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The NFL’s Dark Side…

October 3rd, 2014 · No Comments

So, it always happens, right? You go away on vacation and all HELL breaks loose… Which is exactly what happened, sorta, whilst your Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy was busy frolicking along the Pacific Coast, ultimately on Florence, Oregon’s magnificent Sand Dunes, and hence the relative quietness here at Sportyblog lately…

Amazingly, the $10b, as in BILLION grossing sports entity officially known as the National Football League seemingly is living up to a very old not so flattering slant upon the acronym for NFL, which I heard repeated recently upon Speed Freaks, when Statmann called it the National Felons League!

Which is exactly what its beginning to look like right now, having been aware of the Ray Rice lack of punishment for domestic violence, which rightly went viral and caused NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Kneejerk reaction; Err revision to the leagues Personal Conduct Policy. Like Really? Smoking Marijuana can get you a four game ban for PED’s; (Performance Enhancing Drugs) can Y’all say ex-Seattle Seahawks Brandon Browner?

While San Francisco’s Aldon Smith was given a nine-game suspension for falsely telling Los Angeles’s TSA that he had a Bomb, along with two DUI’s vs. ex-Baltimore Ravens Rice’s punching his wife unconscious only netting a two-game suspension initially; Go Figure!

NFL announces new domestic violence policy

As that’s apparently just the tip of the iceberg, having missed the news of Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment, not to mention the Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy, 49ers Ray McDonald and Arizona Cardinals Jonathan Dwyer’s pending Domestic Violence issues!

Vikings brass fumbling Adrian Peterson situation just latest embarrassment for Roger Goodell, still in hiding

And the Hits; OOMPH! Err, bad pun there, as the NFL, and specifically Goodell & Co look increasingly like a bunch ‘O Rumblin, Stumblin, Bumblin’ Idiots right now - after current NFL Security Chief Jeffrey Miller, an ex-Commissioner of the Pennsylvania State Police, vehemently denied ever seeing the Ray Rice video sent to his office, which a female office worker acknowledged receipt of in a 12-second recorded voicemail..

Report: NFL Security Chief was sent Video in April

Yet, for Mwah, these are just some of the latest issues to completely turn me off towards the NFL, which really PISSED ME OFF initially when Tony Dungee took his Homophobic stance against Michael Sam being drafted by the L.A. Rams during the Pre-season, causing me to quit watching The Dan Patrick Show, since after all they’re “Buddies,” both working ultimately for comca$t…

Thought I’d try ESPN for some “soothing” blather during breakfast, next, but scratch that! They’re OFF my viewing list after the ABSURDITY of discussing Michael Sam’s showering procedures; WTF? For Christ’s sake people, he’s a Human Being, just like you are, so knock it the FUCK Off!

As it now seems ironic that the very team that threw Sam a lifeline by signing him to their practice squad, now sees Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones currently in hot water over sexual assault allegations! Uhm, Yuhs gonna comment on that Mr. Goodell? Nah! Didn’t think so, since after all, he’s one of your bosses…

Then there’s the Chris Kluve issue, which the Minnesota Vikings, remember them? Like didn’t Adrian Peterson play for them recently? Y’all do remember Kluve’s unceremonious sacking as their punter after being harassed by Vikings Special Teams coordinator Mike Priefer with expletives and Homophobic behaviour.

As Priefer has gotten off with simply a slap upon the wrist, i.e.; two-game suspension and Wink-Wink, Nudge-Nudge,” Sensitivity” training, while the NFL looked the other way and the Vikings owner’s quickly shilled out $100k to LGBT organizations to make it all go away; the very same franchise who’s paying Peterson nearly $700,000-a-week to NOT play ball! While its owners said they needed to get it right 24-times in their recent press conference…

Meanwhile, Kluve is now out of the league and none of its 32-teams have called him recently for try outs, as none of that’s related to his brashness over this matter, right?

Kluwe’s only regret is ‘I didn’t record everything’

As doesn’t the Miami Dolphins Bullying scandal seem like an eternity ago now? Not to mention another of Goodell’s benefactors shilling out “Peanuts” for his Drugs and driving drunk problems. Y’all know when Indianapolis Colts owner Robert Irsay was fined $500,000 and given a six-game ban, all of this occurring before Forbes just announced him as one of America’s 400 richest people, being ranked No. 368 with an estimated net worth of $1.7-plus billion.

Oh, and let’s not forget the ongoing concussion lawsuits, litigation, etc, along with ex-New England Patriots Murder suspect Aaron Hernandez, all of which have occurred during Mr. Goodell’s eight-year watch; Err reign as commissioner of the National Football League, and I’d have to agree, it’s time for him to resign, as good thing you already got that pay raise Mr. Goodell!

It’s Time For Roger Goodell To Resign As Commissioner Of The NFL

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Changing Gears…

September 3rd, 2014 · No Comments

With the arrival of thy all conquering National Football League’s regular season kickoff in just mere days, along with an early Labor Day having passed us by, what better time to throw out one more languishing summer story, eh? As I just haven’t had time to finish this story off lately…

Otay, so it’s that time again, well actually it began a ‘Wee bit ago, more precisely on July 4th, albeit in Bloody ‘Ol England and hence No Worries Mates! Over interfering with our most ballyhooed 4th ‘O July Holiday, which is just a Gynormous excuse to blow up lotso” thingys, not to mention the Detroit Meteorologist who took out his eye - along with a man in California blowing off his hand! Or a local teenager being maimed by a Roman Candle; but I digress…

Nope, instead I’m talking about that venerable summer European classic bicycle race, officially known as the Tour de France, although I tend to prefer thy moniker “Tour le Farce,” which is in regards to the myriad of Doping scandals over the decades, as we all know about Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.

A Sad Day for Cycling…

As in years past, I’ve attempted noting the Pacific Northwest’s involvement in the sport, albeit sometimes a stretch, as this year’s Tour originally seemed to only feature three combatants flying the Stars ‘N Stripes. As the Top-2 ‘Yanks were Andrew Talansky, (Age 25) lead rider for Garmon Sharp and Tacoma, Washington born Tejay van Garderen (25) spearheading BMC Racing’s assault, with rookie 26yr old American rider Peter Stetina serving as one of van Garderen’s “Domestique’s.

Yet somewhere between Stage’s 5-6 I heard my least favourite TV announcer Todd Harris note that there were nine American riders in this year’s event; Huh? (And that doesn’t include the two ‘KuhNucks I later found out about…)

Thus I was finally able to discover that although Wenatchee, Washington’s Tyler Farrar; former Tour stage winner had missed the cut for the second year in-a-row, meanwhile the tour’s second oldest rider was none other than Bend, Oregon’s Chris “The Hornet” Horner racing for Lampre-Merida at the stellar age of 42!

Although naturally you’d assume that the two U.S. cyclists with the last name of King may be related? Nevertheless, they’re not, with the unknown names of Richmond, Virginia’s Ben King (25) serving as Domestique for Talansky at Garmon Sharp, while the elder Edward “Ted” King (31) of Exeter, New Hampshire is riding for Cannondale.

the remainder of this year’s U.S. rider Peloton was made up of Garmon Sharp’s Alex Howess, (26) Team Sky’s Danny Pate (35) and Trek’s Mathew Busche. (29)

This year’s 101st running of the sport’s top race saw a quartet of riders as favourites to wear the maillot jaune (yellow jersey) on Les Champs-Elysees in Paris at tour’s end on July 27th; in no apparent order, with the four riders being: Vincenzo Nibali nicknamed “Lo Squalo” (The Shark) leading the tour from Stage2, while defending tour winner Chris Froome pulled out of competition this year on Stage-5!

Alejandro Valverde, known as “Balaverde,” (The Green Bullet) “El Bala” (The Bullet) or) “El Imbatido” The Unbeaten) also from Spain seemingly basks in the shadow of his more acknowledged countryman Alberto Contador, who became my pick to claim his third (legitimate) Tour de France victory after Froome ’s retirement. As Froome would later reveal that he’d suffered fractures to his left wrist and right hand in subsequent falls.

Sir Bradley Wiggins, (”Wiggy Baby”) Britain’s first tour winner in 2012 seems a figment of the race’s past, having now missed the last two year’s events due to injuries - along with personally admitting his time as a Grand Tour winner has passed him by.

While another much heralded countryman and former team Sky team-mate affectionately known as the “Manx Missile,” nee Mark Cavendish couldn’t contain the temptation of winning his first home stage in Jolly ‘Ol Yorkshire and caused a crash resulting in a broken collarbone just tantalizing yards from the finish line, having withdrawn from the tour and having had shoulder surgery immediately.

Luxemburg’s Andy Schleck, the 2010 Tour winner was out on Stage-3 due to injury while last year’s runner-up Columbian Nairo Quintana never even took the “Green flag,” and for reasons unknown isn’t contesting this year’s event.

Germany’s Marcel “Skittles” Kittel got off to a frenetic pace by winning three of the races first four stages, winning stages one, three and four with Nibali taking Stage-2, with Neederlander’ (Netherlands) Lars Boom winning the lumpy Stage-5. Germany, a la its Football team returned to the forefront the following day when Andre Greipel won Stage-6 and countryman tony Martin won Stage-9, claiming the Lion’s share of the Tour’s first third of racing.

But the tour’s beginnings in France were wet ‘N miserable with heavy rains on stages four-five where Chris “Vroom-Vroom” Froome, not to be ‘Cornfuzed with Fruit of duh Loom; Hya! Had a disastrous two days of cycling. First Froome had a nasty crash on Stage-4 that took a chunk of skin out of his thigh along with tweaking his left wrist, which he’d injured in a previous tune-up race.

Then it all went “Pear-shaped” the following day, when Froome crashed not once, but twice in the rain upon the unrelenting cobbles, albeit not even having gotten to the treacherous stones, and after hauling himself up once from the wet pavement threw-in the towel after a second crash and disappointingly retired from the race! As the stage, which is home of the famed Hell to the North ironically was aptly named for the day’s events, with ‘Aussie Richie Port taking over as Team Sky’s leader.

thus, although Nibali further increased his lead to some two-plus minutes after Froome’s retirement, my “money” was still upon Alberto ‘VO5 Contador to win this year’s tour, even if the pundits seemed to be favouring Vincenzo Nibali instead.

then the Tour seemed to be blown somewhat wide open as the unthinkable happened, albeit becoming a hallmark of this year’s Tour de France, when Contador reportedly either hit a stone or hole in the tarmac and went down hard on Stage-10, just having passed overall leader Nibali on a descent, with blood flowing from his damaged knee. Contador finally got back upon his bicycle and rode awhile longer before pulling off and retiring from the race, as it would later be divulged he’d broken his leg, yet actually his shin instead.

Meanwhile, Nibali stamped his intentions upon the Tour by destroying the field on the Tour’s nastiest Stage to date, with its final hill having an unrelenting gradient of 20-degrees; SHEISA! Yet the Italian rider (Vincenzo Nibali) serenely motored passed everyone, looking totally at ease and out for a Sunday’s ride upon capturing his second Stage victory of the event, before the race’s first rest day.

The following day it was announced that Fabian Cancellara had elected to withdraw from the Tour, and thus another ‘B-I-G Name had disappeared from the event, whilst Stage-11 was sheer torture for Andrew Talansky, suffering from the effects of two nasty falls, at one point pulling off to the side of the road and was supposedly seen crying while conferring with team officials before deciding to grit it out and ride solo to the day’s finish, just holding off time disqualification on the stage’s finish.

Talansky withdrew from the Tour the following day, where Nibali further established his grip upon le Tour by winning his second stage victory in-a-row, (third overall) with Team Sky’s Port cracking majorly on Stage-13 by dropping some eight-plus minutes adrift…

Thus, having concluded long ago now, Vincenzo Nibali was
indeed victorious, becoming the first Italian to win since the disgraced Marco Pantani won in 1998, who’s death’s investigation has subsequently been reopened by Italian authorities.

And while my personal favourite Tejay van Garderen had a mixed race overall, nevertheless he kept his head down and gritted out an eventual fifth place overall finish, tying his tour’s best result to date.

And with Tony Martin once again showing off his sprinting prowess, by winning the Individual Time Trial stage by 99-seconds, Nibali confirmed his mastery of this year’s Tour with an excellent fourth place Stage finish, which saw two Frenchmen; Jean-Christophe Period and Thibaut Pinot standing alongside in Paris on the podium’s final two steps respectively. As it was the first time in nearly twenty years (1997?) since France had seen any of its home riders finish in the Top-3!

As my long forgotten notes said there were just some 18-seconds covering the quartet fighting over positions two-thru-five. As once again, the Tour showed the riders who’s boss, as this climatic shoot-out for the final podium positions were indeed decided on Saturday’s penultimate (individual time trial) Stage, where two of the combatants suffered punctures, with France’s Romain Bardet being struck a cruel blow when suffering a flat tyre which took way too long to repair…

Thus Bardet’s misfortunes elevated the ‘Yank Van Garderen into fifth, as mentioned previously, and dropped Bardet to sixth place in the Overall Classifications. While Alejandro Valverde, not known for his time trial riding, was soon being called Old Man Valverde, as the French Lions vaulted past him, yet Alejandro kept Van Garderen at bay, finishing fourth overall, as we’ll now wait another year’s time to see if Chris Froome, Alberto Contador, Alejandro Valverde, Tejay van Garderen or any other rider can dethrone Vincenzo Nibali!

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Summer’s Zenith in Seattle…

August 12th, 2014 · No Comments

Ah, how time flies by, and I feel somewhat guilty to have been sitting inside on what was a brilliantly sunny and relatively HOT day in Seattle… Hey! 88+ degrees Fahrenheit is pretty hot for us Western Warshintonians’, having just endured either the second or fourth hottest July on record, depending how Yuhs slice it. Especially since the majority of us don’t have AC. Which is pretty funny, compared to Indianapolis having just had its coldest month ‘O July, albeit still warmer than Seattle; but I digress…

July finishes as 2nd warmest on record at Sea-Tac

And ironically, whilst ex-Seattle Seahawks All Pro Walter Jones was wearing his gold jacket upon being inducted into the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, along with the NFL’s Hall of Fame game commencing Pre-season action, the day in question is affectionately known here in the Northwest as Seafair Sunday, traditionally capped by the Navy’s vaunted Blue Angels performing over Lake Washington, where thousands jam the log boom and shores nearby Stan Sayre’s pits to watch the Unlimited Hydroplanes dazzle us with their monstrous rooster-tails!

Yet Seafair is more than just the Blue Angels and Hydroplanes - with the cities annual summer festival filled with yearly traditions such as Solstice Day parade, the arrival of the Seafair Pirates, the Torchlight Parade, Milk Carton Derby, etc, along with now including the 4th ‘O July fireworks celebration.

Seafair is presided over by its royalty, which features King Neptune and Queen Alcyone, primarily selected in regards to their philanthropic work, as I recall that former Seattle Supersonics great Slick Watts was chosen as King Neptune last year, with this year’s King being ex-Seattle Seahawks defensive standout Marcus Trufant, while this year’s Queen is our former Governor Christine Gregoire, while there’s also a Miss Seafair crowned…

But back to what I’ve taken to calling the “Blower Boats” in deference of their utilization of Lycoming T-55 turbine engines, which have unfortunately replaced the iconic World War II piston aircraft powerplants of Allison and Rolls Royce’s Merlin and the ‘Uber powerful and dominant Griffon, as I previously previewed this year’s Seafair regatta over at No Fenders in;

Seafair 2014: Blue Angels return Sparks renewed interest on shores of Lake Washington..

Yet the carnage that began a week prior in the Tri-Cities Columbia Cup, (July 27th) held on the eastern side of Washington continued on at Seafair - with the most controversial part being the sport’s winningest driver excluded from competition after another collision with arch-nemesis Jimmy Shane and the sport’s current top hull, the Oh Boy Oberto.

Dave Villwock suspended for rest of Seafair after collision

And having read the story about Kip Brown’s rough goings the past year, fighting back from a broken leg and broken boat, I was surprised when hearing the news whilst watching the final preliminary heats; 3A & 3B - had been pushed back due to Brown’s Spirit of Qatar boat being involved in another nasty Blow-over accident; YIKES!

Kip Brown seeks Seafair victory in new Spirit of Qatar

As the Seafair weekend was somewhat bittersweet for the Brown’s, as Kip’s uncle Nate Brown, owner of the U-17 Our Gang Racing Unlimited Hydroplane, which featured Kip’s brother-in-law Jeff Bernard at the controls, was running its last race under Nate’s ownership - going out in style by having had fans sign the boat during its final two race outings in Washington…

Brown provides final hurrah for fans at Columbia Cup

As I’ve never seen such a chaotic ending to a Seafair Sunday finals, as first the F1 boats, the warm-up finale for the B-I-G boats, nee Unlimiteds was Red-flagged after one of the competitors boats disintegrated in a mighty crash! Which delayed the Unlimiteds race, which was even more wild, as both “the Voice of the Unlimiteds” and local Unlimiteds legend Chip Hanauer claimed that the first three boats had jumped the start! As it would take an agonizingly long 15mins after the finale to decide that the winner had indeed won the race, while pondering if he’d driven the Oberto too wide…

Graham Trucking wins Seafair Cup for second straight year

Meanwhile, not all of the local racing action was happening on the water, as simultaneously on Seafair Sunday, (August 3rd) the Floppers’ (Funny Cars) and their Top Fuel nitro-methane Dragsters plus Pro-Stock cars were contesting the NHRA’s Northwest Nationals at Pacific Raceways in Kent, WA.

As the legendous’ John “Elvis” Force, 16-time NHRA national champion was the top Funny-car of the entire weekend, capping his astounding 150th fastest qualifier (P1) position over daughter and team-mate Courtney, the winningest female NHRA Funny-car driver, with five career wins to date with another win light.

As the elder Force, at 65 met up with 67yr old Gary Densham in the NHRA’s oldest ever finals, which John Force won for his record extending 141sth victory!

Tony Sarge’ Schumacher was tops in the Dragsters, while in the Pro-Stock ranks, Alan Johnson was quickest in cars with the Bikes’. nee motorcycles not racing.

Top Fuel points leader Doug Kalita took the victory at Pacific Raceways over No Fenders ‘Straightliner favourite Antron Brown, while an intra-squad scrum between Summit Racing’s Jeff Line and Greg Anderson saw Lime taking the win light, while current Pro-Stock Cars points leader Erica Enders-Stevens breathed a sigh of relief over second placed Johnson not surpassing her tenuous points lead over the weekend.

As Enders-Stevens didn’t make the trip to the “Jet City” due to financial constraints, thus missing racing at Sonoma, California and Kent, WA - which I personally feel is a travesty! Although her team owner claims it was always in the plans since they’re running on limited sponsorship.

But even more baffling is the fact that longtime supporters Ford and Castrol of John Force Racing are leaving the sport at the end of this season - as the 16-time NHRA Funny-car champion will be left without anything to drive, unless somebody else steps up to the plate; Hmm? Perhaps the “Motormouth” of Floppers’ would look good underneath the skin of a Dodge Challenger? Just speculatin’ here though…

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As the World watches Football King James holds court…

July 18th, 2014 · No Comments

Ah, it must definitely be summertime now, right? Having just logged into my Newsline for The Blind telephone newspaper service, I was surprised to hear my first National Weather Alert advisory in months about an expected “Heat Wave” for the weekend of July 12-13, with Seattle expecting the mercury to hit 90-degrees Fahrenheit; YIKES!

And while I myself bask in the glory of Germany’s crushing defeat of host nation Brazil to advance to the World Cup finals, I also find it most amusing the furor over what I’m calling duh “LeBron Sweepstakes,” as haven’t we already seen this movie before?

Y’all know how the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James original NBA team, where he played his first seven seasons watched in agony as their star basketball player hosted a mesmerizing hour’s made-for-television Hypefest to announce his decision to move to the Miami Heat.

As James & Co. have been ‘Uber successful in Miami, as the Heat have gone to the final the last three years, being victorious twice. As the Cavs’ have just jettisoned multiple players to make way for offering King James a maximum Greenbacks’ (Dollars) contract in their attempt to lure him back home again.

Cavaliers clear salary cap space in three-team trade

Yet on a different court in La-La land, an actual honest-to-goodness courtroom, 80yr old eccentric Donald Sterling combatively attempts to quash his estranged wife Shelly’s taking control of the beleaguered LA Clippers, which she’s tentively sold to ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for a record price of $2b!

As Mr. Sterling attempts not only blocking the sale, but also being determined of sound mind to retain control of his team in Donald v Shelly Sterling, along with his one billion lawsuit against the NBA and its commissioner Adam Silver, to which all I can say the sooner Donald’s gone from the league and our collective consciousnesses, the better!

Meanwhile, I noticed that the NFL media, or is it marketing machine? Doesn’t want to be forgotten and hence, a story about its seven newest Head Coaches has been dispatched toot sweet…

Change it up: How 7 new coaches are shaping tone

Yet, Me Thinks the NFL should do like Dan Patrick’s doing right now, and just go silent, as Messer Patrick is on a three week Holiday whilst his network airs nonstop TV coverage of this year’s Tour de France.

Likewise, the NFL should take a break, since after all , European Football is all the rage right now, as the world cup is down to the finals, with Germany playing against Argentina, while a Neymar-less Brazil will play Netherlands for third-place honours, as surely this world cup will be forever remembered for the smack down Germany gave Brasilia with an unheard of 7-1 Semi-finals defeat!

While on the other side of the ladder, Argentina and Netherlands played to a Nil-Nil’ (0-0) extra-time draw before Argentina was victorious 4-2 in the sudden death Shootout…

As Y’all know, King James wisely made “Decision 2.0″ in a less mocking way by simply announcing on Sports Illustrated that he was going Back Home to Cleveland, having chosen to return to the Cavaliers, thus leaving Miami with a giant roster void to fill, as it’ll be interesting to see if the Heat can retain their winning ways?

And although I didn’t watch the game, I’m happy to note that I did correctly pick Germany to win this year’s world cup over Argentina, as I felt that they simply played as a team, a collective unit with no solitary Star on its roster, while Lionel Messi had the weight of his entire country upon his shoulders, as although Argentina played to a very respectable Nil-Nil (0-0) draw in regular time, Germany would be victorious when substitute Mario Goetze scored the winning goal in the 23rd minute of extra time to give Germany its fourth world cup victory with a One-Nil’ (1-0) defeat of Argentina.

As now the world will await to see if Brazil can pull off hosting the 2016 summer Olympics as successfully as their world cup, while Football fans around the world will wait four more years to do it all over again in Russia…

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With Hockey and Basketball Finals over, the World’s attention shifts to Brazil…

July 4th, 2014 · No Comments

As stated before, Senior Sportyblog Scribe “Touchdown Tommy” isn’t a real big fan ‘O the NHL or NBA, etc, although I did watch the clinching moments of the two finals final game’s, just the right way. First having tuned-in to Game-5 of the Stanley Cup at the start of the third period and watching all of the way thru to the LA Kings crushing double overtime defeat of the New York Rangers, who’s goalie should have been awarded the Con Smythe trophy for his exemplary play throughout the finals.

Then I dropped in for the majority of the fourth quarter of Game-5 upon learning that San Antonio was giving the Miami Heat another good ‘Ol Fashion Smack-down en route to the Spurs claiming their fifth NBA championship!

thus, my Attenzione has now been focused for the last few weeks upon this year’s world cup Football in Brazil, as in the 2014 FIFA World Cup, albeit I haven’t been watching all of the games, nor paying extreme focus to the round-robin group play, to see who advances out of the first stage, although I did catch a bit of Brazil’s somewhat controversial win vs. Croatia, which now seems like such a long time ago.

And have since watched the first half of Germany pummeling Portugal, who simply melted down, while naturally having to watch the entire USA v Gauna match, which was ‘Uber exciting! Hey, how ’bout that Seattle Sounders FC star player named Clint Dempsey’s Blitzkrieg goal in just an astounding 34-seconds; Ja Volt! And have since been dropping in daily to catch bits ‘N pieces of the first round matches, as I’ll try summing up my most unscientific thoughts upon the group play en route to the single elimination rounds…

Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia and Mexico.
Group Winner: Brazil; 2nd: Mexico.

Was very happy to tune-in to the latter portion of the second half of the match whilst rooting for Mexico to score a Draw vs. Brazil, which is exactly what happened. Then Brazil’s “Poster Boy” Neymar’ flexed his muscles with two goals in Brazil’s final game rout vs. Cameroon 4-1, as Neymar’ has scored four goals to date, yet their next opponent Chile will surely be a tougher match, while Mexico gets the daunting task of taking on Netherlands…

Australia, Chile, Netherlands and Spain.
Group Winner: Netherlands; 2nd: Chile.

Was quite happy to see that the reigning World Champions Spain were eliminated from advancing out of the Group stage after their second loss vs. Chile Two-Nil’, (2-0) after being pummeled by the Dutchies’ 5-1! As Netherlands advanced quite easily with their two victories over Espana and the Aussies’ (Australia) 3-2, with their next opponent being Mexico, who played to a draw vs. tournament darlings Brasilia, as how far can the Dutchies’ go?

Columbia, Greece, Japan and Ivory Coast.
Group Winner: Columbia; 2nd: Greece.

Expected Columbia and Ivory Coast to advance to the knockout stage of 16, which isn’t exactly what happened, although Columbia easily advanced to the Round-of-16 for their first time since 1990, Ivory Coast fell to Greece on a final minute PK, enabling Greece to move on after a stunning One-Nil’ (1-0) victory.

Thus, I’m not sure how far either can go from there? Having not watched any of this group’s matches, but I’d expect Columbia to have a better shot at advancing since I’ve heard they’ve got quality depth on their squad, whilst Greece is playing in unfamiliar territory…

Costa Rica, England, Italy and Uruguay.
Group Winner: Costa Rica; 2nd: Uruguay.

Really haven’t paid any Attenzione to this group other than hearing that Bloody England got defeated by Italy 2-1, and then eliminated from advancing with an identical defeat against Uruguay. While for Mwah, Costa Rica is the surprise of this group (and tournament so far) as Italy and Uruguay scrapped over who else would advance, with Uruguay moving on after edging Italy, who played one man down One-Nil’ (1-0) with Uruguay’s Captain scoring the lone goal in the match’s 81st minute.

Having discovered this after the match, as now I definitely wish for Uruguay to be eliminated immediately, after its Mike Tyson “impersonator” has struck again… C’mon FIFA, this dude should be thrown out!

Luis Suarez bites Italian defender at the World Cup, Uruguay advances

Ecuador, France, Honduras and Switzerland.
Group Winner: France; 2nd: Switzerland.

The biggest noise about this group seems to be over France having finally turned the page upon their disastrous 2010 debacle, when the players pulled a mutiny against their coach en route to their swift departure from group play, with France defeating Honduras Three-Nil’ (3-0) in their first match this year before trouncing Switzerland 5-2 in their second match.

Thus France easily advanced to the Knockout round-of-16, albeit not sure why they’re not already listed as advancing, as apparently I’m jumping the gun; Huh?

Meanwhile, as I type this riveting story, I’m awaiting learning who’ll be advancing as the runner-up of this group, as I’d guess that the honours would go to Switzerland?

Thus I made a pretty good guess on Switzerland, right? As I only caught the final moments of the Group E finale’s, choosing to listen to Casey Kellar’s call of the Switzerland v Honduras game, where the Swiss’s player Xherdan Shaqiri scored a Hat-trick to advance Switzerland to the Round-of-16 by defeating Honduras Three-Nil’, (3-0) while France clinched winning the group by playing to a Nil-Nil’ (0-0) draw vs. Ecuador. With Shaqiri’s Hat-trick being the 50th scored in world cup history…

Argentina, Bosnia, Iran and Nigeria.
Group Winner: Argentina; 2nd: Nigeria.

Arguably one of the world’s greatest current Footballers is none other than Lionel Messi, who’s naturally leading Argentina’s attack, as Messi, also known as “The Flea,” for his frenetic playing style and diminutive body stature has taken his country’s squad upon his back, advancing Argentina to the round-of-16 with two goals, the latter being a stoppage time One-Nil’ (1-0) winner vs. Iran, albeit Argentina hasn’t looked overpowering to date.

Only greatness at the World Cup will end Messi argument

Meanwhile Nigeria also advances as the runner-up of Group F, although somewhat quietly since they’ve been somewhat overshadowed by Messi and Argentina naturally, not to mention I didn’t catch any of this group’s matches, with just Group’s E, G and H waiting to be decided when I typed this…

(GROUP G) Gauna, Germany, Portugal and USA.
Group Winner: Germany; 2nd: USA.

Obviously with TEAM USA in this group, it’d be my main focus of the world cup’s Group-stages play, as although the furor over the USA’s Football Squad is well deserved, nevertheless, putting their soccer prowess into context whas the tidbit doled out during their most riveting first match of Group-play against their arch nemesis Gauna, where the statistic regarding the US Men’s National Team’s success since continuous involvement in world cup play from 1990 onwards; have won only 4-of-22 matches, (prior to Game-2 v Portugal) while Group of Death opponent Germany has won 26 in the same time period.

Germany crushes Portugal Four-Nil’ (4-0) leading Three-Nil’ at halftime, having scored its first goal at the eleven minute mark on a PK (Penalty Kick) taken by Thomas Mueller, who’d eventually finish the match with a Hat-trick, scoring the second of his three goals in the first half - with Germany going into the lockeroom ahead by three goals, as Portugal’s meltdown was complete when they’d go down one man after receiving a red-card in the first half, which should benefit Team USA who’s second match was against Portugal.

Y’all know ’bout USA finally defeating Gauna, as another trivial stat was tossed out ’bout how no team has lost three times in-a-row to the same team in world cup play. As I’ve already noted Sounders FC and USA Captain Clint Dempsey’s amazingly quick goal, with the game being very nerve wracking as Gauna tied the match with just eight minutes remaining before USA’s memorable 2-1 victory over their rivals with a late game goal, the first ever scored for a U.S. substitute player.

Cristiano Renaldo, one of the sport’s other best current players who was locked out in the opening match vs. Germany, and his health being questioned throughout the USA match, as apparently his knee wasn’t 100%, nevertheless showed why he’s such a valuable player upon making a brilliant assist to level Portugal 2-2 in the dying moments of the extricably long five-minute stoppage time play; SHEISA!

And after USA licked their self-inflicted wounds of allowing to be scored on in the first five-minutes of the game for a record sixth time, the U.S. Men’s National Team settled down, along with the brilliant goalkeeping of Tim Howard, who’ll eclipse ex-Seattle Sounders FC original goalkeeper and home grown product Casey Keller’s 102-Caps when he steps onto the pitch vs. Germany.

Already have extolled the virtues of Stud Sounders FC and USA Captain Clint Dempsey, who the announcer triumphantly chortled “Captain Marvel!” upon Dempsey’s go-ahead goal vs. Portugal in the 81st minute, which I believe was from an assist from the talented youngster DeAndre Yedlin, the 20yr old also being another home grown Sounder FC player!

Went to a local Pub that I like calling “George & The Dragon,” although its real name is Georgian Dragon, and the place was absolutely PACKED at 7:30AM when we arrived “Just-in-Time” to grab one of the final remaining tables; YIKES! As I’d have NO idea of the monstrous crowd standing the entire match outside in the parking lot until we left at the end of the game.

And while the Seattle crowd was naturally Pro-USA, as I got a little tired of the USA-USA-USA chanting, having decided to wear an ‘Ol Michael Schumacher black Ferrari racing T-Shirt in support of Germany, as I’m told my smile was quite broad upon Thomas Mueller’s game winning score, as it was enjoyable hearing the entire crowd go deafly silent for a few minutes time! As it all worked out fine, as Germany and USA both advanced, thanks to Gauna’s 2-1 defeat of Portugal…

Algeria, Belgium, Korea and Russia.
Group Winner: Belgium; 2nd: Algeria.

While apparently Belgium is being called a “Dark Horse” in this year’s world cup tournament, having done itself no shame by quietly winning the Group, also haven’t managed to catch any of this group’s matches, whilst I’d assume that Russia should be the other team advancing?

Thus, after reveling in Germany defeating the U.S. One-Nil’, (1-0) I didn’t pay any further Attenzione to the day’s final matches, only having discovered after the second day of Knockout play, that Algeria advanced, and will hope to seek revenge upon its round-of-16 opponent…

(Round of 16: Single Elimination)

Prior to the A-L-L important “Group ‘O Death’s” rubber-matches, with then Group G co-leader’s Germany and USA tied at four points apiece, with Gauna and Portugal fighting off possible elimination tied at 1-point apiece; eight teams had advanced to the first Knockout stage, as it appears the brackets are weighted with the winners of the groups playing the second place teams and visa-versa.

As home country Brazil will take on Chile, while Mexico faces an uphill battle vs. Netherlands. Argentina somewhat scraped by and now awaits playing the Group E runner-up, while upstart Costa Rica takes on Group D’s second place team.

and then a further two team’s advanced, as France made a mockery out of its Group F opponents, but will potentially be tested vs. Nigeria, while its second place counterpart Switzerland will square off against Argentina.

Belgium has been patiently awaiting the second place team of Group G, while the previously unknown Group ‘O Death winner Germany advances along with USA.

As the final Group match play, saw the clinching of the runner-up spot in Group H, also taking place on Thursday, June 26th when Algeria won its spot in the Knockout stage during the finale of Group match play. As Algeria gets the daunting task of playing Germany, while USA takes on Belgium. Costa Rica takes on surprise Group C runner-up Greece, while Columbia squares off vs. Uruguay, albeit minus Luis Suarez, whom FIFA rightly banned from all further world cup play, amongst other disciplinary actions resulting in a further nine matches play and $100,000 Swiss Francs fine.

Meanwhile, on a more entertaining note, Brazil fans are quickly mocking Rolling Stones Front-man Mick Jagger over his supposed “curse” of picking teams in this year’s World Cup, who then quickly afterwards make their exodus…

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