the winning bidder for a Combo-package that included a Framed Portland Trailblazers pennant signed by the entire 2019 Team, a University of Oregon Ducks Football signed by the Head Coach after their Rose Bowl victory, and a matching OSU Beavers Pigskin, also signed by its coach?

Plus four tickets to a Eugene Emeralds Baseball game, who I’ve just learned are the Chicago Cubs Class A Affiliate. Whilst cannot remember if Thar were more Sports tickets thrown in? And another Football signed by the entire Florence High School team.

As Jonathan announced to Mwah that the Chiefs had just scored a touchdown, making it 49ers 20, KC 17 in the 4th Quarter. But I was busy Kibitzing with Trae over Damian Lillard,
the only Trailblazers player’s name I currently know, Thanxs solely to Mr. Sporty having informed me ’bout him during my latest visit to Arizona…

As Trae said that was what he wanted most out of this package, Damion’s autograph - before telling me how he was currently going Off on a Scoring Streak of 50+ games.

And then outta the side ‘O my Noggin’; Err Ear, I heard Somme-thun’ about how KC’s Magic Man had thrown successfully against Uncle Sherm’, Huh? Boo Hoo-Hoo Richard Sherman!

As I said to Jonathan San Francisco should still have the ball. Nope we went Three ‘N Out; OMG! Touchdown Baby! As Patrick Mahomes lit up the 49ers and KC went ahead 24-20, HURRAH!

As I tried to make sure I wasn’t walking home by calmly saying that San Fran had loads of time to march down the field and score a winning TD; THUD! And then Beverlee was Yelling at Ye Telescreen that he was Out of Bounds when Kansas City romped down the Sideline for a Crushing 38yd TD! Before the replay clearly showed he wasn’t out of bounds; so Sorry! Chirp-Chirp, Crickets!

As it went very quiet and All I heard was ready to go home Touchdown Tommy? Which was fine with me since Kansas City had W-O-N! Whilst I haven’t heard a word from ‘Ol Chef C-Radd whom previously emailed Mwah ’bout how the Seahawks Choked vs. his Farty Whiners at Der Clink’, nee Century Link Field Wayback on Dec 29th…

While I wasn’t surprised One-iota’, it did make me Burst Out in spontaneous laughter when listening to The Guardian’s Sports Section later that evening.

Over what Thee Late Show’s Steven Cobert would later Deadpan It’s called the Show Me State since Yuhs need to show me where Kansas City is located in Missouri!

Trump Congratulates Wrong State for Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Win

And then the Hits just kept Ah-Comin’, when hearing the News ’bout how the Kansas City Coppers’ gave Chase to some Would-be Thief’s on the Super Bowl Parade route as a Warm-up Demonstration for many Chilly Bystanders; Aye Karumba!

Police Chase on Super Bowl Parade route

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Kobe Bryant Tragedy comes on Heels of LeBron Overtaking Him for Career Points…

January 30th, 2020 · No Comments

The phone rang Sunday afternoon, and the voice on the other end asked if I’d heard about Kobe Bryant? Oh, you mean about LeBron James passing him for third All-time NBA Career Points Scored? No, the Helicopter he was on with his Daughter and several others crashed in California and Killed everyone Aboard! To which I had not heard of before this inquiry.

NBA Great Kobe Bryant and Daughter among Nine Killed in Helicopter Crash near Los Angeles 

As I’d listened to the News late the night before via my NFB Newsline for The Blind telephone service and the Reuters Sports section informing me that LeBron had just surpassed Kobe in a losing effort vs. the Philadelphia 76ers the night before Kobe’s Death. And even more ironically was hearing Kobe’s Tweeet Congratulating King James on surpassing him…

LeBron James Passes Kobe Bryant on NBA Career Scoring list


Thus, I decided to “Tune In” to Sean T. Pendergast’s “Stick ‘N Ball” Radio Talk Show on CBS Sports, which precedes my usual Sunday Night Radio Programme, The Speed Freaks, a Motorsports Show I prefer over the Ad Nausea Pro Sports Babble, to see what the Sports World was saying about Bryant’s Death?As Messer Pendergast’s comments made me think of many tangents regarding life in general and the effects that the Media has upon how we interpret the roles of Celebrities and how they impact our lives.

As Sean poignantly noted he gets it regarding how monumental of a Star and Sports Personality Kobe was, noting he makes his living by discussing Sports weekly and has a vested interest in how Superstars bring such raw emotions in people, ultimately as Entertainers who enable us to Escape reality for brief periods of time.

Sean also noted how the Media had done a pretty Piss Poor Job on reporting the tragedy accurately, making me think of ‘Ol Don Henley’s line ’bout “Get the Widow on the Set, the Bubble Headed Bleached Blonde can tell Yuhs ’bout the Plane Crash with a Gleam in Her eye, as All the Boys in the Newsroom got a Running Bet,” or Somme-thun’ close to that ’bout how easily we’re manipulated by the media, using tragedy to pull upon our emotional Heartstrings…

Now am I saying that Kobe, his daughter’s or the other seven Helicopter occupants Deaths aren’t tragic? Absolutely Not! But the Caller I enjoyed most on Pendergast’s Talk Show was the one that reminded us that there were seven other people onboard whom also perished and that we shouldn’t overlook their Deaths which are horrible for their respective families.

Later that evening, Crash Gladys of Speed Freaks pointed out how Kobe shouldn’t be Judged over his Affair he had, for which his wife Vanessa stuck by his side, although I tend to recall there was a $4 million dollar “Make-up” Diamond ring involved…

As Crash rightly pointed out that Nobody’s perfect, and unless you are, then Kobe’s life achievements shouldn’t be simply judged upon that lone incident.

Yet on the Flip-side, as I thought Thar was Somme-thun’ called Freedom of Speech in Americre” Which made me disturbed over the fact that a Female Washington Post Reporter was suspended, being placed on Administrative Leave upon having the audacity to Tweet a link to a 2016 story regarding Kobe’s past Alleged Sexual Misconduct. Since it was putting the Newspaper in a Bad light; OMG!

How Dare a Woman point out Kobe’s past indiscretion, and what happened to the Freedom to express ourselves publicly via TWIT-ER’ if we so choose to do so? I mean like why isn’t The President being placed on Administrative Leave for his weekly Bombastic Tweets; Oh Never Mind!

Washington Post reinstates Reporter after Kobe Bryant Alleged Rape Tweet


As I was never a Fan of Kobe’s, nor the Lakers, since I was a Died in the Wool Seattle Supersonics Fan, and suppose I still am, since I’ve got a Super Sonics garbage can sitting in my Office as I type this from my somewhat still new Oregon residence. Having spent countless hours chanting LA SUCKS! Primarily against the Lakers, but nowadays vs. the LA Galaxy instead…Hence, if I did have a Twitter account and was so inclined? Would I have been in Poor Taste for tweeting that LA SUCKS following Kobe’s Death? For which I wouldn’t have done since it wouldn’t have been appropriate, but still, if I’d wanted to?

And what makes Bryant’s Death so tragic? Or more succinctly, more tragic than any other person’s Death? As I’m more sad over his 13 year old daughter’s death then the NBA Basketball legend’s, and felt zero emotion over this tragedy, especially since I Don’t follow Stick ‘N Ball Sports Fanatically a laa much of tis’ Nation does.

And I haven’t grieved over an Athlete’s Death in nearly five years now, when my former Numero Uno IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson was tragically injured at Pocono Raceway in an IndyCar race on August 23rd,and Died the following day from Head Injury on August 24, 2015 at Age 37.

Justin Wilson: 1978-2015


Thus my point is that Not everybody lives and breathes the world of Sports the same way obviously, and while it’s sad to hear of this unexpected tragedy, we should still be able to talk about said Sports Personality’s past transgressions if so desired, shouldn’t we? After All, aren’t they Role Models? As what say’s Ye Charles Barkley?Meanwhile, in another sign of how Mainstream Media continuously Manipulates us, late Sunday evening, the Speed Freaks pointed out how the Grammy Awards which ironically were being held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, home of the LA Lakers had given an outpouring of public condolences for Kobe Bryant.

Yet when they were acknowledging important people to Die over the past year, they majorly Snubbed Neil Peart, the prodigious Rock ‘N Roll Drummer of Hall of Fame band Rush! Who Died on Jan 7th.

But you say C’mon Touchdown Tommy, he was a KuhNuck! So who cares, Eh? Well the irony to that is that he actually was a Santa Monica, CA resident, where his wife hailed from, which I believe it’s in the same state, El Correctomundo?

As Kudos to the Drummer of the Heavy Metal Band Tool for paying tribute to Neil Peart during his Grammy Award acceptance speech, which reportedly this was the only mention of the percussionist who was ranked the fourth Greatest Drummer ever by Rolling Stone magazine! During the entire show’s presentation, so Smooth Move Grammys!

The Tomaso Files: Prodigious Drummer Pounds His Drum Kit No More

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