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Star Strangled Insanity…

October 13th, 2017 · No Comments

Isn’t it GURR-REAT! to have the leader of your nation purposely trying to incite Racism in his country?

As it seems very well scripted and planned, that you would publicly say something divisive in the South, along with only being able to voice your thoughts in itzy-bitsy, 140 character nuggets ‘O TWIT-ER-DUMB!

Since obviously by now, we’re all completely aware of our glorious leader’s profane opening of his mouth in Alabama ’bout certain NFL Athletes bein’ Son of Bitches, right?

While I’ve mentally vacillated over the past weeks on whether or not to spend my time upon this nebulous subject, since I doubt as a nation, we’ll ever have a civilized, constructive Debate upon the topic of Racism in America.

Colin Kaepernick inspires a movement with his absence

But I’ll say one thingy’ for our glorious President, besides All Hail Caesar! He’s pretty clever since I actually broke down & turned my TV on for my first Football action this year Sunday, Sept 24th.

Having now become overly curious to see how our “Fair & Balanced” Mainstream Media would report on the Anthem and how those crazy Seattle Seahawks would respond to the President?

As I was so “Proud” of the Hawks’, and Sportyblog’s Senior Scribe Touchdown Tommy’s Tennessee Titans for not taking the field! While all Trump could be proud of was RASSCAR’, Uhm, you know that Roundy-round racing series steeped in Moon shining, the Rebel flag and Uhm, Oh Never Mind!

You heard Trump, now listen to the kneeling Colts

Although I’m not savvy enough to know how to find the ultimate answer to my question, which is When did we feverishly begin blindly Standing for the National Anthem during Sporting Events in the good ‘Ol USA?

As can’t Y’all just wait for the nation chanting USA! USA! USA! During the fast approaching 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea…

Nonetheless, I did find an interesting article from America’s premier “Stick ‘N Ball” establishment; Err Sporting authority ESPN, written some six years ago.

The History of the National Anthem in Sports

As ironically, when being asked if I’d heard any of our typical BOOM-BOOM! Fireworks celebrating another regular season victory this year by the Hawks Sunday Night vs. the LA Rams? I replied No, albeit having zero clue of the game’s outcome.

Yet what are Fireworks made from? Gunpowder Me thinks… And what was gun powder originally intended for? And why is it Not surprising that the person credited with starting this national anthem fever was in the U.S. Military…

While A-L-L of this senseless Noise ’bout kneeling before a game just makes me wonder what this Oil laden Smokescreen is really designed to Obscure? As the President AIN’T getting Shit done politically?

Instead, making fun of San Juan, Puerto Rico’s female Mayor Carmen Yulîn Cruz, then bein’ all Slap happy whilst tossing out paper towels to some of his 3.4 million U.S. Citizens living in Darkness and horribly short upon important commodities like water, food, sanitation, etc.

But instead, at our expense, the presidents Sidekick, and ex-Governor of Indiana, decides to waste approximately $100k, as look up how much it costs Taxpayer’s for Air Force Deuce to fly per hour!

As this great man named Mike Pence, who rose to fame for stupidly signing into law Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) in 2015, decided we needed to be further distracted by his political Shenanigans upon flying home to witness some ceremony occurring, NO! Not that one, but something being done for some Dude named Payton…

Before the Vice President promptly walked out of the San Francisco 49ers National Football League game vs. his Indianapolis Colts - in order to keep the Spotlight firmly shining brightly on continuing to incite the nation…

What are We Fighting For…

Alas, did you know? As I just learned this recently, during our president’s Wind bagging, via The Guardian’s Sports section that somebody named John Wooden kept his championship winning teams inside the locker room during the playing of the Star Spangle banner in deference of supporting his player’s individual beliefs.

As this revered national icon did this for years, beginning when some dude named Lou Alcindor sat on the bench and refused to stand, for Uhm, racial injustice some 50 years ago!

Will Skipping the Anthem become NFL’s new Normal?

Hence, once again I’m very impressed over the Seahawks, Titand & Steelers staying off the field completely!

Whilst I’ll spare Y’all my dribble over how this nationalistic furor isn’t exactly a healthy thing, as just look at what occurred in a country called Der Fatherland during the 1930’s, when citizens would attack others for not promptly standing and saluting during the singing of their national anthem “Horst-Wessel-Lied”Ja Volt! As can Y’all say Fascism? And are You Experienced?

VIDEO: Jimi Hendrix National Anthem Song

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On the Eve of Another NFL season’s Kickoff, Will America ever Conquer it’s Racial Divide?

September 11th, 2017 · No Comments

Obviously I don’t know the pulse of the entire nation, but it was refreshing how everyone I came into contact with on Monday, August 21st managed for a few brief hours to focus solely upon the phenomenon of the Solar Eclipse.

As I watched it being tracked via television beginning in Madras, Oregon, before watching it occur again at the Grand Teton National Park in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Followed by a brief passage at Casper, Wyoming and then my final visage occurred in Carbondale, Illinois, where I marveled to myself what reporters would later write.

That the Sold Out Southern Illinois University Carbondale’s (SIUC) raucous crowd of 14,000+ attendees, replete with marching bands, musical performances and hundreds pounds of BBQ, went absolutely Berserko’ like somebody had just run back a 4th Quarter late game winning 98-yard TD when the clouds broke for the final 15 seconds of Totality!

Southern Illinois puts on solar eclipse party for ages inside football stadium

Yet as we’re All aware of, a racial divide continues its second season in the National Football League, with ex-San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick at the Eye of The Storm.

Jesse Jackson: NFL Owners have Colluded to keep Kaepernick out of league

Although I have zero idea if the ex-49ers Quarterback, who’s professional playing career’s zenith apparently was losing to Baltimore in Super Bowl XLVII? Nonetheless is certainly a polarizing figure, while I find it interesting that so far, only black NFL players have publicly supported him.

And even more intriguing is the fact that Kaepernick’s past team, for whom he opted out of his contract, has just hired the first female coach Katie Sowers, who’s subsequently come out, becoming the NFL’s first openly Gay, active member of its Male fraternity.

But for Mwah, as I won’t try arguing the Constitution’s First Amendment; Y’all know the one ’bout Freedom of Speech! Instead, there’s obviously a way bigger issue at heart, what’s affectionately known as “The Elephant in the Room!” And in another nod to what I find myself constantly swimming in the Seas of Synchronicity, naturally I finally got my turn to listen to a CD Audiobook I’d requested several months ago from my Public Library…

Ironically, I retrieved said book one day prior to a most Despicable occurrence in the state of Virginia, for which the book simply titled Hidden Figures points out how Virginia was arguably the most opposed state towards desegregation, in our Nation during the 1950’s.

In case you haven’t heard of Hidden Figures: The American Dream and The Untold Story of the Black Women who Helped Win the Space Race, it’s an amazing book regarding the untold story of African American women with amazing mathematical skills, who ultimately helped analytically compute NASA’s path to landing on the Moon!

Uncovering a tale of Rocket Science, Race and the 60’s

As the book portrays the “West Computers,” an all black, female computing group born out of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s signing of Executive Order 88-02, mandating NO Discrimination in the Hiring of any Federal Employees during World War II.

Led by Dorothy Vaughn, and two of her star employees, Catherine Johnson and Mary Jackson’s perseverance through the racial segregation of the 1940’s as “NACA Nuts” and the slow as Molasses movements towards desegregation of the 1950’s, up to the triumph of Neal A Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin’s Moon landing of 1969.

Yet overt racism still loomed large, especially in the south, for which perhaps the influential Gil Scott-Heron’s song titled Whitey On the Moon, mentioned in the book so appropriately points out.

VIDEO: Whitey On the Moon - Song

As the most poignant story of ardent racism for me in the book revolves around the incident taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas, beginning September 3, 1957. While the entire nation was abuzz over a silver, Russian ball hovering overhead the morning of October 5th, formally known as Sputnik 1!

Yet after the Supreme Court’s ruling in Brown v Board of Education, that White’s Only Public Schools were Unconstitutional, mandating the racial integration of All the Nation’s Public Schools, the Governor of Arkansas defiantly called out the National Guard to block the admittance of nine black children trying to legally enter a white school!

As then President Dwight D. Eisenhower was forced to send in the 101st Airborne’s “Screaming Eagles” Paratrooper regiment to federalize the Arkansas National Guard in order to enforce the Supreme Court’s ruling, as I simply cringe over the thoughts of the school’s white students Vociferously Jeering, Spitting On and throwing objects at these nine brave black students who simply wanted the chance to attend Arkansas’s Central High School in hopes of getting a better education!

Little Rock Crisis, 1957

Another Black Trailblazer was the late Dick Gregory, who I’d never heard of before last year, and was amazed to discover that he broke a different colour barrier by becoming the first African American to perform Stand Up Comedy in a White’s Only Nightclub; NO less Hugh Heffner’s Chicago Playboy Club!

What Stupefies me even more, is a second colour barrier he broke by steadfastly refusing to appear on the Tonight Show hosted by Jack Paar, until it’s producers finally agreed to let the black comedian stay after his act and sit on the show’s legendary couch and chat with Paar, which had never occurred before!

VIDEO: Back in The Day Dick Gregory, 1962

As both Gil Scott-Heron and Dick Gregory were highly intelligent men who both attended College, with Scott-Heron earning a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from John Hopkins University, despite never having completed his undergraduate degree.

Meanwhile Gregory’s collegiate studies were interrupted by his being Drafted into the Military in 1954. And upon his return to Southern Illinois University of Carbondale, (SIUC) he dropped out to pursue his comedy career instead.

Gil Scott-Heron, Voice of Black Protest Culture Dies at 62

As both men persevered thru their lifelong struggles with racism, blazing paths in entertainment whilst campaigning for their Civil Rights.

Which I suppose is why I burst out in laughter when reading Gregory’s obituary’s section that wryly noted he didn’t last long as a Postal employee after having a penchant for filing all of Mississippi’s mail in the Overseas Slot!

Dick Gregory, 84, Dies. Found Humour in Civil Rights Struggle

Thus, as Y’all watch some Football: Are, You, Ready! For some Football? Instead of fuming over selected professional athletes consciously declining to stand for our National Anthem, in the immortal words of the late Rodney King, which I’ve typed before here on Sportyblog. “Can’t We All just Get Along?”

I’d like to point out the obvious, which was so eloquently pointed out by the noted Cosmologist Carl Sagan, regarding his revered tagline ’bout Billions and Billions of Stars, “We’re All Connected!” Via the Universe’s creation…

VIDEO: We’re All Connected - song

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Oh Lonzo, It’s gotta be Duh, Uhm…

July 28th, 2017 · No Comments

Seriously? While I understand the impetus to command your price in professional sports, and strike while the proverbial iron’s hot. I simply cannot ascertain the ego’s leading to overt greediness! Especially when you’re simply a rookie in the NBA, and even if you’re supposed to bring the Lakers back to greatness with “Showtime” 2.0, or is that 3.0? As somehow I’m thinking Kobe and Shaq might not like being overlooked?

As I’ve attempted to completely ignore the rapture over Lonzo Ball, even if Erving “Magic” Johnson’s Mega-Watt smile has been re-illuminated while gushing enthusiastically over LA’s No. 2 NBA Draft Pick this year.

As it just really makes my head spin that somebody can believe he’s worthy of having a tennis shoe “sneaker” named after him retailing for $495; Seriously?

As it’s gotta be Duh Shoes, right? Yo Lonzo’, those are Michael’s shoes you’re wearing, you know, as in Air Jordan’s…

Lonzo Ball says he’s wearing Jordan 31’s in hopes of starting a Bidding War

And if that’s not bad enough? It makes me sick hearing how on Day-1 of the National Basketball League’s Free Agency “window” this June, an Astronomical $769m - as in Million! Was shilled out to various Free Agents by the frothing NBA Franchises! For which Y’all know, are paying these vast, ridiculous, and insanely out-of-control amounts via you, “the Fans!” And everything NBA Y’all consume; SIGH!

As over half-a-Billion alone was spent upon the Top-3 Offseason signings, led by the Houston Rockets $228m six-year extension with James Harden. Whilst the reigning Golden State Warriors gave Steph’ Curry a five-year, $201m extension. And netting only a paltry $173m in third place was Blake Griffin, re-signing with the LA Clippers for a further five years.

As Griffin’s “Alley-Oop” deal Bumps the newly inked Boston Celtics Gordon Hayward to fourth at $127m and the New Orleans Pelicans Jrue Holliday’s $126m signing rounding out the “Starting five.” Before the Washington Wizards signed John Wall to a four year extension for $173m.

While now comes word that the Houston Rockets Billionaire owner Wesley Alexander has decided to put the Basketball Franchise he shilled out a meager $85m for in 1993, up for sale, with an asking price potentially in the $1.65b, as in Billion range!

Which Forbes estimated the No. 8 valued franchise at this past February, while Nope! I won’t say anythingy’ about Seattle and Chris Hansen or the pending Key Arena renovation; Oh Never Mind!

Houston Rockets owner Alexander says he’s selling team

Ah, “My Oh My!” How the times of professional sports have changed from their Heydays, or meager beginnings, eh? As imagine a time when sports stars had to play multiple series just to make a decent living?

and NO! I’m not talking ’bout the likes of Michael Jordan, “Neon Deon” Sanders, Jake “the Snake” Plummer, Chris Carter, Hershel Walker or Bo Jackson, etc. But Wayback instead during the resurgence of sports following the second Great War, nee World War II.

Since ironically when perusing the New York Times Obituary section recently, I came upon the name of Gene Conley, who I’d never heard of before, who even more Karmically was a Washington State product! Even if he was with those Dastardly KittyCatz’, simply known as the Cougs’, or formally Washington State Cougars, or WSU.

When I think of professional athletes to come out of WSU, I typically think of Drew Bledsoe and Ryan Leaf, while I’ve almost forgotten ex-Seahawks Great “Dr. Dan,” aka Dan Doornink, a prolific Running Back from Seattle’s Jim Zorn NFL Football era Who got the nickname due to his Medical Degree, and now serves as an MD in his hometown of Yakima, WA.

And that’s it! Knowing nothing about their long list of luminary athletes, primarily “Stick ‘N Ball” Stars, i.e.; MLB, NBA and NFL, along with Track & Field and the CFL and Arena league Football.

Although when double checking for Ryan Leaf, I stumbled upon the name Jack Elway, as in Uh-huh, his son’s name is John Elway, as in that Elway!

Y’all know thee John Elway who the long forgotten Bryan “The Boz” Bosworth bestowed the moniker of “Mister Ed” upon the devious Denver Broncos QB, before Elway went onto winning two Super Bowls and Bosworth went; Uhm? Where’d he go?

As “bo Knows!” Where The Boz’ went; WHOOPSADAISY! As Oakland; Err Los Angeles Raiders Running Back Bo Jackson ran Roughshod over Bosworth and the Seahawks on National TV NO less long ago in the Kingdome! But I digress…

As the elder Elway, whose full name was John Albert “Jack” Elway, Sr., was born in Aberdeen, WA, home of some “Grunge Band” Nirvana’s ex-lead singer Kurt Cobain, played QB in High School and one year for the Cougars before a career ending knee injury.

Oops! I forgot about Mark Rypien, who led the Washington Redskins twice to victory in Super Bowl XXII and Super Bowl XXVI, along with being named MVP of Super Bowl XXVI and the UPI’s Player Of the Year in 1991.

But back to the man who got me started on this WSU “Rabbit Hole,” as Gene Conley was first discovered by another previously unknown name to Mwah, the legendous’ Bill Sharman, a ten-times National Basketball Association world champion, four times as a player for the Boston Celtics, once as the LA Lakers Head Coach and five more times as a Lakers executive.

As Sharman was the first person to ever win titles in those three capacity’s, also the only person to win titles in the ABL, ABA and NBA as a Coach, making for a staggering total of twelve championship titles overall!

Even more amazing, Sharman is just one of four persons to ever be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame as a player and coach, joining John Wooden, Lenny Wilkens and Tommy Heinsohn.

As suppose it takes a Basketball great to see someone else’s Hoops’ potential, as ironically it was Sharman who approached Conley Wayback in 1951 when he was also an aspiring two sports star. As Sharman, then playing third base for the Brook land Dodgers Farm team, with Conley pitching for the Boston Braves Farm club.

As Conley, who towered on the mound as a 6-foot 8-inches tall pitcher with a devastating fastball; Hmm? Makes me think of the legendous’ Randy Johnson of Seattle Mariners fame; but I digress… Was looking for work during Baseball’s Offseason, since back during the 1950’s players struggled to eak out a living.

As Sharman reportedly first took notice of Conley when he played Hoops for then Washington State College, before becoming WSU, during his Sophomore year battling John Wooden’s legendous’ UCLA Bruins in the Pacific Coast League.

As the rest they would say is History. As Conley much to his Major League Baseball teams displeasure would play professional Basketball during the Offseason, cramming 18-seasons worth of play into 12-years time.

First becoming an MLB World Series winner in 1957 with the Milwaukee Braves, a team that included somebody named Hank Aaron!

He then became a titlist in Two Pro Sports, Who Hardly Took a Break between his eleven years in the “Majors:” 1952-63, before winning three world championships with the Boston Celtics between 1959-61. Ironically with Sharman on the team, that saw Conley sharing time at Center with somebody named Bill Russell.

Gene Conley, Dual-Sports threat with World Series and NBA titles, Dies at 86

As Conley is one of only two men to have won major professional championship titles in multiple sports, with the other being the legendary Otto Graham, who claimed championships in Football and Basketball.

Yet Conley achieved this Uber rare feat whilst contesting both series during the same time, while Graham accomplished his feat of winning in the National Basketball League, precursor to today’s NBA, first in 1946 with the Rochester Royals.

Then Graham was immediately snapped-up by the Cleveland Browns the same year, as Graham would focus solely upon tossing the Pigskin for the Browns the rest of his entire professional playing career, as the Browns devastating Quarter Back between 1946-55. Where he led Cleveland to the Playoffs every season, including winning three National Football Championships in 1950 and 1954-55, before retiring to become a Head Coach…

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Speeding into Summer, Sorta…

June 22nd, 2017 · No Comments

Hmm? As your humble El Senor Scribe Touchdown Tommy sits at thou keyboard in Tomaso Manor, in the shadows ‘O Seattle, a constant rain, pegged at 100% chance of precipitation blankets the Pacific Northwest Just one week prior to Summer Solstice. Making me ponder just when our summer will truly arrive? As Thars’ an ‘Ol legend that says summer doesn’t arrive in Seattle ’til July 12th Matey’s; but I digress…

Although now not used so much,
probably in some small deference to the City’s diversification of Industry, along with the constantly shrinking workforce, and The Boeing Company’s constant mantra to move Jobs away, Seattle’s main moniker today is commonly known as The Emerald City, which once was known as thee Jet City.

Alas, my long winded, Oh, so clever tie-in to a major sporting event I typically attend, but this year was off in search of wild, Ah-bloomin’ Rhody’s in Oregon instead!

Although Florence’s Rhododendron Festival is a shrinking violet in terms ‘O attendance vs. Mother Speedway’s, aka Indianapolis Motor Speedway; the nation’s largest single day sporting event!

Nonetheless I was pleasantly surprised by getting the chance to partake in both recently, and henceforth why the elongated delay upon posting another “Stick “N Ball” story upon Sportyblog; Hya!

As it’s amazing to think that a half century’s passed since Indianapolis saw the dawning of a new age, which was poised to revolutionize the sport of motor racing, for which ironically, Boeing provided a spare Jet-engine turbine powerplant for some “Weekend Warriors” getting their Kurtis Kraft racecar On-track first!

As the Seattle, Washington based Aircraft company helped pioneer this radical technology over a decade before the original Turbocar’, fondly known as “Silent Sam” and the “Whoosh Mobile,” nee the 1967 STP-Paxton Turbocar entered by the flamboyant CEO of STP Oil Treatment Andy Granatelli and driven by the legendous Parnelli Jones came just four laps shy of immortality, after having thoroughly dominated the race!

When a Jet-Powered Car Raced in the Indianapolis 500. The racecar tore up the track and dazzled fans at the legendary competition and then vanished

As more history was made; NO! Not when I did my own, special impromptu rendition of my ‘Ol Boogity-Boogity-Boogity! DW’s (Darrell Waltrip) I’ve won the Day-Toner 500 “Icky Shuffle!” When Taku-san’, nee Takuma Sato became the first ever Japanese driver to win the Indy 500 in 101 running’s of the storied event.

Hence, having gone nearly three weeks without a single lick ‘O sporting news, with the exception of gorging Thyself on Memorial Day with watching the Indy 500 and then later that evening the rebroadcast of the day’s Monaco Grand Prix, it’s been somewhat difficult to push in thou veritable clutch and shift back into fifth gear in pursuit of what’s occurring in the mainstream sporting universe.

Although professional Hockey and Basketball are now over, until next season, while those proverbial “Boys ‘O Summer” are stepping up to the plate, sadly both our Seattle Mariners and defending MLS champions Sounders FC are dwelling in the cellars of their respective divisions; YOUCH!

While can those pigskin OTA’s already have “Zoom-Zoomed” by? As I always get a chuckle outta trying to remember what the NFL’s OTA vernacular translates to? Oh yeah, it’s Organized Team Activity, for which apparently many, many, crazed National Football League Fans crave, along with attending various related activities.

As I especially enjoyed the story about a blind woman getting her chance to mingle with the Indianapolis Colts legendary kicker Adam Vinatieri, who apparently was most gracious with her. Affording her extra visiting time in line and even a peck on the cheek; SWEET’!

A blind Muncie woman’s emotional moment meeting Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri

And lastly, without going too deep here, as “They” say that Sports and Politics don’t co-mingle with each other, right? Kudos to the Seattle Storm’s ownership for doing the right thing by audaciously backing Planned Parenthood!

Especially in the current environment of Fox News persistent predatory Sexual Harassment behaviour by its top executives and leading talk show voices, along with Uber’s CEO Sexism Brashness, since really, as males, should we have a say in a woman’s choice to choose…

Seattle Storm become first Pro team to partner with Planned Parenthood

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Marshawn ‘N Lacy, Oval Racing, Porta Potties, Franken-tweetz’ and the Waiver Wire…

May 19th, 2017 · No Comments

In all of my hours ‘N hours ‘O typing riveting Blog stories for my “day Job,” mostly Open Wheel Racing related rantz’ on No Fenders, along with never being able to quite keep up, another fellow member of the IndyCar bloggeratzi’s “Better Half” recently wrote about when the Month of May begins in her Household, which for those of Yuhs who don’t know, the Month of May is cherished slang regarding the Indianapolis 500, but more upon that later.

As I’ll admit, between Easter and Mums’ Day; Hmm? May be it was the lingering sugar high from those Cadbury eggs? I couldn’t stop Thyself from wonderin’ who the Seattle Seahawks would choose in the first round of this year’s much ballyhooed NFL Draft? Hut-Hut! Raise ‘Dem Heads like a Dallas Cowboys line shift draws Y’alls Offside’s Head Bob fake! Cause Seattle’s Johnny “Not Bo Duke” Schneider traded down umpteen times…

Thus in all of the pre-draft Will He, Won’t He Hysteria, Seattle’s “Beast Mode” came outta retirement in order to play for his home team Oakland Raiders, before they move to Sin City.

As funny how somehow in the Marshawn “Money” Lynch news, Draft mania and the extra allotment ‘O time for the Seahawks to actually pick somebody, since apparently they were busy peelin’ left over Easter eggs?

I learned about another player Seattle had already opted for, as I was totally unawares ’bout this Eddie Lacy fellow before reading about his recent garage sale.

Eddie Lacy’s garage sale a Huge Hit

As apparently Seattle wasn’t completely happy with its backfield? As cannot say why, nor stop myself, but hearing his last name made me think of that classic TV Show Cagney & Lacey for some obscure reason!

As may be it’s since Eddie sounds like a Stand-up Guy, by donating the entire proceeds from his garage sale to charity, since guess he didn’t wanna haul it cross country, eh?

Yet immediately after the Draft, my intrigue over this year’s Indianapolis 500 pegged out Thy Tachometer! As I’m still marveling over the sheer brilliance of live streaming somebody’s (May 3rd) Rookie Orientation Programme, along with the fact that I could actually watch it! Having gotten up specifically for the 6:30AM broadcast streaming’s green flag, where I apparently tuned-in with over 2.7 million Fans!

Oh, didn’t Y’all hear? Fernando’s Coming to Americre! As in Double Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso, with his F1 team McLaren Honda’s blessing, especially since they’re performing so abysmally right now, and McLaren’s desperate to keep the marquee Spanish driver driving for them next year, as Alonso’s in the final year of his current contract.

Alonso, at age 35 will make his inaugural outing not only at what I fondly call Mother Speedway, but on an Oval no less! As part of Michael Andretti’s six car Indianapolis Motor Speedway effort, where one of his team-mates will be the reigning Indy 500 champion Alexander Rossi.

Rossi, a SoCal’, laid back transplanted Californian, having moved to Indianapolis is just 25 years old and has raced against Fernando before, when making five starts in the pinnacle of motorsports, nee Formula 1 in 2015 for the back-marker Manor Marussia F1 team before unexpectedly switching to Ovals and winning the biggest IndyCar race of the year during his rookie outing last year.

Young drivers could create changing of guard at Indianapolis

But Hey! Before we getz’ to The Greatest Spectacle in Racing, the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day, what about the Mom’s? Having just celebrated Mother’s Day, with Alonso hustlin’ his woeful McLaren Honda round ‘n round the Twisty Barcelona circuit. Apparently those Hosers’ Up North Eh! Weren’t respecting their Mums’ too kindly! By removing women’s bathrooms at the Edmonton Oilers home ice! Uhm, I think that’s a 5min Major Penalty for the Oilers Front Office, don’t Yuhs?

The fight for potty parity: How sports venue toilets value Men over Women

As I’m hoping the Oilers will remedy this issue immediately, or it AIN’T gonna be smelling roses next time Thar’s a hockey game! As what’s that song ’bout Momma Don’t let your Children Grow Up to be Hockey Players…

And skating cross the Blue line following this disrespect towards women, looks like the Seattle Seahawks Frank Clark showed his real persona again by making a Derogatory Tweet towards a female journalist, whose current story wasn’t about Clark, but did infer mention of Clark’s previous past Domestic Violence arrest and subsequent guilty pleas, prompting his dismissal from the University of Michigan football team, prior to being drafted by Seattle.

Seahawks Frank Clark targets female writer over Domestic Violence story

And finally, with all of this Football Paloozah’ running thru my noggin’, I got a chuckle out of reading how the gamesmanship of the NFL’s alive ‘N well, especially here on the west coast. Where it appears the rivalry between the Hawks’ and San Francisco 49ers rolls on, even if they’re currently at different ends of the spectrum in the NFC West.

As Seattle claimed another Running Back for its burgeoning stables off the waiver wire, cut blocking; Err chipping San Fran by scooping up their past 4th round draft pick RB Mike Davis.

Crikeys! And to think it’s still May, and I’m not even sure if I’ll get to watch this year’s Indy 500, or even worse yet, why I’m talking so much about football? As it’s not even summer or training camp time, along with the fact that the Tennessee Titans are my team, who one of these year’s will return to the Playoffs, as think I need an Outdoors break from all of this nonsense…

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